BBCAN3 Day 22 - Bruno nominates Johnny and Sarah for eviction

April 9, 2015

9:00-10:00 AM: Sarah again asked Jordan about whether or not she could pick them for the veto competition. Jordan said that she could but it’s going to expose them. Sarah said that her thought process could be explained as she didn’t want the nominations to change, so she picked someone that was capable of winning it. Jordan said that’s true and told her they have time to think. Sarah was concerned that Johnny would win if there wasn’t someone strong in the competition. Jordan suggested that Sarah choose Bobby. Sarah said that that’s great idea. Jordan also pointed out that Bruno might be wondering why she would pick Bobby, which could create some distrust between them.

Kevin talked to Bruno and explained to him that he was kept in the dark the whole time about the whole Johnny using the veto on him. He said that Johnny even told him that it would be either him or Bobby going home. Kevin explained that Brittnee, Sarah and Johnny were going to be his targets this week. Kevin said that it’s good because Johnny might pick him to play in the veto, even though he would not use it if he won it. Bruno said that he just wanted to make sure that they were on the same page, cause he would love to work with him. Kevin agreed. Bruno said that he will not be coming after Kevin this week and he has nothing to worry about. Bruno asked Kevin to repay the favour if he wins next week. Kevin agreed to that. Bruno also let Kevin know that Pilar will be fine this week. Bruno said that he is cool with the three of them and would be fine with working together.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Willow discussed that getting rid of Sarah would be a waste of a week. Willow wanted to go after Kevin instead. Bobby pointed out that if Kevin and Johnny are nominated together it would tear that side of the house apart. Zach kept saying that they will deal with that if the time comes. Bobby said that things are going well because he has the persona that he is not playing the game at this point. After Bobby left, Zach told Willow that he is an idiot and everyone knows that Bobby is in alliances. Willow and Zach assured each other that they have not heard each other’s names come out of peoples’ mouths as a target.

10:00-11:00 AM: Jordan told Zach that Sarah was pissed at first about him telling her that she cannot pick them to play in the veto competition. Jordan said that Sarah’s plan is to pick Bobby, cause Bobby won’t use the PoV if he wins it. Zach informed Jordan that Willow and Bobby were pushing for Kevin to go if Johnny won the PoV, but he told them to keep their heads focused on one group at a time. Jordan and Zach agreed that Bobby needs to go next week 100%. Zach told Jordan that if Bobby is still there in a couple of weeks, Bobby trusts him so much that he could convince Bobby to throw competitions and then backdoor him. Jordan said that they could even do it next week, cause they don’t want someone like that around or on the jury. Jordan also felt that they could not afford to lose Kevin, because he is huge in competitions and is 100% with them. Jordan also felt that he would be Bobby’s next target if Kevin was sent out the door. Jordan told Zach that Willow needs to go soon too, seeing as she is so tight with Bobby.

12:00-1:00 PM: The feeds were down for a short while in order for teams to be chosen for the have-not competition. The three teams are 1) Brittnee, Pilar and Willow 2) Johnny, Jordan and Sarah and 3) Godfrey, Kevin and Zach. From the sounds of it, Bruno was able to choose two people to sit out. He chose Ashleigh and Bobby because they were on slop last week and had a hard time with. Kevin said that he was fine with that decision and was going to offer to play anyway, as he would rather compete. Bruno told Zach that he is hoping that Johnny’s team loses so that both he and Sarah will be on slop and will be weakened for the veto competition. Sarah spoke to Johnny about how Jordan said that she cannot pick any of their alliance members for the veto competition if she gets houseguest’s choice. Johnny’s response was “Why am I not surprised?”. He also said that he knows that Kevin would love to use the veto on him if he won it, but he wouldn’t do it anyway. Sarah felt that there was some kind of deal made between Brittnee and Bruno, given that she is the one that nominated people last week and yet she isn’t even being considered to go up.

