BBCAN3 Day 19 - Zach gains an advantage in the upcoming HoH competition

April 6, 2015

9:00-10:00 AM: Bruno told Graig about his talk with Zach and Jordan last night. He let Graig know that he was bringing up points such as that Graig would remain the target if he stays in the game. Graig thanked Bruno and said that’s all that the can do. Bruno said that he was 100% pulling for them to keep him in the game. Graig said that he knows that he did. Graig pointed out that if he is gone then the other side will be gunning for the other guys in the Chop Shop. Bruno agreed, saying that it would be Zach, Bobby and himself that get targeted. Bruno said he is putting his neck out there for Graig and hopes that he will do the same for him if he stays. Graig said that of course he will, adding that he will go down before Bruno goes down. Graig also did not want to give Johnny the satisfaction of getting him out. They discussed that it would be playing Johnny’s game, right after they had all been talking about targeting him. Jordan and Godfrey are two people that Graig feels he has on his side. He told Bruno that he plans to lay low today.

Bruno told Bobby that so far everything is good, even though Graig is campaigning. Bobby mentioned that the others are telling Graig that he is safe so that he does not blow up. Bobby pointed out that it would be hard for people to trust Graig moving forward since he is throwing his name under the bus even after saying that he wouldn't campaign. That being said, both admitted that they understand why Graig is doing what he is doing. Bruno said that it will be a unanimous vote but he hopes that the Chop Shop stays together after this. Both agreed that the alliance is under the radar. Bruno asked if Bobby trusts Willow still, as he was wondering if she was only with them because she didn’t trust Graig. Bobby said that he trusts her but hopes that Zach, Pilar, Willow and Ashleigh don’t have a young group going.

Bobby and Bruno discussed that they need to stick together until the Final 2. There were concerns about others being paired up, and Bruno said that Bobby is someone he has trusted the most. Bruno pointed out that Sarah, Jonny and Brittnee are together, then Willow, Kevin and Pilar could be on that side and give them the numbers. Bobby agreed that Kevin and Pilar are with them, seeing as Johnny used the veto on Kevin. Bruno said that he would nominate Johnny and Sarah if he wins HoH. If Johnny wins PoV, Kevin would go up and go. Bobby said that he doesn’t want to take a stab at Kevin but he knows that Kevin needs to go so bad, especially after Johnny saved him. Bobby discussed that he would even go after the Kevin and Pilar showmance in order to tear that side apart. Willow joined them and they discussed that keeping Bobby doesn’t expose the Chop Shop in the same way that keeping Graig would. Bruno pointed out to Willow that if the other side pulls in her or Bobby, their numbers would go up and the person that flipped would be at the bottom. Bobby again discussed potential nominations, saying that he could nominate Johnny or Kevin alongside a pawn such as Jordan or Pilar if he wanted to make a big move.

2:00-3:00 PM: After the feeds returned from being down for a couple of hours, we saw the houseguests running around the house searching for t-shirts. Each houseguest was assigned a different coloured t-shirt. They had to find all of their coloured t-shirts and hang them up on the hangers in the backyard.

4:00-5:00 PM: The feeds had cut near the end of the competition. They came back and we found out that Zach had won. Zach won $1,000 and an advantage in the upcoming HoH competition. Godfrey spoke to Zach about the upcoming vote. Godfrey pointed out that Graig would be a big target if he stayed but he also brought a lot of heat to their side. Zach agreed and said that it could help their chances of staying safe with the other side if they appease them and evict Graig this week. They agreed to discuss things further later on.

Zach then went to Ashleigh and told her that it felt nice to try in a competition for once. Now that he got an advantage in the HoH competition, Zach said that he will really have to blow it to lose the competition. Zach explained that his best move is to lay low and play the middle so that he can get information from both sides. Zach told Ashleigh that he will eventually make an alliance and win competitions to pick people off. Zach said that you have Johnny, Brittnee and Sarah on one side, with the guys such as Bobby, Bruno and Godfrey on the other side. Zach again said that they could keep playing the middle for now. Ashleigh noted that Jordan is in a similar position to them and asked if that’s why Zach is always talking to him. Zach said yes. He also said that Kevin and Pilar have yet to choose a side. As for Willow, Zach felt that she is a floater that is bouncing back and forth to whomever has power. As for this week, Zach said that Graig will be going home. Ashleigh said that she would nominate people like Godfrey and Johnny if she were to win. Zach asked if she would nominate a girl. Ashleigh said that she would not for a couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Bruno discussed the competition. Bobby said that he helped Zach find most of his t-shirts. He explained that he wanted someone with good cardio and in the Chop Shop to win the advantage in the HoH competition. Bruno had some concerns about Zach and Ashleigh getting so close, saying that they are two votes together. Bobby hoped that helping Zach in the competition would build more trust. Bruno wondered if Zach would go after Johnny. Bobby said that what he knows is that Zach wouldn’t go after the Chop Shop, seeing as he understands that the earliest alliances are the most trustworthy. Bruno said that he thinks that they are good with Willow but you never know. Bobby pointed out that they cannot get paranoid and pull a Graig. Bruno said that he knows that he can trust Bobby and somewhat felt that way with Ashleigh but now she is with Zach. Bruno also expressed concern over Zach having Jordan on his side, as that is yet another vote that Zach has if he ever wants to make a move.

