BBCAN5 Day 57 - Kevin wins the Power of Veto

May 6, 2017

10:00-11:00 AM: Kevin told Dillon that Demetres has to go. Kevin said that if Dillon wins the veto, Demetres will pitch to him that the only way to beat Kevin is by keeping him around. Dillon said Demetres already made that pitch a little bit. Kevin said it sucks because it’s a 4 vs 1 scenario since no one has any reason to keep him if they think that they cannot beat him. Kevin said it’s true based on the people in the jury house. Kevin told Dillon that if he wins the final HoH and knows he is going to win, he will take Dillon to the Final 2 over Karen. Kevin said he would be okay with Demetres winning the game because he respects him as a competitor. Kevin told Dillon he ran through all of the scenarios and he does not see a way that Dillon isn’t in the Final 3. Dillon mentioned he could go up if Demetres wins the veto. Kevin said he and Karen will not vote against Dillon. Kevin said Karen would never turn on Dillon. Next week, Kevin said he cannot see Dillon losing both the HoH competition and the veto competition. Kevin wondered if Ika would use the veto on Demetres. He thinks that Ika might give up her game for him. Dillon doesn’t think that Demetres would let her. Kevin disagreed. He thinks Demetres would be happy since he wants to win the game so bad. Kevin said he has to vote for Demetres if he makes it to the Final 2. Kevin told Dillon he would vote for him to win over Karen. Dillon said it’s hard for him to believe that Kevin would take him to the end over Karen. Kevin said he would take him if he is going to win either way. Dillon said he is fighting for second place at this point. Dillon told Kevin that he cannot see himself beating Kevin in the Final 3 HoH. Kevin said Dillon has to get rid of him. Dillon and Kevin agreed that Dillon would beat Karen 9-0 if they are in the Final 2 together. Kevin said he was talking to his stuffed pig last night and he doesn’t want to take him to the Final 2 either. Dillon said it’s because there is no way that Kevin will lose. Kevin said Ika has made this season awesome. He said he has been terrified of Ika at moments and hated her at moments, but she has made the show so much better. Kevin said Ika would win fan favourite if there was a prize for that. Dillon said it would be he or Ika at this point. Kevin told Dillon that Ika and Demetres are incredible players to get to the Final 5 as a couple. Dillon mentioned that Dre went from being in the best position to out the door. Kevin said it was Dre’s own doing since Ika would never have went against her. Dillon agreed and said Dre was plotting against Ika the whole time. Meanwhile, Ika told Karen that Dillon wants a Final 2 with Demetres and with Kevin. Ika said Dillon might want to take those two guys in hope that one of them will take him. Karen said 100%. Karen said she is going to go to Kevin if Demetres wins the veto, saying that taking out the other big guy is their best option. Karen thinks that she will be evicted if Dillon tells Kevin that she wants him out. Ika disagreed and said she will be the one to go if Demetres wins the veto. Karen said Dillon and Kevin are looking at things from every angle because they have already cashed the two cheques at this point. Demetres said he wants to win the veto and see the look on Kevin’s face when he realizes that he has to beat him in the Final 4 veto competition. Ika told Demetres that if he wins the veto, he has to out the Final 2 that Dillon made with him. Demetres asked if he should do it in front of everybody. Ika asked why not since he has nothing to lose at this point. Ika told Karen the plan. Karen said she will then go into the HoH room and tell Kevin that Dillon needs to go.

12:00-1:00 PM: Dillon continued to hang out in the HoH room with Kevin. Demetres told Ika and Karen that he doesn’t think Dillon is going to be much help to them the rest of the way. Demetres said Dillon is more concerned with winning $20,000. Karen said it drives her insane since nobody plays for second. Demetres said he especially cannot believe it since it’s a guy like Dillon doing it when he is the champ. Karen told Ika she thinks that they can get Kevin to nominate Dillon so they can get him out. Ika thinks the only way that it might happen is if Demetres outs Dillon for having a Final 2 with him and with Kevin.

