BBCAN3 Day 13 - Big Brother punishes the houseguests

March 31, 2015

10:00-11:00 AM: Production spoke to the houseguests and informed them that somebody deliberately hit a camera last night. As a result of that, the entire house is on slop and has no hot water until someone confesses to hitting the camera. Some of the houseguests, such as Graig and Godfrey, debated going in to the diary room and confessing just to get the food back. Others told them not to do that because production already knows who did it. Everyone agreed that they will not be upset with the person that did it if they confess, as the camera was only the final straw and they are all responsible for talking about production and breaking other rules. The announcement had left some wondering if they had indeed walked out to the backyard last night and hit a camera. It was eventually decided that everyone would go in to the HoH room and one at a time leave in order to go to the diary room if they so choose. Some houseguests said that they wanted to apologize for other things than the broken camera as well.

11:00-12:00 PM: One at time, the houseguests continued to take a few minutes each to leave the HoH room and go to the diary room if they wanted to. The houseguests that went in to the diary room to potentially confess are Bobby, Bruno, Johnny, Jordan, Kevin, Pilar, Sarah, Willow and Zach.

12:00-1:00 PM: Big Brother told the houseguests that they could leave the HoH room. The houseguests rushed downstairs to check the fridge. They found out that they are still without food. A number of the houseguests began eating slop, as that is all that they are left with. Bruno and Graig agreed that the longer that the person waits to confess, the bigger the target will get on their back. Bruno’s hope was that Big Brother would show the incident on the screen in the living room if nobody confesses by tonight. Others, like Willow, were left wondering if they had blacked out and hit the camera. Sarah mentioned that it was clarified that the camera hitting was deliberate, so it cannot be that.

Sarah went in to the bedroom by herself and said that someone is ruining this experience and show for everyone. Sarah said that she is livid and cannot even look at the people in the house. Johnny then joined her in the bedroom. She told Johnny that it makes her sick to her stomach that someone out there could be lying. Johnny said that he is even doubting himself right now, wondering if he did it cause he thought about getting out of bed last night. Sarah told him not to doubt himself, though she admitted that she thought about getting up last night as well. Sarah said that she would eat slop and not shower for the rest of the season if someone would just confess.

1:00-2:00 PM: Bruno, Godfrey and Naeha agreed that Big Brother should play the video of the camera incident on the TV tomorrow if no one comes forward to admit that they did it, especially after being given the chance to come clean. Naeha pointed out that Big Brother said that the person who did it will get a punishment, so they will know who did it anyway and there is no need to hide it. Godfrey said that he wouldn’t even be upset with the person, seeing as they have all been talking about production and breaking other rules. Godfrey admitted that he has taken a lot of naps. Godfrey said that the most puzzling thing to him is what motive the person could have had for breaking a camera. Bruno said that no one is going home because of it but that person should man up and then they will forgive and forget it. Bruno felt that they even gave the person the easy way out by going to the HoH room and leaving for the diary room one at a time.

Jordan told the houseguests that it’s possible that someone did confess to breaking the camera but Big Brother wants them to suffer for a bit as a result of breaking the rules. He thought that there would be no lesson learned if they were immediately given the food and hot water back, so they might have to wait it out a bit. Godfrey said that the target will be on whoever did it and not him. Graig agreed. Jordan and Naeha discussed that people are going to start losing it if they have to be on slop much longer. Naeha mentioned that it’s not something that she feels is worth losing it over, though she said that she may be more rational than the others. Jordan agreed. Bruno was later heard talking to Graig about who it may be. Godfrey admitted to waking up in the middle of the night to check the time, so his name was thrown out there as a potential culprit. Bruno also considered the possibility of Bobby doing it, given that he is always messing around and doing tricks.

2:00-3:00 PM: Zach joked with Jordan that he has been working his ass of not to kiss a girl and then Jordan went and made out with Sindy last night. Jordan explained that the difference is that Zach has all of the girls wanting to do that with him, while none of the girls want to do it with him so he’s allowed to. Zach and Jordan joked that Jordan can keep picking up the girls on their way out the door. Jordan said that he is a free agent again once Sindy leaves. Jordan said that he knows exactly what Sindy is doing, thinking she is playing him like a fiddle, and it’s not working. Jordan said that Sindy is still going home. They then discussed that they hope that the broken camera blows the house up. Jordan felt that it would, especially if it keeps getting dragged out. Jordan then went to speak to Sarah, who said that she is wondering if she is going crazy because she is questioning if she got up and broke the camera. Jordan assured her that she didn’t do it. Sarah explained that the suspense and questioning of people is what is getting to her. She again said that she would go on slop for the season if it would end it.

