BBCAN3 Day 11 - Sindy is named the replacement nominee

March 29, 2015

9:00-10:00 AM: Bobby told Bruno that Willow and Zach are getting extremely close. They then discussed the origins of the Chop Shop. Bruno said that he was not a part of it. They figured that it must have been Graig and Zach that started it, with the two of them getting brought in after Willow but before Ashleigh. In any event, they feel that they are in a good position. Bruno assured Bobby that he would take fellow Chop Shop members off the block if he were to win the Power of Veto. Bobby and Bruno admitted to have been a bit scared that Willow did not mention the girls alliance talks to them before it all came to light, and then later denied any knowledge of it. Bobby said that he is worried about Ashleigh getting too close to Kevin, so he has told Zach to put a dagger in it.

Meanwhile, Zach informed Jordan that he spent last night sleeping in the same bed Ashleigh. Zach said that he doesn’t want to commit to one girl in the house. He noted that Pilar and Kevin were making out in bed beside him last night. Pilar later told Willow that things will not be going any further than that. Zach admitted that he could have kissed Ashleigh last night but he didn’t because then he would have closed the door with Pilar, Willow and the other girls. Zach said that as much as he wants to, he’s playing 100% with game in mind. Either way, Zach feels that he has Ashleigh 100% and has Willow as well. Jordan agreed and said that Zach has whomever he wants. Jordan and Zach laughed and said that they would love to pull an operation double date later in the game.

3:00-4:00 PM: The veto ceremony took place. Kevin used the Power of Veto on himself. Bobby nominated Sindy as the replacement nominee. Sarah was speaking to Brittnee when the feeds returned and told her that it is like the best case scenario that Sindy was nominated, given that she did this to herself and cannot be trusted. Sarah and Brittnee said they feel bad for Sindy but Sarah thought Sindy was not being genuine with the girls and was likely using them for info in order to run back to Graig. Sarah said that she would have pushed for Godfrey to go up if she believed that she could actually trust Sindy. Brittnee agreed and said that her and Sarah are on the same page, while Sindy wasn’t even though they thought that she was. Sarah let Brittnee know that they can trust Naeha. Before they wrapped up the talk, Sarah said that they will be able to use the crushes and jealousy in the game to go far. She noted that Bobby was asking where Ashleigh was last night when she was in bed with Zach.

4:00-5:00 PM: Sindy had a quick chat with Pilar and said that it would have been so much easier if she were on the block against Risha. Pilar said that she is sorry that Sindy is in this position. Sindy said that it’s okay cause Pilar knows what it’s like after last week. Sindy said that she now has three days to campaign and she hopes that people will look at things from a game perspective, as she believes that she will be the target again next week, especially after the speech that Kevin delivered at the veto ceremony.

Naeha then talked to Sindy to ask how she was doing. Sindy said that it obviously sucks being nominated two weeks in a row, however she is not giving up. She said that she will letting people know that she will be the target again next week if she stays in the house. Sindy then mentioned that Graig and Bruno are interested in working with her and also possibly with Naeha and Sarah too. Naeha said that she does not trust Graig, will not work with him and will be taking him out of the house. That being said, Naeha told Sindy that she would be willing to say what she needs to say if it means keeping her in the house. She also suggested that there may be a better route to take and told Sindy that they can talk more later. While discussing Graig, Sindy told Naeha that Graig has said that Naeha is targeting Willow.

6:00-7:00 PM: Zach approached Graig and told him that his mind is racing and that they need to stay ahead of the game. He revealed that what is concerning him the most is that Naeha is not telling him anything, is smart and may be aligning with the other side of the house. Graig then went to Jordan to tell him that the guys need to stick together. He said that he feels as though Johnny is with the girls. Jordan agreed.

7:00-8:00 PM: Zach met up with Graig again, telling him that Naeha and Johnny are the two smartest people in the house and are the ones that have to go. Zach was worried that Naeha is still on to a guys alliance, which theirs pretty much is, so he suggested that the guys start to act paranoid with each other. Zach was concerned that Naeha, Sarah, Pilar, Kevin and Johnny could form an alliance and come after them. Both he and Graig agreed that they need to take one of them out next week. Graig felt that Kevin was on their side, but Zach was unsure of it now because Kevin was making out with Pilar last night. Graig said they can let Kevin know that they will not nominate Pilar.

After talking to Graig, Zach found Jordan and said that they need to have a massive talk tonight. They both agreed to stay up really late so that they can chat. Zach gave Jordan a quick rundown, saying that Naeha is really smart and they have to decide if they are going to get her out or work with her. Zach said that while the two of them know about everything since they are in with everyone, Naeha has alliances figured out just by observing what’s going on. Zach preferred that they keep girls in the house that they can manipulate, as opposed to the smart ones, like Dan did with Danielle. Graig continued to rally the guys, telling Kevin that they need to stick to their core four of the two of them, Zach and Bobby, with Bruno hanging around as well. He reiterated that Naeha is deadly in this game and will be his target. Kevin said that he is on the same page and only talks game with the guys.