1:00-2:00 PM: Ika, Demetres and Karen continued to discuss that Dillon has settled for second place. If Demetres wins the veto, Karen said it could very will flip and she could be evicted. Ika said she would be the one to go in that scenario. They agreed that they have to find a way tog et Dillon out. Ika told Karen that Dillon and Kevin are working together because they think they will have an easy time against the two of them if Demetres leaves. Ika then revealed that she plans to use the veto on Demetres if she wins it. Ika asked Karen not to tell Demetres about that plan. She said he cannot know until the veto ceremony, otherwise he will stop her from doing it.

2:00-3:00 PM: Demetres asked Dillon if Kevin tried make a Final 2 with him yet. Dillon said yeah. Dillon said he doesn’t believe Kevin. Dillon mentioned Kevin said he will take him to the Final 2 over Karen. Demetres said he knows that Kevin will win if he makes it to the Final 3 HoH competition. Demetres pointed out that Kevin knows the days too well. Dillon told Demetres about the study diagram that Kevin has been putting together. He said Kevin cannot go to the Final 3. Dillon said he is an idiot for not studying the days well enough. Demetres argued that Kevin is too smart anyway. Demetres said all he wants is to get into the Final 3 to have a shot. Demetres mentioned that Karen could potentially get a lot of votes. He said Neda, Sindy and Bruno will be capable of corrupting the whole jury if they choose to do so. Dillon said he would like to see a strong Final 2 but he cannot see himself beating Demetres or Kevin. Demetres said they will have to see how the veto competition plays out. Dillon assured Demetres that he is staying even if he doesn’t win it. Dillon said he and Karen agreed that they need Demetres to stay in order to help them get Kevin out. Once they get down to Final 3, Demetres said he wont expect Dillon to take someone to the end that he will lose against. Dillon said they can make some sort of deal, implying that they could split the money. Demetres said you can’t. Dillon asked why. Demetres said it’s in the rulebook.

5:00-6:00 PM: Dillon told Kevin he is in between a rock and hard place because Ika, Demetres, and Karen all want him to keep Demetres there. Kevin said he didn’t know if Karen would be on board for that until now. Kevin told Dillon to do whatever is best for him. Kevin pointed out that Demetres going to the Final 4 is not good for Dillon. Dillon said there is no way for him to actually believe that Kevin will take him to the Final 2. Kevin said he understands. Dillon said it’s nothing personal and he wants to believe Kevin. Kevin told Dillon that Demetres going to the Final 4 is going to make it really tough for Dillon to win. Dillon said it’s the same for Kevin. Kevin said he is already in the Final 4 and there is nothing that can be done about that. Dillon asked if he will vote Demetres out if he does that and it’s a split vote. Kevin said 1000%. Dillon said his only way to have a chance is to take Kevin out himself. Kevin said Dillon has to take both he and Demetres out in order to have a chance to win the game. Kevin said it’s wild that Ika is willing to sacrifice herself after everything that she has done. Dillon said it sucks that he would want to be in the Final 2 with Kevin if not for him knowing with certainty that Kevin has the votes to win. Kevin said there is no pitch he could make to convince Dillon to take him to the Final 2 over Karen. Kevin said he would take Dillon over Karen because he thinks he would beat them both and it would be better for the show. Kevin asked if Karen is hung up on making sure Demetres stays. Dillon said Karen is focused on making sure that Kevin doesn’t win the game. Kevin said Ika will use the veto on Demetres, then Karen might as well, though she would know that Dillon would be the replacement nominee. Kevin then thought that Karen wouldn’t do that since she wouldn’t want Dillon on the block. Dillon said he knows his only way to win the game is to take Demetres out this week and then try his luck at getting Kevin out on his own.

6:00-7:00 PM: After wrapping up his talk with Dillon, Kevin said to himself that he has to win the Power of Veto. He said Karen and Ika will both use it on Demetres, so he has to beat them. Kevin said if he wins the veto, he will take Ika off and put Dillon up. Kevin said Karen wouldn’t vote Dillon out, so it would force a tie and then he can send Demetres home. Kevin later said in the pantry that he will give the veto to Ika in a second. He said he will put Dillon up so that it’s Ika and Karen voting. Kevin said Ika wont want to vote against Demetres, Karen wont want to vote against Dillon, and then he gets to send Demetres home. Kevin mentioned that Ika may not want to give him that satisfaction so she herself might vote Demetres out. Kevin momentarily considered that Karen may flip, but he said Karen will not vote against Dillon.

