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Big Brother Canada Season 2

Tasks and Missions

Final Houseguest Task (Episode 4)

The final houseguest candidates were told that they had 30 minutes to correctly match at least 9 of 13 houseguests’ bobbleheads with the facts that Big Brother has given them. Their prize, if successful, would be the ability to watch a clip from the house with sound.

The task was successfully completed. The final houseguest candidates were rewarded by being show the last nomination ceremony.

Blindfolded Cleaning Task (Episode 4)

Big Brother informed the houseguests that it was time for a team building exercise. They were told that they each needed to pick a name out of the bag. One houseguest from each pair would be blindfolded and would need to assist in cleaning the house.

The non-blindfolded houseguest would serve as their eyes and would direct them around the house. The houseguests successfully completed the task.

Most Buzzworthy Houseguest Task (Episode 7)

Ika informed her fellow houseguests that Big Brother has a mission for them. Ika explained that they must do whatever they need to do to make themselves the most buzzworthy houseguest.

Canada will be watching online and will be voting for who gets the title of “Most Buzzworthy Houseguest”. The winner will receive news from the outside world and a special power in the Big Brother house.

Canada voted Adel as the winner of the Most Buzzworthy Houseguest task. Adel received news from the outside world, such as that Canada’s men’s and women’s hockey teams won gold in the Olympics. As for his power, Adel was the given the power to compete in a veto competition of his choice.

Secret Drinking Task (Episode 9)

Big Brother gave Allison and Jon a task, inviting them to the diary room together to enjoy a drink. They were allowed to drink as much as they wanted. They must then rejoin the rest of the houseguests and converse with them without having the others suspecting anything. Allison and Jon made multiple trips to the diary room.

Allison and Jon were informed that they successfully completed their task. As a result, the rest of the houseguests got to enjoy food and drinks as well.

Marsha The Moose Mission (Episode 10)

Once the fan meter hit 2 million, Marsha the Moose returned with a secret mission for Arlie. First, Marsha instructed Arlie to shave his head.

Marsha then told Arlie that his goal is to take each houseguest aside and tell them one harsh truth about them. If successful, Arlie will earn a reward for the entire house. If not, the house will be punished.

Arlie successfully completed the mission. Arlie then gathered the houseguests in the living room to inform them that he had earned a reward, at which point the doorbell rang and Talla came through the door with Chinese food for the houseguests.

Letter Shredding (Episode 11)

Big Brother dropped plastic balls in to the backyard. The balls contained messages. Big Brother eventually asked the houseguests how many balls were dropped in to the backyard.

Answers: Adel 1089, Rachelle 1095, Allison 1096, Andrew 1096, Neda 1104, Sarah 1106, Arlie 1107, Heather 1107, Ika 1108.

Ika correctly answered 1108.

Ika was then sent out to the backyard where a $5,000 cheque with her name on it awaited her. Also there were letters from home for each of the houseguests. Ika was told that she can take the money and shred the letters from home or she can shred the cheque and give the letters to her fellow houseguests.

Unknown to Ika was the fact that her fellow houseguests were inside watching and listening to her as she pondered over her decision.

Ika ultimately decided to shred the letters from home and to take the $5,000.

Canada’s HoH Room (Episode 12)

The houseguests were informed that Canada will give them access to their HoH room for one hour per day.

When O Canada starts playing, the houseguests must sing along and then they can gain access to the HoH room.

The Manners Police (Episode 13)

Big Brother tasked Sarah with being the manners police, asking her to hand out tickets for things such as swearing, nose picking, farting and so on.

Andrew, Arlie and Jon were singled out and had to make public apologies to Canada for their rude behaviour.

Sock Puppets (Episode 15)

Big Brother instructed the houseguests to pack their bags, telling them that they have only 15 minutes to do so. After everyone had packed, the houseguests were given further instructions. They were told that they will be required to make sock puppets. They will be put in to pairs and make sock puppets of each other. They will always use their partner’s voice and must talk through the puppet until further notice.

Pairs: Adel and Allison, Heather and Rachelle, Sabrina and Sarah, Arlie and Kenny, Jon and Neda.

For every time that a houseguest broke their puppet character they were given one strike. For each strike the houseguest will lose an item from their luggage.

Strikes: Heather 1, Jon 1, Adel 2, Allison 2, Arlie 2, Kenny 3, Neda 4, Sarah 5, Rachelle 6, Sabrina 21.

Marsha The Moose Mission (Episode 19)

Marsha gave Adel a secret mission, telling him that it has three parts. Adel must convince someone to workout with him for at least 10 minutes. He must get one of the houseguests to cry. Finally, he must get one of the girls to go on a fun date with him tonight.

Meanwhile, Big Brother called the rest of the houseguests to the pantry, telling them that their mission is to make sure that Adel fails his secret mission.

After Adel’s one hour was up, Marsha informed him that he had failed his mission. Adel informed his fellow houseguests that they would be getting punished as a result, at which point Adel found out that the rest of the houseguests had been given a mission to ensure that he fails his mission.

As a reward for completing the mission, the houseguests were given a forced date night complete with food and drinks. The houseguests were paired up and handcuffed to their dates. Any time that your date wants food or a drink, you must feed it to them.

The pairs were as follows: Allison and Rachelle, Arlie and Neda, Heather and Jon, Adel and Sabrina.

Top Chef Canada Have-Not Mission (Episode 20)

The have-nots were given a task to create the best dish that they can that highlights slop. The teams for the task were Heather and Neda vs Arlie and Rachelle. The winners would get a special meal prepared by contestants from Top Chef Canada.

Heather and Neda prepared slop breaded chicken, while Arlie and Rachelle prepared slop burgers.

Heather and Neda were voted the winners by their fellow houseguests and received the special meal prepared by the Top Chef Canada contestants.

Easter Egg Hunt (Episode 22)

While the houseguests were asleep an Easter Bunny entered the house to place chocolate eggs around the house. The houseguests were told that they are being sent on an Easter egg hunt. The houseguest who gathers the most eggs will receive a reward, while the houseguests who gathers the fewest eggs will receive a punishment.

Jon found the most eggs and was given the opportunity to make a wish list of five consumable items from the outside world.

Neda found the fewest eggs and was put on a diet of slop and Easter eggs for the week.

Baby Task (Episode 24)

A stork dropped off five babies in the Big Brother house. The houseguests were told that they must treat them like they are their own little ones and Big Brother will treat them with a reward. The houseguest with the worst parenting skills will receive a punishment.

The winner of the task was Adel. He will get to enjoy the baby shower with his fellow houseguests. The loser, with the most infractions, was Jon. Jon will have to wear a giant baby costume for the week as a result of losing the task.

Visits From Loved Ones (Episode 25)

Each of the houseguests was presented with an offer to see a loved one for two minutes. In exchange for seeing the loved one, they each had to accept punishments.

Sabrina gave up food for a week in order to see her sister.
Heather gave up access to the HoH room for one week to see her boyfriend.

Adel gave up sleep for 36 hours in order to see his friend.
Neda gave up access to all of her belongings to see her sister.
Jon took solitary confinement for 24 hours to see his father.