BBCAN3 Day 12

March 30, 2015

9:00-10:00 AM: Jordan and Kevin met out by the hot tub to talk some game. Jordan told Kevin to keep building what he has with Pilar. Jordan said that it’s a great thing since he feels that a good move would be to eventually bring in Zach and be the core three of an alliance, with each of them then branching out to grab Pilar, Ashleigh and Willow. Jordan pointed out that he and Kevin would outnumber Zach 2-1, when in reality it would be Jordan and Zach outnumbering Kevin. Kevin said that it’s perfect and that they will have to go after Zach hard to bring him in. As for the upcoming week, the guys agreed that they are safe. Kevin plans to throw the next HoH. Kevin also let Jordan know that Sarah approach him to say that over the next couple of days the two of them, Brittnee, Johnny and possibly Naeha should talk. Kevin said that it has yet to happen but he will let Jordan know if it does. Jordan said that it would be sick since they would be on opposite sides of the house and could share information.

10:00-11:00 AM: As discussed last night, Graig told Johnny that if he and Naeha do not come after him and Bruno this week, then two of them will do the same and keep Johnny and Naeha safe. Johnny and Graig each gave their word that they would not go after each other. Johnny said that it doesn’t make sense for the older people to target each other. Outside, Bobby, Bruno and Zach met in the hot tub for a mini Chop Shop meeting. Ashleigh eventually joined as well. They agreed that Naeha and Johnny are the two that they need to be concerned about winning HoH. Those two were discussed as the targets if the Chop Shop were to win HoH as well. Bobby thought that the ideal scenario may be that Naeha goes up and wins the veto so that Johnny can go home. Zach mentioned that they need to be careful about having Johnny or Naeha win the PoV when not on the block, as then both would be safe. Zach and the guys discussed that they need to start acting paranoid with each other so that it doesn’t seem that they are together.

11:00-12:00 PM: Pilar checked in with Bobby, Bruno and Ashleigh to ask what the plan is for the vote this week. Bobby explained that the guys all want Sindy out since she has openly said that she is after them. They said that they have the majority right there. Bobby pointed out that the girls would pretty much be declaring war against the guys if they tried to keep Sindy. Pilar agreed and they all assumed that the vote will be unanimous. Meanwhile, Sindy was talking to Jordan to see where his head was at. Jordan was upfront with her about the fact that he is voting with the house and that means that he will vote her out if she cannot rally enough votes. Sindy said that she respects that and plans to continue to try.

Graig was in the backyard with all of the guys except for Bobby and Johnny, when he asked about the plan for this week. They all agreed that Sindy has got to go and they have to gun for HoH and take out another girl. Graig then revealed that he caught Johnny and Naeha having a long talk last night. Graig said that if he wins HoH then Naeha is going up 100%. Kevin later told Bruno and Graig that Johnny showed his cards when he questioned whether or not he should use the veto on him if he won it. Kevin said that he may hang out with Johnny but he doesn’t talk any game with him and has his suspicions about him. Graig revealed to Bruno and Kevin that Johnny and Naeha said that they plan to target the younger players. He asked them not to repeat it because he did not want to say it in front of everyone.

1:00-2:00 PM: Naeha told Sindy that if people were smart they would keep her because she is a target. She then asked Sindy who she would nominate if she stayed. Sindy said that she would want to put Kevin and Bobby up, then win PoV and put Graig up. Naeha said that they can continue to talk but she told Sindy not to let anyone know that they are together. Sindy warned Naeha that Graig is telling everyone that she is a big threat. Naeha already knew and said that she is going to get Graig. Sindy also let Naeha know that Graig is telling everyone that Naeha is trying to take Willow out and is saying that she is annoying. Naeha eventually talked to Sarah and told her that she thinks that it’s better for them to keep Sindy. Sarah disagreed, pointing out that she just had a talk with Zach and he said that it would be obvious who is working with Sindy if she happens to stay. Sarah then asked Ashleigh what her opinion is. Ashleigh was on the same page as Sarah, saying that Sindy cannot be trusted and Brittnee needs to stay. Ashleigh also confirmed that Bobby wants Sindy out, which Sarah said is all that she cares about.