Jordan told Brittnee that it was very eye opening to see Bobby and Godfrey helping Bruno during the HoH competition. Brittnee and Jordan said that it’s scary, cause Bruno is the one that had control of the house while Graig was the figurehead. Jordan pointed out that Bruno is very dangerous because everyone in the house loves him. Jordan questioned how they will ever get Bruno out, seeing as nobody will want to put him up and there is hardly anyone that would stay over Bruno. He felt that Ashleigh was the only person that would have a chance of staying if nominated up against Bruno. Jordan said that ideally he would like to put Bobby and Bruno up, getting rid of Bobby, but they discussed that Bruno would then have the ability to get back in the game and blow them up.

That being said, Jordan told Brittnee that they have a good core and some numbers. Jordan said that hopefully Zach and Kevin can rope in Ashleigh and Pilar. Brittnee felt that they were already in. Jordan hoped that they were in enough that they can get them to help make a move on Bruno when the time comes. Jordan pointed out that Bruno having won may be good in a sense that it will make people realize how dangerous he really is. Brittnee said that people are looking for a leader in the house and Bruno has the advantage of being the nicest guy in the house and the oldest. Jordan added that he is a family man and has kids as well, so they agreed that he is someone to look up to. In the event of a double eviction, Jordan thought that it was still best to target Bobby first since they won’t have time to convince people to evict Bruno. Jordan also said that it would be better for them to get Bruno out in the next couple of weeks if he isn’t going to win the game anyway, as he could then avoid jury and could go home to be with his children.

2:00-3:00 PM: Bobby told Zach that he overhead a conversation between Johnny and Kevin. He said that they were whispering and said his name, which scares him. Bobby said that it wont have an impact on the initial nominations but it could be something to consider if the veto is used. Bruno then spoke to Zach and said that it’s a done deal that Johnny will go home as long as he doesn’t win the PoV. Bruno was unsure of where Kevin stands. Zach said that he doesn’t think that it’s the time to take a shot at him. He pointed out that Kevin will not use the veto if he wins it. Bruno said that it might have to be Kevin that goes up if Johnny wins the veto. That being said, Bruno acknowledged that getting Sarah or Johnny out would be a big hit.

Sarah was upset with their alliance and spoke to Brittnee about it. She said that the guys told her that she cannot pick any of them to play for veto because then they would be exposed. Brittnee said to do it anyway. Sarah asked Brittnee to stay close to Bruno and let her know what he is thinking. Sarah then began crying and said that the competitions are getting to her, as she didn’t know that she would suck this badly. She also said that she is frustrated that the superfans that are supposed to be on their side do not want to play the game. She feels that they are playing a safe and boring style of game. Sarah said that she wants to go at it with the other side, as opposed to having to pretend that everyone is working with the HoH each week. She plans to tell Bruno that nobody is willing to take a stand and pick a side, but she will and will have his back if he looks out for her this week. She added that she is loyal to a fault and Bruno can use that if he chooses.

5:00-6:00 PM: Feeds returned following the have-not competition. The have-nots for the week are Brittnee, Pilar and Willow. Bruno spoke to Johnny and told him that he thinks that he is an amazing guy but he knows that Johnny would most likely be coming after him. Bruno told Johnny that he is not saying that he is going to go home and not saying that he will close the door on them working together. Johnny said that he knew that he would be public enemy number one this week. Bruno again said that it’s not even that he is coming after Johnny, but more so that if he doesn’t make this move then he will have 10 enemies in the house. Johnny told Bruno that he gets it and that he would be willing to work with him if he stays. Bruno pleaded with Johnny to win the veto.

Bruno then talked to Sarah. He told her the same things that he told to Johnny. Sarah assured Bruno that she is not a manipulator and she plays a very transparent game. Sarah explained that they didn’t ever get the chance to talk game because of Graig. When Bruno mentioned that he would get 10 enemies if he didn’t nominate her, she questioned if no one is going to get upset if she is nominated. Bruno said that he wasn’t saying that, though Sarah said that it makes sense since she has no one in the game. Sarah asked if she would go home if she remains on the block. Bruno said no.

