BBCAN5 Day 62 - Dillon is evicted; Demetres wins HoH

May 11, 2017

8:00-9:00 PM: During tonight’s eviction episode, Dillon was evicted by a vote of 2-0. Arisa announced that Nikki Grahame will be a special guest for the BBCAN Awards. She also confirmed that next Wednesday will be a special eviction episode. The HoH competition got underway but did not finish prior to the end of the

9:00-10:00 PM: Feeds returned following the episode. It was revealed that Demetres won his 5th HoH of the season. The houseguests were joking around in the kitchen. Kevin told the others that they only have a few more shots to get him out. Kevin pointed out that it was 4 against 1. Ika called Kevin the poor little underdog and said he is slithering around. Ika said either Kevin is leaving or she is leaving. Ika told Kevin that if she has it her way, he will be going home. Ika asked Kevin if he thinks they will be best friends after this. Kevin said probably not, but he will use some of his $100,000 to buy her a drink if she wants. Ika then told Kevin she will pay for his mental health after the game with her $100,000. In the HoH room, Kevin told Ika that she is likeable unlike Karen. Karen came by to say she heard Kevin saying her name. Kevin said he was explaining that they didn’t have a good relationship. Karen asked why Kevin didn’t get rid of her if he doesn’t like her. Kevin said he is trying to win the game. Ika asked Kevin who he wants out more between she and Demetres. Kevin said it’s equal. Karen told Kevin he had the chance but he took Jackie and Dillon out instead. Ika and Kevin agreed that one of them will be leaving this week. Ika asked Kevin if it was his goal to have both she and Demetres in the Final 4. Kevin said he would rather had Demetres leave over Dillon. All four of the remaining houseguests agreed that it’s a really good Final 4. Demetres said everyone is pretty deserving. Demetres asked who wants to go on the block. Ika said to put her on the block next to Kevin. Kevin said to please put him up. Ika told Demetres that she or Kevin will be leaving anyway so they should be the nominees. She added that Karen doesn’t deserve to be nominated again.

11:00-12:00 AM: Kevin spoke to the live feeders. He said he messed up with the replacement nominee. Kevin mentioned thinking that Dillon and Karen were closer than they actually were. Kevin thinks he will regret that move if he ends up losing the game. Kevin explained that nominating Dillon was the best play based on the information that he had. Kevin said he knew it was the wrong decision within minutes of the veto ceremony ending. Kevin talked about how sending Dillon home was not good but having Karen leave would have been a disaster. Kevin argued that Karen made such a bad move for her game by voting Dillon out. Kevin thinks that Karen would have been guaranteed to make it to the Final 2 if she had evicted Demetres instead. Kevin said Karen doesn’t care about anything but seeing him lose. Kevin credited Ika and Demetres for doing a great job. He called them both incredible Big Brother players and said that they have played a better game than he has. Kevin said those two compliment each other so well. However, Kevin said it wont matter how good Ika and Demetres are if he wins and takes Karen to the Final 2. Kevin circled back to talking about how he possibly made a $100,000 mistake by nominating Dillon. Kevin said he will now have to beat Demetres twice in order to win the game. Kevin said Ika, Demetres or himself will in the game. Kevin admitted that not getting Demetres out last week is a stain on his Big Brother resume. Demetres then joined Kevin. Kevin asked if it is correct to say that Kevin, Ika or Demetres will win the game. Demetres said he would think so. Kevin told Demetres that he and Ika have played a better game than he has Kevin said he has made mistakes. Demetres said everyone has. Demetres let Kevin know that Karen has played a great game. Kevin said he hasn’t seen it since he hasn’t played with Karen. They talked about how it will all come down to what the jury sees.

12:00-1:00 AM: Ika told Karen she is not going to sleep in the HoH room with Demetres. Karen said she cannot be like that. Karen told Ika she has to let Demetres know that she is disappointed that she didn’t win, not in him. Ika asked if Demetres is being a little selfish. Karen said no since Demetres came there to win. Ika said Demetres wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for them. Karen said Demetres could say the same thing. Karen again advised Ika to go be honest with Demetres about being disappointed that she did not win the HoH competition. Karen said it’s okay to be disappointed. Ika worried that people will think she is being petty. Karen asked why she would stop now. Ika said that’s true.

1:00-2:00 AM: Ika headed to the HoH room. She said Karen told her that she has to talk to Demetres before she goes to bed. Ika said she will do that and then go to bed. Demetres apologized for winning HoH when he knows how badly she wanted it. Ika said she is not mad at Demetres. She told him that she is annoyed with herself. Demetres said he understands and he feels bad. Ika said “no you don’t”. Ika said she is allowed to not feel happy for herself and to not be happy for Demetres all the time. Demetres agreed. Demetres asked Ika if she wants him to come sleep in the pink room with her. Ika asked why he would do that. She said she earned his little room and should stay in it. Demetres let Ika know that he would rather stay in the pink room with her than stay in the HoH room on her own. He added that she can have a night to herself if that’s what she would like though. Ika again told Demetres that it’s her, not him. She congratulated him on the win and told him that it was a great partnership. When Demetres asked what she means by that, Ika said it feels like it has been pretty one sided. Ika eventually went to bed in the pink room. She told Karen that she doesn't like Demetres anymore. Karen told her to stop that. The two then went to sleep.

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