BBCAN3 Day 14 - Late night game talks flip the house and lead to a new target

April 1, 2015

10:00-11:00 AM: Naeha told Sarah that keeping Sindy would be so much better for them. Sarah disagreed, saying that Sindy is so easily manipulated by Graig while Brittnee is so easily manipulated by them. Naeha disagreed and said that Sindy is a bigger target and will also get Graig out. Sarah felt that it would make it seem like they are in a girls alliance if they kept Sindy. Zach then came in the room and Naeha let him know that she thinks that they should keep Sindy because she will nominate Bobby and Bruno, backdooring Graig.

Zach said that he gets where Naeha is coming from but it would be hard to get the votes this late. Zach said that if Sindy can do the dirty work, then yes. Sarah still thought that it was best to have Brittnee, though Naeha thought that Brittnee does nothing for them. Naeha pointed out that Brittnee will never go up as a target, as opposed to Sindy who will. Sarah preferred to have someone that she could trust in Brittnee over someone who is better in competitions in Sindy. Sarah ended up saying that she is going with whatever the group is doing. Johnny then joined them. He said that the consensus is that Sindy is going, so they will just have to win HoH.

Graig went to Johnny and Naeha to let them know that what he said to them the other night was 100% true. He said that Sindy is trying to blow his game up by spreading that he is telling people that Naeha is targeting Willow. Graig told them that he is still on board to take out the younger players. Graig swore to God that Sindy is just trying to blow the house up before she leaves. Naeha said that’s fine and Graig’s reveal about being a baseball player made her feel good. Graig again assured her that he is not going after her for weeks or even months.

9:00-10:00 PM: During tonight’s eviction show, Sindy was evicted by a unanimous vote of 12-0. Kevin then went on to win HoH. It was announced that there will be an instant eviction. That eviction will air on Sunday night’s episode.

10:00-11:00 PM: When the feeds returned, Bruno congratulated Kevin on the win and told him that this was a potentially dangerous week. Bruno and Zach then discussed the plan. They agreed that Naeha needs to be the primary target. Zach said that he hopes that Sarah or someone like that goes up next to Naeha. Zach told Bruno that he would then go in there and win the veto to ensure that Naeha leaves. Bruno then spoke to Jordan. The two agreed not to nominate each other or put each other on slop. Graig and Sarah then talked things over. Sarah told Graig that his revelation that he is a baseball player seems to be helping him. Graig said that he did it strictly as game move and he thinks that it’s working too. Graig then mention that Naeha is who Kevin will go after, so Sarah is gold cause everyone wants her around. Sarah said that Naeha is very intense and thinks that she can bully her.

Kevin spoke to Zach about the plan for the week, admitting that he did not want to win HoH and tried to throw it. Zach suggested that they touch base with Jordan to see what he thinks, though he said that Jordan is comfortable with Naeha leaving. Zach told Kevin that if he nominates Naeha then he will do anything he can to get in to that veto competition, win the veto and keep the nominations the same. Kevin was concerned about what would happen if Naeha saved herself. Zach told him that he will likely feel a lot of heat from the house if he does not nominate Naeha. As for the pawn, Zach threw Sarah’s name out there but Kevin pointed out that Sarah loves them. Zach agreed with that.

Brittnee told Naeha that the audience was really cheering for her. Naeha said that it made her feel really good that they were upset when she was eliminated. Naeha was upset with Godfrey for targeting her in the competition. As for Graig, she said that she doesn’t care now because he is not HoH and she is going to stay this week. Naeha then spoke to Kevin and congratulated him on the win, clarifying that she was just upset by Godfrey. Kevin agreed that Godfrey was gunning for Naeha. Kevin let Naeha know that they will convince him to nominate her and Johnny on the block. Naeha said that Kevin cannot do it, as he and Johnny were the targets last week. Naeha told Kevin that the guys are playing him when they say that he is one of the boys, as either her or Johnny were out the door if he did not win the veto. Naeha explained that Kevin and Johnny are the outsiders and will be the next to go after the girls leave. She again pointed out that one of them was gone if Kevin didn’t win the veto. Kevin said that he believes it because they wouldn’t have put him up with Brittnee to be a pawn. Naeha said that the two of them and Johnny need to talk later.

