BBCAN3 Day 20 - Graig realizes that it is game over for him

April 7, 2015

10:00-11:00 AM: Zach told Jordan that Willow has to go. He explained that Ashleigh trusts him 100% and is now starting to learn the game and tell him things. Zach said that Ashleigh let him know that Willow tried to make a Final 3 last night with her and Pilar. Zach pointed out that Willow already tried to make a Final 3 with the two of them. He said that it would be easy to blow up her game when the time comes.

Willow broke down crying to Sarah, saying that she feels so bad about yesterday because she robbed Godfrey of $1,000. During the competition, a number of the houseguests assisted Zach in winning over Godfrey. Sarah told her that the money is not life changing. Willow acknowledged that but said that Godfrey is a good guy and the house makes fun of him and is horrible to him. Willow said that she is ashamed of herself. She then pointed out that she is already having breakdowns on Day 20, which left her wondering how she would make it until Day 70. Willow later let Sarah and Brittnee know that she has no idea who to trust, which is also contributing to her breakdown. Sarah continued to reassure her that everything will be okay and that Godfrey will be alright in the outside world.

11:00-12:00 PM: The Purple Cobras alliance, the group that came together last Wednesday night when Naeha was attempting to rally enough people to keep her in the game, met up in the HoH room. The group consists of Brittnee, Sarah, Kevin, Zach, Jordan and Johnny. Sarah filled them in on how Willow was breaking down because of the Godfrey situation and because she doesn’t know who to trust. Sarah felt that it was because Willow has yet to open up to anyone in a game sense. They discussed plans for next week. Zach said that they will need to take some strength out of the other side if they win HoH. Jordan originally suggested nominating Bruno and Bobby, but it was decided that they would be better off backdooring Bobby. Godfrey’s name was thrown out as a potential pawn.

12:00-1:00 PM: Zach checked in with Willow to see what was up with her this morning. He wondered why she didn’t come to him when she was down. Willow said that she didn’t want anyone to see her crying, but Sarah just happened to catch her. She assured Zach that she trusts him 100%. Zach questioned it and said that it feels like she is pulling away from him. Willow apologized for not coming to him but explained that she trusts him and even told that to Ashleigh and Pilar last night. Zach told her to be careful about who she is telling that to, as he doesn’t want everyone to know that they trust each other and are going deep in the game together. Zach said that he also doesn’t want anything between him and Ashleigh to pull the two of them apart, seeing as Willow is the one girl that he truly talks game with. Willow told him not to worry about that.

Zach told Jordan that he pulled Willow in closer because he felt that she was drifting away the past few days. He said that Willow found out about him kissing Ashleigh and she was a bit hurt and he felt bad about it. Jordan told Zach that he needs to make sure that Willow is closer to him than she is to Bobby. Zach explained that the next few weeks will need to be all about “Operation Multitask” due to the fact that they have gotten themselves into so many alliances. They have the Purple Cobras, the Chop Shop and then two alliances on the side according to Zach. He also informed Jordan that Godfrey discussed starting a guys alliance last night. The guys agreed that they absolutely cannot win HoH at this points, as it was force them to expose themselves.

Zach said that he is in 100% with an alliance, that being Newport. They agreed that when the others crumble they will pick up the pieces. Jordan told Zach that he brought up a good point last night about Brittnee and Sarah loving them. They discussed that those are the kind of people that you need near the end because you need the last five you align with to be your most loyal five. Jordan said that that’s why Johnny needs to go, as he would backstab them 100%. Zach said that Willow is another person that is only loyal to herself. The two agreed that they are the same way, only being loyal to Newport. Zach said that if Jordan is on the block at any point, he would use the Power of Veto on him. Jordan told Zach that he would do the same for him.

1:00-2:00 PM: Bruno asked Graig if he has talked to anyone yet today. Graig said that he is done and asked Bruno to be real with him. Bruno said that he doesn’t know that for sure but he tried to keep him. Graig said that he knows that and that he has no regrets, though he should have just trusted the alliance instead of trying to make a deal with the enemy. Graig admitted to digging his own grave. He told Bruno that he will need to get Zach out eventually. They discussed that Zach will likely have a big enough target on his back soon, though they felt that he was in good with everybody. Graig told Bruno that he will do great in the game. He said that Bruno will need to make a big move when the time comes, as that is what the game is all about. He suggested that Bruno get in good with Kevin. Ashleigh briefly spoke to Kevin about how the Diaper Alliance would actually consist of the people that she would like to work with, those being Jordan, Zach and Pilar and the two of them. Ashleigh explained that those are the people that she talks to the most as is.

2:00-3:00 PM: Ashleigh told Pilar that they are in safe place in the house right now, sticking in the middle for the time being. They discussed that a group consisting of them, Kevin, Jordan and Zach is something that could work out well. This is the “Diaper Alliance” that Jordan and Zach have discussed forming in the past. Pilar said that even though it is not solidified, it is something that is there. The girls felt safe with anyone in that group winning HoH. Ashleigh believes that Sarah would not nominate a girl either, while Pilar feels safe with Willow as well. Bruno, Bobby and Godfrey are the people that they are concerned about winning HoH. Ashleigh thinks that this week will consist of Bobby’s side targeting Johnny and Johnny’s side targeting Bobby. It was discussed that Godfrey is an easy person to take out of the game if needed.