5:00-6:00 PM: Godfrey let Bruno about his talk with Zach, in which Zach said that it may be better to appease the house. Bruno and Godfrey agreed that keeping Graig is better for him, though Godfrey acknowledged that the votes are just not there. Godfrey figured that it was only the two of them, Zach and Jordan that are on board with keeping Graig. Bruno mentioned that Graig did this to himself, seeing as he approached Sarah and Johnny with a deal prior to being nominated, yet he gave them both different stories and they compared notes.

6:00-7:00 PM: Pilar and Kevin discussed that Zach and Ashleigh are getting really close. Both agreed that they like those two. Pilar revealed that the people that she trusts the most are Ashleigh, Willow, Jordan and Zach, along with Kevin. She then asked Kevin who he trusts the most. Kevin gave the same names that Pilar did. Pilar revealed that Bruno had told her that he wanted to save Brittnee in week one but he planned to act cool with Kevin just in case he stayed. Talk then turned to Graig. Pilar noted that he is acting differently since being on the block, yet he called out Sindy for doing just that. Jordan joined them and they discussed that Graig is going home but believes that he is staying. Jordan told them that Graig spoke to him before the veto ceremony and said that they will have to send Kevin home, not having any idea that he was about to go on the block himself.

7:00-8:00 PM: Zach asked Jordan who the worst case scenario is in terms of winning HoH. He asked if it would be Johnny because he is so smart. Jordan said no because Johnny would not make a big move this early. Zach pointed out that Johnny needs them. Jordan felt that there isn’t really a worst case. Zach told him that they have to throw this HoH more than any of the comps thus far. Jordan agreed. They also agreed that 2-3 weeks down the line they will form an alliance, start winning some competitions and pick people off.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jordan and Zach discussed that they cannot win HoH. Zach believes that he would have to make 4 or 5 enemies if he were to win. Jordan suggested that Zach would have to go after the Chop Shop, nominating people like Bobby and Bruno. Zach was unsure which side he would want to target. Jordan figured that it would be best to target the Chop Shop, because he could then play it up with them that Zach betrayed them and they have to go after him, allowing them to continue to play each side of the house. Zach wondered if there was a way to play the middle by taking out Godfrey. Jordan pointed out that it would not appease either side, as they will both be expecting a bigger move. Zach admitted that Jordan is right and that people would be wanting to see that he is with them if they are going to stick their necks out for him in the future. Jordan said that they will have to choose a side to attack and hopefully pick them all off before making a run to the end. They mentioned that they will continue to throw competitions for a couple more weeks before they create the “Diaper Alliance” with the young players and roll with that to the end. Those players would be Ashleigh, Kevin and Pilar.

9:00-10:00 PM: The girls discussed that Graig would always be public enemy number one if he stayed. Ashleigh said that Graig is so sketchy and emotional, otherwise he could have had a good chance to stay since everyone is thinking the same thing about Graig being a good target to keep around. Pilar said that he has an alliance with every single person in the house. The girls continued to talk a little game and Willow said that what she really wants is a Final 3 of girls. She said that it would be so wicked. The others went along with it.

10:00-11:00 PM: Sarah and Zach talked about how their agreement is working out so well since nobody suspects that they are looking out for each other, especially since they rarely talk. They discussed some of their fellow houseguests. Sarah said that she feels as though Willow is close with Bobby, because she is always defensive about him. Zach said that he has a hard time reading Willow. Sarah was unsure of who Willow would be after, seeing as she also calls the girls “sisters”. Zach asked if Sarah thinks that Bobby, Willow, Pilar and Ashleigh have an alliance. Sarah said that Naeha was convinced of it and she has been spot on with things. Zach suggested that Sarah feel the girls out with regards to the vote, in order to see how hard they fight to keep Bobby. He felt that the girls would give it away. Before the talk wrapped up, Zach said that he would backdoor Bobby if he wins HoH. Sarah said 100%, adding that Bobby has scared her from Day 1.

Zach commented to Jordan that Bobby is so on board with the Chop Shop. Jordan felt that the best case scenario would be to have Bobby win HoH this week. Jordan plans to speak with Bobby and let him know that he will be keeping him. Zach asked Jordan if he would be open to continuing to stick with Brittnee and Sarah if Johnny gets picked off, because of how tight those girls are in with them. Jordan said that it is definitely something to consider. The guys also felt that they would crush those two. Zach pointed out that those two would go after Kevin and Pilar as well. Jordan said that Zach would have Ashleigh and then they would outnumber them 3-2 no matter what. Jordan said that they could also roll with Kevin, so they would have so many options.

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