BBCAN3 Day 21 - Graig is evicted; Bruno wins HoH

April 8, 2015

10:00-11:00 AM: Jordan spoke to Zach about saying something to Graig in his goodbye message about how bad of a name “Chop Shop” is, just to tip Graig off that he knew about it. Zach said that he could let Graig know that from Day 1 he was never loyal to the Chop Shop, as he had a different alliance, and then say “Welcome to Newport”. Jordan said that they would then cut to his goodbye message which would explain that he is that said alliance. Jordan then went to Graig and told him to remember the experience and friendships that came from it. Graig said that it was an amazing experience and there are friendships that will last forever. He thanked Jordan for talking to him and said that they will talk on the outside. Meanwhile, Kevin told Johnny that he was trying to get a read on Bruno. He said that he thinks that Johnny is right about that side coming after some combination of the two of them, Brittnee and Sarah. Kevin told Johnny that they will push through and win HoH.

Bruno and Jordan then spoke in the storage room. The guys had been chatting about video games last night. Today, Bruno decided to reveal to Jordan that he was ranked #1 in the world in the game “Dark Age of Camelot”. He said that he played on the hardest server and became #1, playing for about seven years. Jordan said that is sick and so cool. Bruno said that Big Brother knows about it and maybe it will come up in a question for a competition sometime, so he wanted to give Jordan a heads up about his secret. Jordan thanked him and said that he doesn’t have any secrets but will let Bruno know if he thinks of one. Willow, like Jordan, spoke to Graig and explained to him that it was going to be too hard to go against the whole house in order to keep him. Graig said that there is no need for an explanation. The two agreed that enjoyed each other’s company and will hang out on the outside. Graig said that he had thought about blowing up peoples’ games but he isn’t going to do it. He told Willow to rock on and hopes that a Chop Shop member can win this game. Willow was then about to encourage Graig to fight hard if he gets a chance to return to the game, but Graig cut her off and said that in the moment he doesn’t want to return. He did say that they will have to see what happens, however.

9:00-10:00 PM: The eviction episode aired. Graig was evicted by a unanimous vote of 10-0. The HoH competition got underway, though it did not finish on air. Arisa informed the viewers of an upcoming twist. Viewers will vote between two options for the upcoming Power of Veto. It will either be a forced veto in which the PoV must be used or a double veto in which both nominees must be replaced by the HoH.

10:00-11:00 PM: The live feeds returned and we found out that Bruno is the new HoH. Godfrey was in the HoH room with Bruno as he looked at the photos that he got of his family. Bruno told Godfrey that he has nothing to worry about this week and that he will never have to campaign to him. Elsewhere, Sarah told Kevin, Jordan and Zach that her and Johnny will be going on the block 150%. She explained that Bruno is being nice to Brittnee while he won’t even look at her. Kevin felt that Bruno was a smart guy and should see that Godfrey and Bobby are a sinking ship, though the others pointed out that those two helped Bruno all throughout the HoH competition. The four of them made fun of Bobby’s speech, saying that it was the most ridiculous speech of all time. Zach said that Bobby needs to go next week. Both he and Jordan said that they will throw the have-not competition if they are on a team with Bobby. Brittnee joined her allies and asked what the plan is. Jordan told her that they will have to win the veto so that they can pull someone off and have the votes.

Jordan and Zach eventually left the room and talked on their own. Jordan said that they need to make sure that Johnny doesn’t win the PoV and goes home. Zach agreed that that would be the ideal situation. Zach pointed out that they have now evicted four manipulative people, keeping loyal people in the house. Jordan said that Bruno is really loyal but his loyalty lies with Bobby and Godfrey. Zach felt that Bruno was loyal to them as well. Jordan agreed to some extent but said that everyone loves Bruno and therefore he is too big of a threat. Zach pointed out that after Johnny, Brittnee or Sarah gets knocked off, there are only two left in the alliance since Kevin is a floater like them. They discussed that if the Chop Shop remains in power next week, they can wipe that alliance out and then get some power the following week and turn on the Chop Shop. Jordan informed Johnny that Bruno had told him this morning that if he won he would be going after Johnny and Sarah. Johnny was not surprised. Sarah later joined the two guys and asked Jordan to do a favour for her tonight, feeling Bruno out so that she knows whether or not there is any glimmer of hope for her to work with to possibly stay off of the block.

