BBCAN3 Day 10 - Sindy begins campaigning

March 28, 2015

9:00-10:00 AM: Sindy spoke to Johnny and Pilar, saying that she could tell that Bobby was going to nominate her all day yesterday and she wishes that Bobby gave her a chance to explain her side of the story. She then continued her talk with Pilar alone, saying that she plans to talk to Bobby and let him know that if she stays in the house she will still be the target next week. Sindy explained that she can go up next to Godfrey next week and then battle it out with him.

Graig, Bruno and Bobby went in the hot tub and discussed that they should have Kevin on their side for a few weeks now. They feel that Johnny is in with the girls, while there was some concern about who Willow is with. They agreed that they can still trust Willow but acknowledged that she is playing both sides. Bobby admitted to being scared about how close Ashleigh and Kevin are getting, including them sleeping in the same bed last night. They mentioned that Naeha, Johnny and Kevin need to be there targets moving forward, with Johnny and Kevin needing to be backdoored. Graig said that he is willing to nominate them both together.

The guys felt that Naeha and Johnny would be the only two HoH winners that would be of concern to them. They believe that Brittnee is on the outs with the girls and could be someone that they can get as a vote for their side when needed. As for this week, Graig believed that they were set since the Chop Shop, Kevin and Godfrey are the seven votes they need this week. Zach eventually joined them and they rehashed many of the same topics. In the event that Naeha won HoH, Zach was confident that they could get her to nominate Pilar since Naeha thinks that Pilar is in with them.

10:00-11:00 AM: Willow and Johnny had a quick chat about what they would do if they won HoH next week. Johnny said that Godfrey would go up 100%. Willow said that she would do the same. Johnny figured that most of the house is thinking the same way. Willow said that some people are talking about taking out threats, though they haven’t seen enough competitions to determine who the threats are. They also briefly discussed yesterday’s girl talk that flipped the house. Willow said that she asked Sindy if she would nominate her, then Sindy said no and proceeded to name off a bunch of names, which Kevin overheard.

Meanwhile, Sindy was campaigning to Graig and letting him know that she would be the target again next week if she was still around. Graig suggested that she talk to Bobby and throw some of her buddies under the bus, considering that she is not even nominated yet. Sindy said that she would rather try to make a deal. She suggested that herself, Graig, Bruno, Naeha and Sarah could work together since they are all on the same page. Graig said that if Sindy hadn’t gone and said their names yesterday it would have been easier. He did not want to commit to something and then have Sindy walk out the door right after. He also admitted that he doesn’t see Brittnee winning many competitions.

12:00-1:00 PM: Sindy pulled Bobby aside to let him know that she was a bit upset that she didn’t get to say her piece prior to Bobby making a decision. Bobby said that he had nothing to go off of and had to choose the person that threw his name out there. He explained that Naeha would be going up if she had said it. Sindy suggested that Bobby could nominate Godfrey and everyone would be happy. Bobby disagreed, pointing out that the girls forced the guys in to an alliance that didn’t previously exist, so Godfrey is with them now. Sindy said that nominating her would split the house, while Bobby believed that Sindy had already split it. Bobby also said that Godfrey has promised to have his back, though Sindy said that she has a better chance of winning stuff and will keep Bobby safe for two weeks. Bobby said that he will keep what she said in mind when making his decision.

Sindy immediately found Brittnee and told her that their best angle to play is that Godfrey needs to be nominated. She suggested that they work together to achieve that, rather than go against each other when they aren’t even on the block together yet. Bobby reported back to Willow and Graig, telling them that Sindy had a good point that she would be a target. However, he said that he is not even considering it at all because he does not trust Sindy for a second. Graig said that Sindy will be evicted unanimously. They then discussed that Johnny, Naeha and Kevin need to go in the next couple of weeks. Graig and Willow agreed that both Sarah and Jordan are good and are people that they wouldn’t mind keeping around for a while. Bobby said that he likes Sarah but she isn’t as innocent as she seems. Graig encouraged Willow to keep playing both sides, but asked her to come to them if she hears their names. Willow asked the guys to do the same, at which point Graig informed her that Naeha has been saying her name.