Bobby informed Bruno that he had overheard Kevin and Johnny whispering earlier, confirming that they are together. He also pointed out that it’s scary that Ashleigh and Zach are pushing for Kevin not to go up. He said that it is more so Ashleigh, but it is something to watch out for. Bobby fears that Ashleigh, Zach, Kevin and Pilar are working together. He told Bruno that he would like for Kevin to go if Johnny wins the veto, though he told Bruno to do what is best for his game. Jordan briefly spoke to Kevin and told him that it would be fishy if Johnny didn’t pick him to play for veto. Jordan said to let him do it, then win the veto and don’t use it. They also agreed that Kevin should reassure Bruno that he will not use it if that situation plays itself out.

Sarah expressed frustration with her alliance in a conversation with Brittnee. She said that based on what Bruno said, nobody tried to protect her and keep her off of the block. She felt that Zach and Kevin were more concerned about trying to keep their girlfriends safe. She said that she is not going to trust anyone anymore except for Brittnee. Sarah said that she trusts that Bobby will vote for her more than she trusts that anyone in the “alliance” will vote for her. Sarah began counting the votes and figured that she should be fine whether she is nominated against Johnny or Kevin. She expects to have votes from Brittnee, Bobby, Godfrey, Willow and Jordan.

6:00-7:00 PM: Sarah had another quick chat with Bruno. She said that she understands that Bruno has to do this for his game. Bruno assured Sarah that he does not want her to go home and does not think that she will go home. Bruno told Sarah that she is safe if the nominations stay the same. Sarah said that she should have came to him earlier, but she didn’t because there was a weird vibe. They both agreed that they didn’t handle the situation well but that they could work together moving forward. Sarah pointed out that they are both close with Brittnee. Bruno then spoke to Brittnee and told her that there is no chance that he is putting her up. Brittnee thanked him for being true to his word.

11:00-12:00 AM: The nomination ceremony took place. Bruno nominated Johnny and Sarah for eviction. Jordan told Bruno that he owes him one for taking care of him this week. He said that he will not use the veto if he wins it. Johnny told Zach that he has to win that veto or else he is nervous that he will be going home if not. He pointed out that the girls will not vote another girl out. Zach questioned if the girl thing is real. Johnny and Zach both agreed that it is something to be concerned about if it is. Zach told Johnny that he heard that Willow approached Ashleigh and Pilar about a Final 3. Johnny said that his pitch to stay will be that he will continue to be a target and will go up every week. If it is a “how bad do you want it?” veto competition, Johnny said that he is willing to give up his clothes, shave his head, go on slop for the season and give up playing in the next HoH competition if it means staying. His concern was that Sarah will do the same thing. The guys agreed that Brittnee must have blamed Johnny for Graig going on the block, as she is not even being considered to go up.

12:00-1:00 AM: Zach informed Kevin that Johnny needs to go this week, as it is either Johnny’s life or Kevin’s life on the line. He was unsure of why Bobby wanted Kevin out so bad. Kevin felt that the two of them just never connected. Zach said that the same goes for him and Bobby. Kevin mentioned trying to connect with Bobby over the next few days, but Zach said they can get rid of him next anyway. They discussed that they should be able to get the votes to keep Kevin even if the worst case scenario happened and he went on the block, though Bobby would be pushing for Kevin to go.

1:00-2:00 AM: Feeds returned after being down to a leak in the house. Zach and Jordan discussed that Kevin will be nominated if Johnny wins the veto. Jordan said that they need to keep him there. Zach was concerned about having to “go to war” so soon, but Jordan told him that it will need to be done eventually anyway. He added that Kevin is so loyal, can help take out Bobby, would be a target if he stays and is basically two votes due to Pilar. He also said that he loves Sarah and wants to keep her but they would need Kevin more if it came down to it.

2:00-3:00 AM: Jordan spoke to Kevin about the situation this week. Kevin is aware that he could be going up if Johnny wins the veto. Jordan told him that they will figure out a way to keep him there. He suggested that they may need to whip out the Diaper Alliance, which is the Bromuda Triangle plus Ashleigh and Pilar. Jordan also said that they need to get Bobby out of the house next week.

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