5:00-6:00 PM: Brittnee asked Willow who she would put up if she won HoH. Willow said that she would likely nominate Godfrey along with Johnny or Kevin, with Godfrey being her target. Willow had told Sarah and Brittnee that she doesn’t see Bobby as a threat, which raised their suspicions even more about an alliance between the two. Meanwhile, Jordan and Kevin discussed that they have no need to win any competitions at this point in the game. They agreed that the only people that Bobby, Bruno and Godfrey would backdoor are Brittnee, Johnny and Sarah, as long as they keep doing what they are doing. Jordan pointed out that Graig was the many person saying how big of a threat Kevin was, but now he will be gone. Jordan then told Kevin about “Operation Multitask”, in which the two of them and Zach will play both sides for 2-3 weeks before reevaluating at that point.

Jordan then told Zach about his chat with Kevin. Zach told him that they will need to work on building up the hate between the two sides in the house, ensuring that they continue to go after each other. He said that they can then pick up the wounded survivors before making their final push. Sarah joined them and Zach said that they should consider Willow to be on the other side. He said that they should not give her any more information in case it gets back to the other side. It was also discussed that the name Purple Cobras is copyrighted and thus cannot be used. Jordan told Brittnee, Sarah and Zach that he and Kevin brainstormed and came up with the name “The Hexagon”.

6:00-7:00 PM: Godfrey and Bruno discussed that it doesn’t seem like Graig has the votes and he seems to know it. Graig isolated himself for much of the day. Jordan joined the two and they again talked about the votes. Jordan mentioned that Zach said that they are voting Graig out, so it seems like the three of them are the only ones really pushing to keep him but it’s not going to happen. Jordan said that they cannot go against the house. Godfrey then checked on Graig and said that he doesn’t know what they will do if he leaves. Graig said that he knows that he is leaving and it’s okay. He told Godfrey that he will help him out before he leaves tomorrow.

11:00-12:00 AM: Brittnee, Sarah, Jordan and Johnny were chatting around the hot tub. Brittnee said that she saw Zach speaking to Willow earlier, which concerned her a bit. Johnny assured her that there is nothing to worry about there, as Zach was just trying to reel her in. Johnny was concerned that he would be the top target the second that their side fails to win HoH. He had some concerns about Willow winning. Sarah and Jordan told him that Willow will throw the competition in order to remain good with everyone. Sarah then began questioning why Willow is throwing her game away for Bobby, feeling the need to stick up for him at all times. She figures that Willow thinks that Bobby will take her to the end. Sarah pointed out that their favourite players are Emmett and Jillian, so they may have discussed that at some point and want to create a duo like them.

12:00-1:00 AM: Zach asked Willow, Bruno and Bobby if they are going to tell Graig that he is leaving or if he already knows. Both guys said that Graig already knows. Bobby said that he feels really bad for him. Bruno said that he is surprised that Graig is taking it this well and is going down without a fight. Bruno said that he told Graig to fight hard if he gets to compete for a chance to come back, but Graig said that he is done. Willow pointed out that it would be much better if Graig came back than if Naeha came back, as they “are all dead” if Naeha returns.

Willow told Ashleigh that Bobby and Bruno are going after Johnny and Kevin. Ashleigh said that that’s to be expected. She said that Johnny is the one that she fears most out of the two, though Kevin is really good at competitions too. They discussed that they don’t really know who Kevin is with, while Johnny has Brittnee and Sarah. The girls agreed that the fact that Johnny is in so good with those girls is almost like he is a number for them too. Willow said that the guys were worried about Pilar and Kevin, but she told them that they have nothing to worry about with regards to Pilar. They said that they would hate to take Kevin out and do that to Pilar. They discussed that they would also hate to see her get hurt by Kevin.

1:00-2:00 AM: Zach and Kevin had a long chat in the pantry. Zach said that Johnny, Brittnee and Sarah really want to get Bobby and Bruno out and vice versa. Zach said that he will continue to reinforce those targets. Kevin and Zach agreed that they are closer with the Brittnee, Johnny and Sarah side. Zach said that he is close enough with Bobby, Bruno and Godfrey to get all the information but far enough away that if he got in power he would likely stab them in the back first. Kevin asked Zach how comfortable he is with his advantage in the HoH competition tomorrow. Zach said that he will really have to work hard to throw it, as any of him, Jordan and Kevin winning is the worst case scenario. Zach pointed out if Kevin wins he will have to go after the Bruno, Bobby, Godfrey side and then they will be after him instead of going after Brittnee, Sarah and Johnny like they currently are. Kevin said that he is on board with "Operation Throw HoH”. Zach said that they will address it each week to see when the time is right to rally a group, win competitions and pick people off. For now, both agreed that it’s best to keep themselves from being a bigger target due to their physicality.

Zach said that Willow is in with Bruno, Bobby and Godfrey but she trusts too many people and talks to everyone. Zach said that Willow has even mentioned his name to other people, so she cannot be trusted. Kevin said that he will have to reinforce his relationship with Willow. Zach said that he will do the same. Zach felt that he could probably get Willow to nominate Godfrey and someone if she were to win HoH, though he admitted that she would be the biggest wildcard. He said that Godfrey would go after Brittnee, Sarah or Johnny, which they would have to be okay with. Kevin said absolutely. If Sarah or Johnny win, Zach said that they will then take out Bobby or Bruno. Zach then asked Kevin what’s up with Ashleigh and Pilar. Kevin said that they are on “Operation Double Date”. Zach pointed out that those girls are not in with the alliance, which scares him because their allies will be concerned about them being in close with the girls as well as the alliance. Zach said that Ashleigh and Pilar will need to get picked off before the alliance (Purple Cobras/Hexagon) decides to pick he and Kevin off for being too close to the girls and having too many people on their side.

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