Ross Survives The Double, Wins HoH

During the double eviction, Brandi and James were evicted. Ross won the Power of Veto, and later followed it up with an HoH win. Full Story.

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Marissa Is Nominated

At the veto ceremony, Ari used the Power of Veto on herself. Mark nominated Marissa as the replacement nominee. Full Story.


Ari Wins The Power Of Veto

Though Ari is not the target, she entered the day on the block. That will change after she won the Power of Veto. Full Story.


Ari And Brandi Are Nominated

Mark nominated Ari and Brandi for eviction. Later in the evening, some drama took place after Brandi started drinking. Full Story.


Mark Wins HoH

After Metta asked to leave and was evicted, Mark went on to win HoH. The plan is to nominate Ari and Brandi. Full Story.


Brand And Ross Are Nominated

Omarosa nominated Brandi and Ross. Prior to nominations, she looked to rally the votes to get Ross out. Full Story.


Omarosa Wins HoH

After Shannon was evicted, Omarosa went on to win HoH. Before she won, she cut a deal with James to keep him safe. Full Story.


Mark Is The Replacement Nominee

James used the Power of Veto on himself. Ari then decided to nominate Mark as the replacement nominee. Full Story.


James Wins The Power Of Veto

James won the Power of Veto, forcing Ari and her allies to decide on who they should nominate in his place. Full Story.


James And Shannon Are Nominated

Ari followed through with the plan, nominating James and Shannon next to each other. Shannon is the target. Full Story.


Meet The Cast Of Celebrity BB

11 celebrities will compete for the $250,000 grand prize. Six females and five males will be entering the house. Full Story.


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