7:00-8:00 PM: Kevin said he is going to continue working on Dillon. Kevin said Dillon doesn’t believe that he would take him to the Final 2. Kevin said he wouldn’t. However, Kevin said he would prefer to give the money to Dillon over Karen. Kevin said he cannot take Dillon to the end even if he has a 99.9% chance at beating him, if he can take Karen and give himself a 100% chance at winning the game. Kevin said if Demetres goes this week and then he wins veto at the Final 4, he would vote to evict Dillon. If Dillon is HoH, Kevin said he would vote to evict Ika. Kevin said his ideal Final 3 is with Ika and Karen since they are the two weakest competitors. Up in the HoH room, Dillon asked Karen what she is thinking. Karen said she is thinking about the veto competition. Dillon asked Karen if she is going to throw it. Dillon said he is going to throw it. He smiled at Karen. She said to not even go there.

11:00-12:00 AM: Feeds returned following the veto competition. Kevin won the Power of Veto. Kevin told Dillon that they should sit down with Karen to decide on the vote since they control the votes. Kevin said Demetres has to go for his game and for Dillon’s game. Dillon said it’s a no brainer and they don’t even have to talk about it. Kevin said it will be a showdown between he and Dillon if they go to the Final 4 without Demetres. Dillon said he would rather have to beat one person instead of two. Kevin headed to the pantry to talk out loud about his plan. Kevin said he will take Ika off of the block in order to nominate Dillon next to Demetres. Kevin said Karen wouldn’t flip on Dillon. If the nominations stay the same, Kevin worries that Ika will self evict in order to sacrifice herself. Kevin said he doesn’t think that he will tell anyone about his plan to use the veto, opting instead to shock them at the veto ceremony when he uses it on Ika. Kevin said Dillon is going up on the block. Kevin mentioned that he doesn’t have any friends and everyone wants him out, so he can mess with everyone a bit.

12:00-1:00 AM: Ika asked Demetres which one of them he thinks has the better shot at winning. Demetres said he is not having this conversation. Demetres explained that he doesn’t want Ika to throw away her game for him. Demetres said he has a better shot but Dillon will not keep him. Demetres told Ika that he has a better shot at winning the Final 4 veto to send Kevin home. Ika added that Demetres also has a better shot at getting the jury votes. Ika said she doesn’t want them to get this far only to have neither of them make it to the Final 2. Ika thinks that she will leave next if she doesn’t win HoH, since she doesn’t know her days well enough to win the veto competition. Demetres asked Ika if she will be able to live with telling people to evict her and keep him. Demetres said he doesn’t know if he will be able to, especially if he doesn’t go on to win the game. In the pantry, Kevin commented on how Dillon and Karen are already discussing the votes. Kevin said Dillon will not have a vote since he is going to be on the block. Kevin wondered what would happen if he uses the veto on Ika and she tries to decline it. Kevin thinks Ika wants to sacrifice herself, meaning that she may want to stay on the block. Kevin figures that Ika cannot decline it since he won it and the decision is up to him.

1:00-2:00 AM: Outside, Kevin told Dillon that even though Karen wants to keep Demetres, the two of them can vote him out and it wont matter. Looking ahead, Kevin said that if Dillon gets him out, he will plead Dillon’s case to the jury in hope of getting him the win over Ika. Karen told Ika that she feels so bad. Ika asked if she thinks that Dillon will keep Demetres. Karen said if that’s what Ika wants. Karen assured Ika that she will do what she and Demetres want. Ika again asked if Dillon would be on board with that. Karen said she has no reason to believe that he wont be. Karen told Ika and Demetres that she feels bad and she is sorry. Karen said she hoped that she could have won the competition. She told Ika and Demetres that they both deserve to be there. Karen wondered if Kevin would use the veto to get Dillon out. Ika said no. Demetres agreed and said there is no way they can talk their way out of this one.

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