Nicole Decides Not To Use The Power Of Veto

Nicole decided not to use the Power of Veto. Michelle and Paul remain nominated. Michelle is Nicole's target. Full Story.

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Big Brother To Air This Fall

A new season of Big Brother will air exclusively on CBS All Access this fall, after the Big Brother 18 finale. Full Story.


Nicole Wins The Power Of Veto

Nicole won the Power of Veto, giving her the ability to do what she wants with her own nominations. Full Story.


Michelle And Paul Are Nominated

Nicole nominated Michelle and Paul for eviction. Michelle is Nicole's target heading into the week. Full Story.


Victor Returns; Nicole Wins HoH

For the first time, a houseguest will have a third shot at the $500,000 in a single season. Victor returned and Nicole won HoH. Full Story.


Paul And Victor Make A Plan

Paul and Victor came up with a plan as a last ditch effort in hope of keeping Victor in the game this week. Full Story.


Corey Is The Replacement Nominee

Paul used the Power of Veto on himself. Michelle nominated Corey as the replacement nominee. Full Story.


BBCAN4 Finale Interviews

We caught up with the cast of Big Brother Canada 4 the day after the finale to get their thoughts on the season. Full Story.


Nikki Grahame Exit Interview

After leaving second in the double eviction, Nikki expressed that she was most surprised by Tim voting against her. Full Story.


Jared Kesler Exit Interview

Jared discussed why he took Cassandra's move personally, what he would have done as HoH and what he regrets most. Full Story.


Skye Wheatley Interview

We caught up with BBAU's Skye Wheatley to get her thoughts on the season. Click here to watch the interview.


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