2:00-3:00 PM: Jordan and Sarah discussed that they need to fight hard for the upcoming HoH. Sarah mentioned that putting up Godfrey and Bruno could be option, with the goal of backdooring Graig. Jordan agreed that Graig would need to be backdoored.

3:00-4:00 PM: Zach had a quick chat with Naeha and Johnny, discussing what went down with the two of them and Graig late last night. Zach went to Jordan and told him that the trust seems to be building between him, Johnny and Naeha. That being said, Zach admitted that he doesn’t really trust Naeha 100%. Jordan said that he feels the same way but it is imperative that they make Naeha think that they trust her. Zach said that he was unsure if they should go with the emotional players or go with the gamers. He then said that they could also let them go at it and sit on the sidelines, which seemed to be what Jordan preferred to do. Jordan then chatted with Sarah and revealed that he wants to throw everything, which means that he will likely be have not again next week. He said that it is not a problem at all but he is playing it up like it is. Sarah asked Jordan if Bobby terrifies him. She said that she has not told anyone else how she feels about Bobby, but Jordan is her guy. Jordan said big time, but Bobby loves Sarah after last night, so she needs to work on that. Bobby and Sarah discovered that they have mutual friends last night. Jordan told Sarah that they will strike Bobby at the right time, backdooring him.

Graig told Bobby that it really seems as though Kevin is with them. Bobby said that he is one of the boys and they can keep him around until they no longer need him. Graig also noted that Jordan is definitely with the boys. Bruno then caught up with Graig and asked if Naeha made a pitch to him yet. Graig said that she did last night when he busted her and Johnny talking in the pantry. Both guys agreed that Johnny and Naeha have no one. Bruno mentioned that Pilar talked game with him today, asking how the votes are looking. Graig said that even Pilar is with them and that the only people that they have to worry about winning HoH are Sarah, Naeha and Bruno. Graig’s concern was that the show will find a way to mess them up if things are too easy, such as by bringing someone back in to the game.

4:00-5:00 PM: Naeha went to Zach and told him that Graig is insane and that he is running with one little comment that she made about Willow. Naeha has heard that Graig is telling the others that she is after Willow. Naeha wondered how to approach Willow about it. Zach said that he doesn’t believe that Willow feels that she is after her, so it’s best just to let it go. Naeha did admit that Willow needs to go, though she wants Graig out first. Naeha mentioned that when Zach made a comment about a group in the hot tub needing to make jury, Willow did not seem too enthused about it. Zach said that he is on board with that and that he will take out whomever poses a threat to he and Naeha. After those two are gone, Naeha would like to see Pilar go. Zach pointed out that it would give them the chance to split up Kevin and Pilar then, though they discussed that people are often hesitant to break up obvious showmances.

5:00-6:00 PM: Zach asked Willow what Pilar would do if she were to win HoH. Willow felt that it would come down to which people get in to her ear, as she is easily persuaded. Zach agreed but figured that it would come down to what her closest friends want. Willow said that that would be her and Ashleigh. Zach told her that she will need to get in Pilar’s ear and make sure that she is making the right play. Zach noted that Kevin and Pilar seem to be isolating themselves more and more. Willow believes that Kevin likes Pilar more than he is letting on.

8:00-9:00 PM: The game talked slowed for a bit. Once it picked back up, it was yet again all about Naeha. Bruno told Zach that Naeha is good, her idol is Neda, and she wants to play a good game like Neda. Bruno said that Naeha has even admitted that she would shave her head in a second if it furthered her game. Zach agreed that Naeha is too smart, adding that they can manipulate the younger girls but not Naeha. They agreed that Naeha has to be the target for next week. Bruno pointed out that they have to stop her while they can, as she is the one that can ruin their games if she gets some momentum.

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