11:00-12:00 AM: Bruno told Zach that he is thinking that he will nominate Johnny and Sarah, which pretty much guarantees that one of them will go. He said that backdooring Kevin is an option, but one that he would rather not have to go with. Bruno and Zach agreed that Johnny needs to be the target, with Sarah being the backup plan. As for Kevin, Zach said that nominating him would result in pissing him off for no reason when they don’t plan to send him home anyway. Zach suggested nominating another weak player as a pawn if the veto is used. Bobby then joined them and was filled in on the plan. Bobby was not a fan of sending Sarah home this week. He said that he is not scared of her at all. Bruno said that Sarah would want them gone. Bobby was worried that Kevin will make a move against him next week. They discussed that if Kevin wins the PoV then they can give him an ultimatum and tell him that he will be drawing a line in the sand if he uses it. Zach said that he would expect Kevin to throw the veto comp in order to avoid having to expose himself. Bobby continued to express his concerns about Kevin, though the other guys shot it down. Zach said that Sarah is a number for the other side, while Kevin is not necessarily one. Bruno agreed that evicting Sarah will help weaken the Brittnee, Sarah and Johnny alliance.

12:00-1:00 AM: Zach reported back to Brittnee and Sarah, telling them that Bruno wants to do something that creates the fewest amount of enemies for him. Sarah was happy to hear that he is acting rational. Zach suggested that she tell Bruno that she has nobody but Brittnee, trying to make her seem like less of a threat. Sarah planned to tell Bruno that the whole Naeha thing was her being emotional and that it does not mean that she is a threat. The girls agreed that they would likely stay if they were left on the block next to Johnny, though they did not want to lose Johnny either. They ultimately agreed that the “Hexagon” alliance is likely going to end up being a pentagon after this week.

Zach and Kevin went out to the hot tub to chat. Zach filled Kevin in on the plan to nominate Johnny and Sarah. He said that they may need to win the veto in order to ensure that nominations stay the same and that they stay safe. Zach explained that if they win the PoV they can tell Sarah, Brittnee and Johnny that there is no point in using it because another alliance member will just go up anyway. Zach pointed out that Johnny is likely the #1 target and they will have to let it happen. Kevin agreed. Zach let Kevin know that he has not heard his name come out of anyone’s mouth except for Bobby’s. Jordan joined the guys and they discussed that Bobby needs to go next week if there is a double eviction. Jordan also said that Bruno needs to go soon since everyone loves him, which was evident after he won HoH.

Kevin said that his short term plan is to speak to Bruno and Bobby in order to reinforce that he is with them and that’s why he nominated Naeha. Jordan said that they are in a good spot right now and that the only thing that could mess it up is if Johnny goes to Bruno and sells them out. He felt that Brittnee and Sarah would never do such a thing. Jordan said that it’s very important that they make Johnny feel safe so that he doesn’t do that. If nominations stay the same, they said that they will make Johnny feel as though he is staying but will vote him out. Jordan’s longer term plan was to get Johnny out this week, follow by Bobby and then Godfrey and Bruno. At that point he said that they should be able to get to the Final 5 and control things since Sarah and Brittnee suck at competitions.

1:00-2:00 AM: Sarah was visibly upset in the bathroom when Jordan came to comfort her. She said that she does not want to have to campaign against Johnny. Jordan told her that she will not have to because she would have the votes anyway. Sarah figured that she would and said that she may have to hope that she gets nominated with Johnny because she is less of a threat than him. She asked Jordan if there is any way that she would be the target. Jordan said no way because Johnny is a huge threat. Jordan informed Sarah about the plan for if she gets houseguest’s choice for the veto competition. He told her to choose Ashleigh and then Zach will tell Ashleigh to throw the veto to her. He explained that they do not want Sarah picking Zach because then Bruno would see that and know that something is up between the two of them.

Zach and Ashleigh caught up on today’s events. Ashleigh said that Bobby and Bruno have both been discussing going after Kevin, though Zach let her know that he had already shot that down. He informed Ashleigh of the current plan that is in place. They both agreed that Bobby needs to go very soon, with Zach even suggesting that he would be willing to do it next week if he wins HoH. Ashleigh said that he would only have to do damage control with Bruno. Ashleigh questioned who would go on the block if a nominee wins the PoV. Zach said that Bobby will push for Kevin to go up if Johnny wins it, but he will not let that happen. He figured that it would be someone likeable such as Pilar. If Sarah were to win the veto, Zach suggested that Brittnee could be the replacement. Zach pointed out that Johnny is so smart and is one of the few people left that are capable of piecing everything together and ruining their games. They both agreed that Johnny is such a huge fan of the game, which made Zach say that it breaks his heart to send him out before jury but he cannot risk his game to save him.

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