8:00-9:00 PM: Bobby, Bruno and Godfrey spent some time chatting in the hot tub. They all agreed that a girl needs to be evicted next week as well. Godfrey said that he would nominate Naeha along with a pawn like Brittnee or possibly Pilar. He did not want to put a strong player next to Naeha, as he feared that the votes could then flip. All of the guys were in agreement that Johnny is with the girls, though they admitted that he is in good with everyone and can choose whomever he wants. As for this week, they all agreed that Sindy is a goner and that there is nothing that she can do to change their minds about evicting her. Zach went to Jordan and mentioned that Johnny and Naeha are smart and will be forming something soon, so it would be good if they can convince the Chop Shop to get rid of those two. At the same time, Zach acknowledged that it would be beneficial if Johnny and Naeha can take out some of the Chop Shop members for them too.

9:00-10:00 PM: As Zach had suspected, Naeha has been thinking about putting together an alliance. She went to Brittnee and told her that they need to have a talk with Johnny in order to try to bring Kevin in since they need some more numbers moving forward. Elsewhere, Bruno and Graig discussed a plan in which they would lie to Brittnee and tell her that Naeha is campaigning for Sindy, hoping to turn Brittnee against Naeha. The guys would then act as though they saved Brittnee. Graig mentioned that Zach and Naeha had a long chat earlier, so it’s possible that Zach is playing both sides. Graig said that Zach would be stupid to do so and would get “Arlie’d”, so he still trusts Zach at this point. Both guys agreed that it would be beneficial to take Johnny out before Naeha because there are more people that are after Naeha. On top of working on Brittnee tonight, Bruno plans to try to strengthen his relationship with Kevin. Graig advised him to hammer home that it’s all about the guys, as Kevin thinks that there is something between them, Zach and Bobby.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jordan went to Zach with some more new plans on how to approach things. He said that they will bring Kevin in and make him think that he is at the centre of the alliance with them, when in reality it is just the two of them. Jordan will then pull in Willow, Zach will pull in Ashleigh and Kevin will pull in Pilar. Jordan likened this to the Brigade, saying that they will each have their side alliances, though he and Zach would remain in control. Jordan explained that the dream scenario would be to have Graig win HoH, as the true Graig would then come out and he would blow up his own game. They would also be fine with Graig getting taken out if the other side were to win. As for Naeha, Zach plans to try to convince her that she is the one that he is going to remain tight with. He also wants to convince her that he is trying to win HoH, as she had called him out about planning to throw the next one. Should Jordan get in with Naeha and Johnny, he said that he may go to Graig and tell him about it and offer to be the mole. He figured that this would keep him in good with both sides.

1:00-2:00 AM: Johnny and Kevin discussed that they seem to be on the outs with the guys, but Johnny felt that the guys are not what some people make them out to be. Johnny figured that the only three who actually believe in the guys alliance are Godfrey, Bruno and Graig. They talked about this week’s vote and the consensus was that it has already been decided that Sindy is going home. Johnny pointed out that it would be stupid to keep her after how well she had performed in the competitions. As for next week, Johnny figures that their best bet is to have a girl win HoH and nominate Godfrey and Graig. If Johnny were to win, he would like to nominate Godfrey next to a pawn and then backdoor Graig. Johnny and Kevin then went over the people that they get a good vibe from. They came up with the same names, those being Zach, Sarah, Brittnee and Jordan.

2:00-3:00 AM: After everyone headed to bed, Naeha and Johnny met up in the storage room. Johnny told Naeha that apparently Graig cannot get her out of his mouth and he will definitely nominate the two of them if he wins HoH. Johnny said that Naeha is definitely Graig’s number one target but he has no idea why. Naeha said that she will be backdooring Graig if she wins HoH. She did not want to nominate Godfrey as a pawn, given that she would see it as a waste if he were to leave. Bruno was mentioned as a possible pawn, as well as one of the girls. Johnny and Naeha both agreed that Graig says inappropriate things and they cannot stand him. Naeha wanted Bruno, Godfrey and Pilar, along with Graig, to leave before jury. They agreed to chat with Kevin tomorrow and then reconvene. For now, Johnny thought that it was best to suck up to Graig and hopefully take the target off of their backs.

3:00-4:00 AM: Graig got out of bed and caught Naeha and Johnny talking. Graig and Naeha then took the time to talk. Naeha mentioned that they are both strong players and that there is no reason for them not to stick together instead of letting the weak ones float by. Graig agreed but wanted to know who Naeha is working with. She said that she is close to Sarah, though she told Graig that she is not with Johnny even when he questioned her about him. Graig made it clear that he is working with Bruno. He said that Bruno is the only one that he is with and they are kind of lost and trying to figure out who to trust. He said that he 100% would like to work with Sarah.

Naeha pointed out that she is close to Sarah and Brittnee and that they had discussed working with Graig and Bruno in the past, though it all went off track once Naeha got caught in the middle of everything with the girls when Kevin overheard their conversation. Graig suggested that they go week to week for now and possibly make some kind of pact. Naeha again told Graig that she would target people that she feels may float by, specifically some of the girls. Johnny then joined them to chat. They all discussed that it would be good to take the younger players out of the game, after Graig brought it up initially. Johnny and Naeha ran with it from there and said that they would not want to be nominated for their age. The three left it at that and agreed that it would be nice to have some additional security heading in to the HoH competition if they are all looking out for each other.

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