BBCAN5 Day 63 - Kevin wins the Power of Veto

May 12, 2017

7:00-8:00 PM: The feeds were down for the day as the BBCAN Awards took place. Once they returned, we found out that the nomination ceremony had also taken place. Demetres nominated Karen and Kevin for eviction. It was also revealed that the veto competition will be taking place today. Ika said she is so nervous for the competition. Karen said she is too but she knows how she is in competitions, so she has to be realistic about it. Karen was also concerned that they had been drinking champagne throughout the day, plus now she is tired and going to have to go compete. Demetres said he was hoping that the message on the screen that said the veto competition is today would disappear. Later, Ika told Demetres she wishes that she had slept with him last night just in case it was their last night together. She decided to sleep in the pink room rather than in the HoH room. Demetres told her it wont be their last night. He said they have got this. Ika said she is scared, but Demetres told her that everyone is nervous.

8:00-9:00 PM: In anticipation of the competition, all of the houseguests studied the days and events of the season. Ika pointed out that Kevin has proven to be really good in the competitions. Demetres said he has too, so forget about Kevin because they can only focus on what they are doing. Demetres advised Ika to stay clam and keep a clear mind. He suggested that Kevin panics and that’s how they can beat him. Ika later spoke to Karen. She brought up that she is very luck to have had two people in the house fighting for her all along. Ika said Demetres fights his heart out for her, which is something that nobody else would do. Ika said she can still feel upset like she did last night, though Demetres deserves to be in the Final 3. Karen agreed that Demetres deserves to be there. Afterwards, Ika let Demetres know that she doesn’t think anyone had someone fighting for them the way she had him fighting for her. Ika told Demetres he is the best. Demetres said he will not let Kevin win this veto competition. Ika asked if Demetres knows how great it will be if they can win this competition and make it to the Final 2 together. Demetres said he would die a happy man if that were to happen. Ika said she is happy for Demetres that he has made it to the Final 3. She added that he worked really hard and deserves it. Demetres said Ika worked just as hard and she deserves it as much or more than he does. Ika apologized to Demetres for hurting his feelings and being mean yesterday. Demetres assured Ika that he has forgiven her like he does every time. The two discussed that it would be great to walk out together on finale night, hand in hand, after one of them has won the game.

9:00-10:00 PM: In the pantry, Kevin studied. In the middle of it, he talked about making a mistake that led to Dillon being there over Demetres. However, Kevin said he needs to think about his next hand, the veto competition. Kevin said he is going to win the Power of Veto, then Ika will finish in 4th place. Kevin went on to say he will win the Final 3 HoH, then Demetres will finish 3rd, Karen will finish 2nd, and he will finish 1st. Kevin brought up that Karen admitted she made a bad game move just to try to beat him. Either way, Kevin said he has to win the Power of Veto.

10:00-11:00 PM: Kevin said this competition is everything and it is his shot to get to the finale. Kevin said he has to beat the other since he has studied so hard. Kevin admitted there is not a single reason for anyone to keep him if he doesn’t win. Kevin called the competition one of the biggest moments of his entire life. Kevin mentioned that Ika and Demetres have played an incredible game, but he can break them up if he wins the veto. Kevin said he could have broken them up last week but it didn’t happen. Kevin expects the veto competition to come down to either he or Demetres. Kevin told the viewers not to bet against him. He said they should not bet against him, especially if it is a mental completion.

5:00-6:00 AM: Feeds returned after being down all night for the veto competition. Kevin won the Power of Veto. Kevin said the others were being really good sports about it. He said he feels bad. Kevin mentioned that he has to take out Ika. He said she is smarter and better than Karen in every way. Kevin said Ika has played a better game and is a bigger competition threat than Karen is. Kevin said he has to go to the Final 3 with Demetres and Karen, then it will be one last final battle to see who gets to the end. In the HoH room, Ika told Demetres that the first thing she thought of once they lost was thank God Demetres didn’t throw HoH. Ika admitted she was being selfish yesterday. Ika told Demetres that he deserves this and earned it. She told him he never would have forgiven himself had he thrown HoH. Demetres argued that Ika has more invested in this game than he does. Ika said that’s not true at all. She pointed out that Demetres left his family and worked hard all season. Demetres said this doesn’t feel like how it was supposed to go. Ika told Demetres not to beat himself up. She said nobody fought harder for her in this game than he did. Ika said Demetres can still win the game and it will not be a waste if he does. Ika let Demetres know that she will be upset if he doesn’t win. She said she will make sure the jury knows what a great game he played.

6:00-7:00 AM: Demetres told Ika he really wanted to be in the end with her. He said nobody deserves it more than she does. Ika said Demetres does, though he disagreed. Ika listed off his accomplishments in the game. She said he has won 7 competitions and survived being on the block 4 times. On top of that, Ika said Demetres has a wicked social game and is the all around perfect player. Ika told Demetres he will win the game if he is next to Karen. Even if he is next to Kevin, Ika thinks Demetres would have the votes. Demetres said he is not going to be there with Kevin. Demetres said it’s embarrassing that he didn’t even finish the competition when he wanted to win so badly for Ika. Ika told him she is kind of happy that it’s over with since she doesn’t have to think about it anymore. She added that she would rather leave due to someone like Kevin over someone like Dre or William.

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