BBCAN5 Day 58 - Kevin uses the PoV on Ika, nominates Dillon

May 7, 2017

11:00-12:00 PM: Karen asked Ika and Demetres if Kevin would ever use the veto in order to get Dillon out. Ika said Kevin will not do it. She told Karen that they tricked Kevin last week and embarrassed him, so now he is looking for revenge. Karen asked if they are telling Dillon that Demetres is staying. Ika said yeah. She told Karen to make sure that Dillon doesn’t change his mind. Ika said she cannot win competitions and it is all about winning competitions at this point in the game. Karen said Dillon needs to realize that Demetres is their best chance to get Kevin out. Ika told Karen that they came up with a plan to have Demetres tell Dillon that he is taking him to Final 2 in front of her, in hope of making it believable. Karen was on board with that. Karen told Demetres that he has played the best game and he deserves to win. Karen said she has one job to do and that is to take Kevin Martin out of the house. Ika suggested that Karen tell Dillon that allowing Kevin to cast a tie breaking vote to send one of them home would be Kevin’s biggest move of the game. Karen said she already did that when she told Dillon that Kevin Martin is not deciding who leaves since they are not playing his game.

12:00-1:00 PM: Demetres told Karen he could see Dillon evicting him. Karen said she will absolutely lose it if Dillon does that. Karen said she will tell Dillon that and play the mom card on him by telling him “don’t disappoint me”. Karen plans to continue telling Dillon that Kevin will get all of the jury votes. Karen expects that she will be able to get her way since she is a good negotiator. Ika wondered why Kevin would want to keep Dillon in the house if she knows that Demetres is definitely staying. Ika figures that Dillon will convince Kevin he wont vote for Demetres in order to stay off of the block. Ika wondered how they can get Kevin to nominate Dillon in her place. She pointed out that Kevin would at least get one of the guys out, rather than getting her out when she can’t win anything. Karen said Kevin isn’t going to risk putting Dillon up unless he wants him to go. Ika said it will be a hard move to pull off.

2:00-3:00 PM: Ika told Karen she could see Dillon telling Kevin to nominate Karen since she wants to keep Demetres. Karen said Dillon doesn’t think like that. Ika said they cannot give Dillon and Kevin any ideas, so they have to leave them alone. Karen agreed. Karen said there is a delicate balance needed in order to not set off any alarm bells. Ika said she doesn’t know if Kevin is smart enough to think of pulling her off and putting Karen up in order to ensure that Demetres goes. Demetres said Kevin might be happy enough that they are on the block together and therefore he wont even think about it.

3:00-4:00 PM: Karen asked Dillon if Kevin said anything to him about who to vote out. Dillon said no. Dillon told Karen he feels as though they have to vote Demetres out. Karen said the only way they can get Kevin out is by keeping Demetres in the game. Dillon asked if he is a nobody. He pointed out that he was three pieces away from winning the veto competition. Karen said Demetres will be more loyal to them than Kevin will. Dillon argued that they are not worried about loyalty this late in the game. Dillon said all he has to do is win the Final 4 veto competition and then they can get Kevin out. Dillon insisted that he can beat Kevin. Karen said having a 2 on 1 advantage is better. Dillon said he would then have to get Demetres out too. Dillon explained that the best way for them to get to the end together is by being in the Final 3 with Ika. Karen said Kevin is going to win the game, so they need to stack it so that they can get him out. Dillon said it’s ludicrous to think that he would keep both Demetres and Kevin in the game. Karen asked if Dillon thinks that Kevin will use the veto or leave the nominations the same. Dillon thinks Kevin will leave the nominations the same. Dillon said Karen’s vendetta against Kevin is overruled by what’s best for the game. Karen said she needs Demetres there since it is better for her game to have two strong guys fighting against Kevin since he has all of the jury votes. Karen asked Dillon if second place is good enough for him. Dillon said no. Karen then said that Kevin is guaranteed to get first place. Karen reminded Dillon that she has made good decisions throughout the game, which has contributed to the two of them, Demetres and Ika getting this far. Dillon asked if Karen wants him to vote Ika out. Karen said Dillon knows that’s what she wants. She told him not to tell Kevin anything that she is saying. Dillon said he wouldn’t tell Kevin anything. Kevin joined Dillon and Karen in the bathroom. Karen told Kevin that Ika is the feather in his cap. Kevin said Demetres is the bigger competition threat. Karen mentioned that Kevin keeps beating Demetres anyway. Dillon said Ika is the biggest threat in terms of jury votes. Karen said Kevin might only win $20,000 if Ika is there at the end. Kevin said Ika has played the better game than he has. Karen agreed and said she will be convincing the jury of that if she leaves. Karen asked if Kevin is going to leave the nominations the same. Kevin said yes.

4:00-5:00 PM: Kevin asked Karen if Ika and Demetres both want to stay. Karen said of course. She let Kevin know that Ika thinks he is sending her to jury since she has played the best game. Kevin said he thought Demetres was his biggest threat at the start of the week. Karen again called Ika the feather in Kevin’s cap. Dillon said Demetres might crumble a bit if Ika leaves. After Dillon left, Karen told Kevin that Dillon is only thinking about his game. She said Dillon seems to think that Kevin will take him to the Final 2. Kevin claimed that he would like to if he is going to win either way. Karen said she thinks that Dillon will make it a tie and then Kevin will be the deciding vote. Karen explained that she needs the guys to stay in the house to fight each other, given that she and Ika cannot compete with them. On the other hand, Kevin doesn’t think that Dillon wants to keep Demetres in the game. Karen said that’s right. Kevin brought up that he sees Dillon and Karen as a pair. Karen said that is over now since Dillon is with Kevin as much as he is with her at this point. Kevin said even Dillon told him that he cannot take him to the Final 2. Feeds then went down.

