Big Brother 19 Day 9 - Megan self evicts; Alex is nominated in her place

June 29, 2017

10:00-11:00 PM: Feeds launched following the west coast airing of tonight’s episode. We found out that Megan self evicted. Cody nominated Alex in her place. She is now on the block next to Jillian. Raven spoke to Christmas about Megan’s decision to walk. Based on how quickly Megan left after entering the diary room, Raven believed that Megan had her mind made up and did not at all consider staying once she entered the diary room. Raven said Megan didn’t respect the game enough to apologize to them all and say that she got caught up in her own lies. Raven thinks that Megan couldn’t handle getting caught in her own lies, even though that is Big Brother. Many of the houseguests gathered in the HoH room and were talking about Josh. The group included Cody and Jessica who are in a showmance. Others in the room were Mark, Paul, Kevin and Raven. The group has become frustrated with Josh and has acknowledged that he would have been in trouble this week if not for his safety that he earned during the HoH competition. Elsewhere, Ramses let Jillian know that he was cursed by the snake. Ramses explained that he is not allowed to say what it means. However, he suggested that Jillian stay away from him in case the repercussions spread to her as well. Ramses said he does not want anyone else to know that he got the curse.

11:00-12:00 AM: Despite Ramses telling Jillian that he doesn’t want anyone to know about his curse, Jillian went on to tell Jason about it. They discussed avoiding Ramses in case there is some sort of repercussion. After a trip up to the HoH room, Jillian then let Josh know that the people upstairs were talking about him. Josh said he doesn’t understand what he has done to everyone. Jillian assured Josh that it’s not him. Jillian said the alliance is against her, Alex, Kevin and Jason in addition to Josh. Not long after, Jillian informed Alex about what Ramses had told her. Alex and Jillian discussed that Jessica is a mean girl. Alex thinks that Jessica stares at them as if they are peasants. Alex said Jessica wants to be on The Bachelor, whereas they are there to play Big Brother. Alex said America will see how insecure Jessica is if she ends up leaving this week because of her.

12:00-1:00 AM: Alex spoke to Kevin about the couples wanting to get to the end together. Cody and Jessica, Mark and Elena, and Matthew and Raven appear to be paired up at this point. Alex said she made it known that she is not okay with the couples getting to the end together, which led to Cody nominating her. Kevin said nobody will watch the show if those bland people make it to the end. While Kevin believes that he is in a good spot, Alex explained that he is being carried along to jury as number. Kevin disagreed and was willing to bet that he would make it to the Final 3. Kevin asked Alex who she thinks the favourites to win the show are right now. Alex said Cody is leading the guys and Jessica is leading the girls. Kevin argued that Jessica isn’t leading anything. He said that four of the girls are stronger than she is.

1:00-2:00 AM: Alex caught Kevin up on what happened with Megan. Alex said Megan ruined their game and tried to throw a racist thing out there by making it seem as though Jessica is racist. Alex mentioned hearing that someone called her a panda. Alex said she spoke to producers about it and does not think that it was actually said, though she isn’t 100% sure. In the storage room, Alex talked to Jason about how the girls are going to get to the end by aligning themselves with guys who are strong enough to get them there. Alex said she will nominate Cody and Jessica if she wins HoH. Alex said they are the strongest couple that needs to be broken up. She figures that Jessica would then be the one to go. Jason argued that it would be best to evict Cody. In the bathroom, Mark let Christmas, Dominique and Elena know that he wants Alex to be the one to go. Throughout the night, Alex mentioned that she will be the one to go unless she wins the veto.

2:00-3:00 AM: Paul spoke to Christmas, Elena, Kevin and Mark about his theory that Ramses won the $25,000. Kevin said Ramses is being pretty cool about it. The group then discussed their plan for the week. Mark and Elena mentioned that Alex is the target. Kevin revealed that Alex and Jillian were laying the law down to him for a couple of hours, telling them that the showmances are going to stick together and that it doesn’t look good for him. Paul said those two girls are just trying to reel Kevin in. Kevin responded by saying that they will be reeled out. Christmas brought up that Ramses is the neutral person who enters the room during conversations. Paul said Ramses likely takes information to the other side and is playing both sides.

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