Zach talked to Graig to fill him in on his talk with Kevin. He said that Naeha is 100% going up, along with a pawn. Graig said that he talked to Kevin as well and he may nominate Johnny. Zach wasn’t so sure that Kevin would do that. He said that he will let Kevin know that if he takes out Naeha this week, then he will do the dirty work for Kevin next week by taking Johnny out. Graig told Zach to feel Kevin out first, as he may put up Johnny. They discussed that they are in a good spot if Naeha goes. Zach said that they would then need to chop some floaters. Names mentioned were Brittnee, Sarah and Godfrey.

11:00-12:00 AM: Naeha let Sarah know that she told Godfrey that it is game on. She said that she will let Kevin know that she is going to take out each and every one of them. They discussed that Kevin was the target last week and that they were honest with Johnny and Kevin all along. Naeha said that Canada was sad when she lost, so they know that the two of them are playing. Naeha also pointed out that she has called out all of the alliances in the DR. Naeha said that she knows what is going on in the house. Sarah had some concerns about Kevin potentially being Canada’s Player. She said that he popped the balloon. Naeha felt that she would be fine if Kevin is actually Canada’s Player.

Bruno, Graig and Godfrey discussed that they need Sarah or Johnny up next to Naeha. Bruno felt that it would be best to nominate Sarah so that they can backdoor Johnny if Naeha wins the veto. They said that Johnny will be evicted if that happens. Graig felt that they will need to convince Kevin that Sarah will not win the veto if she goes on the block. If Johnny wins, Bruno said that they will have to tell him that he’s next if he uses it to save Naeha. Graig agreed and said that they will bully his ass. This made Bruno think that it may be best to nominate Johnny and Naeha together, as it would ensure that they cannot possibly both be saved. In any event, the guys reminded each other that their best shot in this game is with each other. Godfrey said that he doesn’t want to be at the end with a superfan, as superfans get more credit than others would.

1:00-2:00 AM: Naeha spoke to Zach and said that she cannot go on the block this week or else she is going to go home. Zach said that she will need to put her social game on steroids tomorrow. He also said that he will do what he can. Naeha said that even if Kevin thinks that the guys are with him, he is the lowest on the totem pole. Zach agreed. She also pointed out that the guys, such as Bobby, Godfrey, Graig and Bruno are solid and that taking her out would be the worst move for Kevin. Zach again agreed and told Naeha that she is making the right case to approach Kevin with. He advised her to say that Kevin can be on the bottom with the guys or knock one of them off and team up with her in order to square off against them. Naeha suggested that it was a solid time to get Bobby out of the house. Zach said it is if Kevin can make that move. Naeha felt that the guys were able to cover up what is a reality, in their guys alliance, because of Sindy’s big mouth that provided the perfect cover.

Naeha next spoke to Johnny and Sarah, saying that she is out for blood. Naeha told Johnny that he is the next to go if she leaves. Johnny agreed and said that they will be up together. They all agreed that it would be a game changer if Kevin were to team up with them. Naeha said that Canada loves them and that she could especially feel the love tonight. She felt that it was time to change the game or else they will be picked off one by one. Sarah pointed out that everyone is playing Graig’s game right now. Naeha called Graig a tyrant and said that he treats them like crap. Jordan and Zach joined the conversation, at which point Naeha filled Jordan in on everything that she had already told Zach. Naeha specifically outlined that she believes that there is an alliance between Graig, Godfrey, Bruno and Bobby. Jordan said that the fact that Graig and Bobby keep saying that they have no alliances and aren’t playing the game makes it obvious that it’s not true.