3:00-4:00 PM: Bruno, Graig and Jordan were in the kitchen discussing their thoughts on the camera incident. They all agreed that it’s so weird that they know that they didn’t do it but are still wondering if they did it. Graig’s theory is that Sindy broke the camera and wont own up to it because she is going home tomorrow anyway. Bruno reiterated that they will find out who did it, as production said that the person that admits to it will be punished. Jordan assured the guys that he will still be voting Sindy out, even though he was making out with her. The guys discussed that Kevin is with them. Graig said that he will not be going after Kevin for weeks. Bruno and Graig mentioned that Sarah, Johnny and Naeha are for sure together. Graig believes that they are trying to get Pilar and Brittnee too. Jordan said that he thinks that Sarah may like their side of the house more.

4:00-5:00 PM: All of the houseguests gathered in the living room and pleaded with Big Brother, one at a time, to show the tapes of them breaking the camera if they were the one that did. After they had finished, Graig went to the front of the room for an announcement of his own. Graig had told the houseguests that the worked at Costco and is 32 years old. He hid that he played pro baseball, is a pro baseball scout and is actually 36 years old. The only ones who knew were the Chop Shop and Jordan, as Zach had told Jordan. Graig revealed to the house that he did not break the camera but he also does not work at Costco. He explained his whole baseball background and came clean about his age. All of the houseguests were supportive of him. He apologized for lying and said that he thought that it was a good time to tell the truth since he feels comfortable with everyone. He explained that he didn’t want to be targeted just because he was a pro athlete.

5:00-6:00 PM: The houseguests were becoming increasingly suspicious with Big Brother and with each other when it comes to the broken camera. Ashleigh had realized that it was April Fools tomorrow, which led Sarah to question whether or not that could be what this is all about. Sarah and Bobby were also asking each other if they got out of bed last night, as everyone has been doubting themselves. The suspicion surrounding Sindy continued to grow. Bobby told the girls that it would be a good way for Sindy to get back at the houseguests for voting her out. Bruno figured that it was either Sindy because she has nothing to lose or Sarah because she keeps breaking down over it. Bruno questioned Sindy about it but she denied everything. Sindy then began asking Bruno about the vote, though she got nowhere with him because he said that he isn’t sure what’s going on.

6:00-7:00 PM: The houseguests continued to chat about the camera. Naeha thought that Big Brother was not happy about it and said that it is reality for them, not a game. Godfrey disagreed and said that it is a game to them, as they want to see everyone lose it over this. Some of the houseguests then went outside to inspect the broken camera. Kevin pointed out that Big Brother is still on the list of suspects and has not yet been ruled out. Willow observed that the green light that was previously on on the camera was now turned off. She said that Big Brother may have turned it off. Godfrey and Graig discussed that they are going to call Sindy out in front of the entire house because they feel that she is one that did it. Meanwhile, Brittnee was inside and said that something seems so fishy since Big Brother has not yet attempted to fix the camera. Godfrey then decided that it was time for the house meeting and was gathering the houseguests when Big Brother announced that everyone has to go to the HoH room. They were then put on lockdown in there.

7:00-8:00 PM: While on lockdown in the HoH room, Graig said that he doesn’t want to call anyone out but said Sindy’s energy is different than the previous two weeks in the house. Graig said that she has never acted like this and if she was the one to mess with the camera then she should come out and say it. Godfrey then spoke up and said that he is going to call Sindy out. Godfrey said that he knows for a fact that Sindy did it and that Sindy is the fakest person in the house. Godfrey said that Sindy has been talking trash about everybody behind their back and tried to throw him under the bus multiple times and then pulled this off and broke the camera. Godfrey said that everyone else knows that she broke it but nobody will say it.

Sindy said that she did not break the camera and asked why she would lie about it. Godfrey said because she knows that she is going home. Godfrey then told Sindy that he is voting her out of the house tomorrow. Godfrey proceeded to tell the houseguests that Sindy pissed him off the most by telling him to vote Pilar out and then running to Pilar to hug her and say that she knew that Canada had her, after Pilar stayed. Godfrey said that he takes it personally when people talk trash about him. Once Godfrey stopped, Graig pointed out that if someone attacked him like that he would have defended himself. Sindy then denied breaking the camera once again. Graig said that he is embarrassed for whoever it was, as your parents teach you when you are children that you own up to your mistakes. He told the person responsible that they are disrespectful for ruining Johnny's birthday. Bruno said that the person responsible should avoid tarnishing their name and just fess up already.

