BBCAN3 Day 18 - Naeha is evicted; Brittnee wins HoH

April 5, 2015

7:00-8:00 PM: During tonight’s instant eviction episode, we found out that Kevin was forced to immediately nominate two houseguests for eviction after he had won the HoH competition. Kevin chose to nominate Brittnee and Naeha for eviction. The houseguests then had to vote to evict. They also had to reveal their votes in front of the entire house. Naeha was evicted by a vote of 9-2, with Sarah and Johnny being the only two votes to evict Brittnee. The HoH competition then took place. The houseguests competed in pairs. Brittnee and Sarah won the competition. Brittnee became the new HoH.

8:00-9:00 PM: When the feeds returned, the houseguests were preparing for an Easter dinner. Bobby, Ashleigh and Kevin will be eating slop, as they are have-nots this week. Zach is also a have-not but he has a slop pass. In the bedroom, Bobby told Graig to relax and enjoy the next couple of days, then they can campaign on Tuesday night if necessary. Graig said that he is not worried about it, as whatever is going to happen will happen. Those two are currently nominated.

9:00-10:00 PM: The houseguests enjoyed their Easter dinner. During the discussions, we found out that Kevin was initially nominated by Brittnee but he then came off of the block. Later in the night, Kevin was heard saying to himself that "Johnny has won one veto, I've won an HoH and veto. Bobby has one HoH". Johnny won the Power of Veto and used it to remove Kevin from the block. Graig was the replacement nominee.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jordan and Sarah discussed how it’s good that they are a pair but are seen as being on opposite sides of the house. They discussed that Graig thinks that he is safe. Jordan pointed out that Kevin’s speech seemed to have stopped Graig from blowing up on everybody. Sarah noted that it would have made the decision easy and obvious had Graig blown up. Jordan said that they will need to win again this week and get rid of Bobby. Sarah said that it is interesting that Bobby is devastated by Graig going on the block, even though his chances of staying are much better than against Kevin. Jordan said that it’s because of the guys alliance and because of him feeding in to it that they would get rid of Kevin, even though they wouldn’t have.

Sarah then spoke to Willow out by the hot tub. They discussed that this week’s vote should be decided already. They want Graig to be evicted. Willow said that they should definitely have their two votes along with Johnny’s, Kevin’s, Pilar’s and Brittnee’s as the tiebreaker. Willow and Sarah also felt that they would have votes from Ashleigh and Zach. They felt that everyone hates Graig and would want him out. However, Willow pointed out that some people may just look out for their own game. Sarah mentioned Jordan as someone that is always looking for an opportunity. They said that some people may want to keep Graig because they would see him as an easy target for next week, even though people said the same thing about Godfrey weeks ago. Willow said that she does not want Bobby to go out like this, this early in the game.

Bruno and Godfrey had a quick chat about the vote. Bruno figured that Graig would have a hard time getting the votes. They both agreed that it is better for them if Graig can stay, seeing as he is a bigger target. They thought that it would allow them to stay in the clear for next week if Graig were to stay. They also thought that Graig would be going hard after the other side. On the other hand, Godfrey said that Bobby is someone that would not do anything if there. Ashleigh, Pilar and Willow discussed that Graig should go and that they should be safe as long as a girl wins the next HoH. The person that they were most concerned about winning is Godfrey. Ashleigh said that she would likely nominate Godfrey and Johnny. Willow said that she would nominate those two or possibly Kevin. Pilar said that she would nominate Godfrey and a pawn, naming Bruno as a possibility.

11:00-12:00 AM: Graig campaigned to Kevin, telling him that he feels as though he has not gotten the chance to show what he can do. He said that he wants to stay so badly in order to prove himself. Graig admitted that Bobby likely feels the same, but Bobby has got to play in more competitions. Graig made it clear that his targets would be Johnny, Sarah and Brittnee if he were to stay in the house. Graig felt that he could count on votes from Jordan, Bruno and Godfrey. Kevin said that he would like to see where Zach’s head is at, as he sees Zach as a big player. Graig then went to Godfrey and told him that he feels that getting Zach and Kevin on board with keeping him is the key. Graig asked Godfrey to bring up keeping him to those guys, in hope of them getting on board. Graig assured Godfrey that he would have his back for the duration of the game.

12:00-1:00 AM: Graig made a quick campaign pitch to both Jordan and Zach. He told them what he had told Kevin, in that he be going after Johnny, Sarah and Brittnee. The guys went along with what Graig said, giving him hope that they would keep him. Jordan and Zach then went to the pantry to talk things over. They mentioned that they orchestrated getting Graig on the block and yet he has no idea. Both agreed that there is no option but to vote Graig out this week. They plan to continue to play the middle and do not want to get one side of the house mad at them by keeping Graig. Bruno and Ashleigh then joined the guys. Bruno felt strongly about keeping Graig in the game, saying that he provides a shield for them since everyone will go after Graig before them. Zach pointed out that it would be declaring war with the other side of the house. Bruno continued to bring up that it would be good to keep Graig around, though he ultimately said that he doesn’t want to be the lone vote to keep him if the others decide against it. They all agreed that they will be real with each other and will vote the same way when the time comes, after they make a final decision.

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