Naeha told Jordan, Zach, Sarah and Johnny that she needs them all to come together with her to make a pitch to Kevin to get him to stay with them and take down the big guys. Naeha pushed her plan to take Bobby out of the game, which the others were open to. Sarah said that if Bobby doesn’t go soon then the guys can keep winning comp after comp. Jordan said that he is on board since he hates all of those guys but can’t let it be shown since he needs them to trust him. Naeha emphasized that Kevin needs to know that he was truly the target last week, despite what the guys told him. Naeha said that it was clear in Bobby’s face that he was stressing when Kevin won HoH tonight. Jordan said that this new group would have six votes, as Brittnee was mentioned by Naeha as being with them as well. Jordan told Naeha that he is on board and that the key is to convince Kevin.

2:00-3:00 AM: Kevin joined the group and it was then that Naeha began to make her pitch. She and Johnny explained that they felt on the outs because there is a group of four guys; Graig, Godfrey, Bruno and Bobby. Sarah then informed Kevin that nominating him last week was 100% strategy but the guys got lucky that everything worked out perfectly in their favour. Everyone told Kevin that he was going home last week if he did not win the PoV. Kevin admitted that it sunk in after a few hours on the block. Naeha told Kevin that it will be the two of them, Sarah, Johnny, Zach, Jordan and Brittnee. She explained that they will not put each other up and they will take down the other side. Naeha let Kevin know that he and Zach will become the big targets once she and Johnny are gone, so it is beneficial to him to keep them around. Jordan pointed out that Bruno and Godfrey were not the least bit shocked about Graig being a pro ball player, as they already knew since they are tight with Graig. Jordan said that it’s obvious who needs to go when you have a pro athlete in the house. Kevin admitted that he was shocked to hear all of this but said that it does make sense.

Jordan made his way inside to speak with Zach about what was going down. Jordan said that they can get rid of Naeha any time. Both guys agreed that they are in good with her. Zach said that it would still all come down to convincing Kevin to make a move against the Chop Shop, to which Jordan replied that the group outside is doing a good job of it. Jordan then said that now is the time to take out Bobby. He and Zach agreed that things are going to be nuts. They felt that the best course of action would be to continue to play the middle, letting the Chop Shop go at the newly formed alliance next week. As for this week, Jordan suggested that they nominate Bruno and Graig, with the goal of backdooring Bobby. Zach laughed that he can win the veto and still please both sides. He would use it on Graig to please the Chop Shop, while making it seem like it was done to backdoor Bobby at the same time. They ultimately agreed that they like the side of the house with Naeha and Kevin the best. Zach felt that they are way better game players. Both agreed that it is now time to draw a line in the sand.

Jordan and Zach spoke to Kevin, assuring him that they have his back no matter which side he chooses. The three discussed that they can go deep in to the game together, later picking up Pilar, Willow and Ashleigh to strengthen their numbers after the two sides pick each other off. The three solidified an alliance called “The Bromuda Triangle”. Zach told Kevin that if he were to take out Bruno, Bobby or Graig, he could get in to their ears next week and make sure that they are still solidified and would go after Naeha instead of him. It was then discussed that Bobby should be the main target but that he should be backdoored in order to make him feel safe and as though he does not need to compete as hard for the veto. Zach did say that they will need to make sure that Naeha goes home after this, as she is so smart and so dangerous. It was ultimately agreed upon that the tentative plan is to backdoor Bobby. Jordan pointed out that the other side of the house is so confident that they went to bed.

3:00-4:00 AM: Jordan and Kevin had a talk of their own, going over the plan to backdoor Bobby. Jordan felt that he needs to go since he is too tough to beat in competitions. In order to do damage control with the other side of the house, it was decided that Kevin could say that Naeha and Johnny told him that there is an alliance of four guys and he got scared. He could explain that Graig is going up since he is a pro athlete, while Bruno is going up next to him because he is close to Graig. Jordan noted that the good thing about nominating Graig is that he will blow up his own game and there is also a good chance that he will win the veto. Him winning the veto would be good since they could then backdoor Bobby. The Fortress wrapped up their chat and then headed to bed with the rest of the houseguests.

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