8:00-9:00 PM: Feeds returned after being down for hours. Kevin, Dillon and Karen watched the new Baywatch movie. Kevin earned that reward when he won the veto competition yesterday. The veto ceremony also took place. Kevin use the Power of Veto on Ika. Kevin nominated Dillon as the replacement nominee. Up in the HoH room, Ika and Demetres were shocked at what had just happened. Karen said she told them that the three of them would survive. Karen called herself one of the best manipulators ever. Demetres mentioned that both he and Ika told Kevin not to use veto. Ika said she told Kevin to stick it up his ass during her speech. Meanwhile, Dillon told Kevin that he is a wild man. Kevin explained that after the talk in the bathroom earlier, he thought that Dillon and Karen were going to vote Ika out. Dillon said Karen was trying to get him on board with that. Kevin told Dillon that he will save him if it comes down to a tiebreaker. Kevin said his logic is that he did not want Ika to leave. Elsewhere, Ika mentioned that Kevin just used the veto on her even though she had not spoken to him in days. Demetres said he doesn’t know what just happened. Ika said she feels really bad about her speech and she feels bad for Kevin since it’s 4 on 1. Demetres said he feels like this may be a decision that Kevin regrets. Dillon told Karen not to flip on him. He said she is the only one who can keep him safe. Karen immediately went to Ika and Demetres to let them know that Dillon is teary eyed and told her not to flip on him. Karen headed up to the HoH room to ask Kevin what he is thinking. Kevin said he is thinking that it’s 4 on 1 and he wanted to use the Power of Veto. Kevin explained that he doesn’t control any of the votes and he believes that this was the best move for him. Kevin said if he had left Ika on the block, they would have voted her out. Kevin reiterated that he wanted Ika in the Final 4. Karen asked if Kevin cares who stays. Kevin said Dillon’s life is in Karen’s hands now, but she knows he will evict Demetres if it comes down to a tiebreaker. Ika then told Kevin that she feels horrible. Kevin said not to since it’s amazing television that she told him to shove the veto up his ass and then he used it on her. Kevin told Ika that he wants her to win the game if he leaves. Kevin said Bruno will vote for her and he will talk to Sindy as well. Kevin let Ika know that he had planned to make this move since prior to the veto competition.

9:00-10:00 PM: Karen told Dillon “so much for your friend Kevin Martin”. Dillon said Kevin wants to ensure that one of the guys go, so he is surprised that Kevin didn’t nominate them initially. Dillon said he expects them to campaign to evict him, then he goes home. Dillon told Karen that it was the conversation in the bathroom that caused this. Dillon said they shouldn’t have said anything. Dillon said he needs Karen to not flip on him. Dillon told Karen that for all they know, Ika, Demetres and Kevin are still working together and this is a play to get them all to the Final 3. Karen said it very well could be. Dillon said he doesn’t think it matters what Karen does since he is going home, thinking that Kevin will break a tie to send him out. Karen said she will be following him to jury. Dillon said he is pretty sure that they have a Final 3. Dillon said he thinks Kevin’s arrogant self truly believes that he can beat Demetres in the Final 3 and then he will take Ika to the Final 2. In the HoH room, Kevin told Ika that it was so obvious she was going to get sent home. Kevin said he didn’t want Ika leaving in 5th. He told Demetres that Dillon and Karen planned to use him as a weapon against him. Kevin had a bath and spoke to the live feeders. He said it’s totally out of his control if Karen flips on Dillon. Kevin said this was the right move since Dillon would have flipped on Karen to keep Demetres if he wants to beat him this badly. Kevin said ideally Karen doesn’t flip, then he can evict Demetres. Kevin reiterated that Ika leaving in the Final 5 would have been the worst thing for his game. He said using the veto on Ika and nominating Dillon was absolutely the correct decision. Kevin explained that Ika is a weak player and having that weak player in the Final 4 veto competition is good for him. Kevin isn’t sure that the logic will come across on television. Back downstairs, Demetres and Ika agreed that Kevin should have gotten Demetres out of the game. They also agreed that Kevin doesn’t realize how close they are with Karen. Ika said she cannot believe that she actually likes Kevin Martin. Ika and Demetres agreed that Kevin deserves to be in the Final 3 just like they do. Ika said Kevin is not a bad person. She said he is quite funny and she feels bad because they were mean to him. Ika pointed out that Karen will get mad and not give Demetres her vote if they hang out with Kevin. Ika said it’s horrible that Kevin feels alone and as though he doesn’t have any friends in the house. Ika thinks that Kevin was really hurt by them nominating him in the triple eviction because he believed they wouldn’t and then they betrayed him. Ika and Demetres headed to the bedroom to talk to Karen. Karen let them know that Dillon is totally convinced they are working with Kevin. Karen said she has Dillon convinced of that and now he is saying to vote him out so that Kevin doesn’t have the power to do it himself. Karen told Ika and Demetres that this is perfect since Dillon will not be mad at her for voting him out now. Karen told Ika and Demetres to remember that they are in the Final 2 because she saved them. Karen said she has just one job to finish, which is getting Kevin out of the house. Karen said what’s so great about the move is that Kevin thinks he put her in a moral dilemma and she is tasked with chopping Dillon’s head off, which is exactly what they were planning to do all along. Karen justified her move by saying that she isn’t going to get taken to the Final 2 regardless, so at least this way she is back in the third position.

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