Things began to calm down and then Big Brother called the houseguests down to the living room. There were robes, slippers and stuffed animals for each of the houseguests. They were instructed to put the robe and slippers on. The screen in the living room said “Once Upon A Time” on it. A video was then played for the houseguests. All of the houseguests are expecting that they will have to memorize things from it for tomorrow's HoH competition.

8:00-9:00 PM: Naeha said that what happened in the HoH room was bullying and Sindy did not deserve that. Zach and Johnny agreed and said that it was crazy. Zach said that people will show their true colours and it’s your job in the game to be better than that. Naeha told Zach and Johnny that Graig is an idiot for telling the house that he is a former pro baseball player. She said that whoever gets HoH, they need to be in their ears to put Graig and Godfrey on the block.

Willow and Zach were chatting with Sindy and trying to cheer her up. Sindy said that she expected it from Graig but not from Godfrey. Zach said that he cannot imagine how she feels. He let her know that she is super nice and kindhearted, so he doesn’t want her to be down on herself. Zach felt that the fine line between game and personal was crossed. He added that what went down would not have happened in a real life situation. Sindy thanked Zach. Bruno then joined them and told Sindy that he is there for her if she needs. He too felt that Godfrey had crossed the line and taken things too far. Bruno said that he is there for Sindy if she needs someone to talk to.

9:00-10:00 PM: Jordan and Zach met up and discussed that Godfrey went overboard with his attack. Both agreed that they wanted to stand up and tell him to shut up, though they didn’t want to mess up their own games. As for HoH, Zach said that they need to study so that they can throw it. They agreed that Naeha has a good shot at winning this one. They decided that they will feed Johnny and Naeha the correct answers, while telling the Bruno, Graig and the boys that they are actually feeding them the wrong answers. Jordan said that it’s perfect because Godfrey and Graig are the target for Naeha and Johnny, while Johnny and Naeha are the target for Bruno, Graig and Godfrey.

Godfrey went to Sindy and apologized for his comments. He said that he didn’t want her to feel bullied and it was in the heat of the moment. Sindy told him that he needs to be careful with what he says, as it is not the first time. Sindy told him that she wasn’t lying when she said to be careful with Graig, as he has wanted Godfrey out since Day 2. She also pointed out that Graig first blamed Kevin and Godfrey for the camera, before settling on her. Sindy said that she had no reason to speak up and defend herself when she was innocent with regards to the camera and had already apologized for mentioning Godfrey’s name as a target. In any event, Sindy said that she appreciates the apology and Godfrey will not be her target if she stays in the house. She wanted Godfrey to speak to Graig about keeping her in the house as a target for next week, while she will pretend to be mad at Godfrey.

Graig then spoke to Sindy, who called him out for simply trying to cause trouble by accusing her of breaking the camera. Graig again questioned her about it, making it clear that he truly believe it was her. He said that it would make sense if she was upset because she caught wind of the vote. Sindy said that she doesn’t know who did it and it could be Big Brother messing with them. She explained that she wasn’t herself today because she didn’t enjoy spending her last day on slop. Jordan then spoke to Sindy. She wanted to know how the votes were looking. Jordan was honest with her that things are not looking good and that the consensus is that she is going home. Jordan encouraged her to enjoy her last 24 hours and remember that these friendships will last a lifetime. He also pointed out that there may be a twist in which an evicted houseguest returns.

11:00-12:00 AM: Sindy asked Willow how the votes are looking, saying that Jordan had pretty much told her that she is going home because of Graig. Willow agreed. Sindy campaigned to Willow and also to Johnny, telling them that she would be the main target if she stays, and she would be after Graig. She pleaded with them to consider keeping her if she can get the votes. Both said that they would. Sindy believed that she could rally the girls in order to flip the vote along with Johnny and Jordan, shocking the house in the process. Sindy then went to Pilar with the same pitch. Willow quickly checked in with Naeha to see if she is switching her vote. Naeha said that it would be big if people did it. She was clearly interested, saying that Sindy is a stronger player than Brittnee and is also someone that would be a target.

12:00-1:00 AM: Naeha checked in with Willow again. Willow told her that she thinks that people will be too scared to switch their votes. Sindy came in and talked to Naeha. Naeha said that she would love to keep her. Sindy said that she has votes from Willow and Johnny so far. She planned to continue to work on the others. She revealed that she would nominate Bobby and Kevin if she wins HoH, with the goal of backdooring Graig.

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