3:00-4:00 PM: The feeds returned following a long outage and we found out that the houseguests had done a task and will be rewarded with a pool party. Zach and Willow discussed that they have a good thing going with the Chop Shop, but Zach said that he is being careful with it. He explained that there are good players on the other side of the house that they will need to knock some of them out. Willow said that she doesn’t want Graig in the Final 4. Zach agreed but said that nobody will let him get that far, because Sarah and Naeha will put him up. Zach said that he will have to watch out if the other side nominates Graig and he wins the veto, cause they will still want a big target out. Willow told Zach that Johnny said that he would nominate Godfrey and a pawn if he wins HoH. Zach said that he is giving the safe answer and wouldn’t really do it. They said that Johnny, Naeha and Kevin are going to have to go. Zach and Willow agreed that Johnny is a bigger threat than Kevin, and Zach thought that there was a better chance of aligning with Kevin. On the other hand, Zach felt that Johnny is more capable of seeing what a threat he is in the game.

4:00-5:00 PM: Naeha and Johnny had a brief chat. Naeha suggested that they sit down and talk tomorrow after the veto ceremony. Naeha wants Kevin to know everything that has been going on and who he can and cannot trust. Johnny agreed but said that Sarah has already filled Kevin in. Naeha suggested that the two of them, Kevin, Brittnee and Sarah could do some damage in the house. Johnny agreed but said that Zach may need to be brought on board too. They both agreed that they love Zach and would be fine with keeping him around. Naeha also wanted to discuss who they think is aligned when they sit down with Kevin.

5:00-6:00 PM: A number of the houseguests enjoyed some time in the hot tub. Eventually only Bobby and Kevin remained. Bobby apologized to Kevin for nominating him but said that it was the only thing that he could do without exposing his game. Kevin said that he knew that it would be a possibility. They then discussed that the guys were forced in to an alliance due to what the girls were caught saying. Kevin said that he trusts Bobby and Graig 100%, and then also threw Zach’s name in to the mix. Bobby said that Graig wanted to work with the three of them from day one. Bobby mentioned that Sindy needs to go, followed by Naeha.

7:00-8:00 PM: Kevin and Jordan discussed that Graig and Bruno are always talking game and seem to be together. Jordan let Kevin know that Graig was telling Brittnee that she was safe and that Kevin was going to get sent home. Kevin hoped that he had bought himself some time with Graig now, which Jordan thought that he had. Jordan advised Kevin to simply tell Graig that he trusts him over and over, as Graig as the type of guy that will then think that he has you in his back pocket. Jordan figures that Graig is now on a witch hunt to take out the girls, while Naeha and some others are out to get Graig.

Jordan brought up the idea of expanding their alliance. Both guys thought that Zach would be a good option. Jordan pointed out that Zach would go home before both of them as well. They mentioned Willow and Johnny as other potential options for allies. Jordan admitted that Johnny will be quite dangerous later in the game because he sees Jordan as the superfan just like him. Jordan let Kevin know that they are in good with enough people in the house that he can throw HoH. They said that Graig can change his mind on a dime, but it’s good in a sense that he will always be a big target. Jordan said that Sindy is the similar type of player and he would like to keep her in the game if possible in order to have another target in the house. Jordan told Kevin to let him know if he hears anything about the vote flipping. Kevin said that Naeha is another target as well. They said that their fortress alliance is in a good position since they are hidden behind big targets and nobody knows that they are together.

Bobby filled Ashleigh in on the plan for next week, telling her that the guys plan to take out another girl. Specifically, Bobby mentioned Naeha as the next target. Ashleigh revealed that she is getting scared for when the Chop Shop are the only ones left. She said that part of the reason she aligned with them is because they were her biggest threats. Bobby said that he is willing to have her back and even proposed a Final 2 deal. He said that he was going to ask Bruno but Bruno is always with Graig and has been since the formation of the alliance. Ashleigh and Bobby then agreed to a Final 2. They assume that Zach and Willow also have one. Bobby let Ashleigh know that she was the last to be brought in to the alliance and there was a deal that she would be first to go, though he did not want that to happen. Ashleigh said that she knew that was the case.

12:00-1:00 AM: The houseguests were about to head to bed when they were finally given the backyard back and were rewarded with their party. They received a small amount of alcohol and no food, which led to them complaining and asking for more. They also received some pool toys and a badminton set, amongst other things. The houseguests eventually took the party to the hot tub and played spin the bottle. The night ended hours later with Kevin and Pilar in bed making out.

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