BBCAN3 Day 23 - Bruno Wins PoV; The houseguests are punished

April 10, 2015

10:00-11:00 AM:: Players were picked for the veto competition. In addition to Bruno, Johnny and Sarah, Bobby, Brittnee and Kevin will be playing in the veto competition.

11:00-12:00 PM: Brittnee and Sarah discussed whether or not Kevin would use the veto on Johnny. Brittnee thought that it would be terrible for his game so he would not. Sarah was a little less sure of it. They agreed that Johnny cannot come off of the block. Sarah was also concerned about Ashleigh and Zach being so close, saying that she cannot even talk alone with her alliance member Zach because of it. They were not fond of Pilar either. Brittnee said that it sucks that those girls are going to get carried along because they are extra votes, not because they are playing the game. Jordan joined the girls. Sarah brought up that it’s weird that Ashleigh knew Bruno’s plans first. Jordan said that Bruno really trusts Ashleigh. Sarah then mentioned that she cannot even get alone time with Zach because of Ashleigh. Jordan said that it’s tough but he does not see Zach turning on them.

Brittnee asked Jordan what would happen if Kevin won the veto. Jordan revealed that he had talked to Kevin and he does not plan to use the veto. Jordan reiterated that Johnny cannot win, because he will go home as long as he doesn’t. That being said, Jordan told them that Johnny needs to be made to feel comfortable even if he doesn’t win. The concern is that Johnny would blow up their games and the alliance in order to stay in the house. Kevin then joined the conversation. He assured them that he will not use the veto, even though it breaks his heart. He said that the Hexagon will become the Pentagon. Meanwhile, Bobby, Bruno and Willow chatted in the HoH room. Bobby said that he wants Kevin out more than anyone but it may not be the time to do it. He asked if they take a shot at Kevin if Johnny wins the veto. Bruno said that they would have to. They then counted the votes and figured that they would have Bobby, Willow, Jordan, Brittnee and Zach all voting to evict Kevin.

Zach told Ashleigh that they need to keep Kevin over Bobby when the time comes. Ashleigh said oh for sure. Zach said that he would be willing to make that move but would have to do it after a veto competition, though obviously not this week. He pointed out that they would need to come up with a way to keep Bruno on their side. Zach suggested saying that Bobby was making alliances with the other side of the house. Ashleigh told him to be careful when lying. Zach told her that he may go for the next HoH, but it all depends. Johnny told Ashleigh and Zach that he is willing to go on slop for the season, shave his head, give up playing in the next five HoHs and give up every penny of the prize money. He said that he is there for the experience and not for the money.

12:00-1:00 PM: Big Brother punished the houseguests. They lost their hot water indefinitely. Part of the reason for the punishment was that they are breaking and damaging too many microphones. Jordan was also singled out by Big Brother. He was upset by that and has been apologizing to everyone, saying that he talks about production too much and it’s a problem. Earlier in the day, he had replied "f*ck you" to Big Brother when told to put on his microphone. Jordan was crying in the bathroom and said that he didn't mean it. He said to the others that he wishes that Big Brother had just put him on slop. Godfrey may also have been singled out, as Sarah told him that everyone is responsible. Godfrey agreed and said that if people blame him or Jordan then it’s their problem.

1:00-2:00 PM: Jordan and Zach discussed that they could be in some trouble if Johnny wins the veto. They discussed that Zach could lie to Bobby and tell him that Kevin is after Brittnee and Sarah so that Bobby will stop pushing for Kevin to go. Zach said that they need to get Bobby out of the house next week. He asked Jordan if they should go for HoH. Jordan said that he is, though they later discussed that they could let someone else win as long as it’s someone that would target Bobby. Jordan said that Bruno is scary too, possibly even more so than Bobby because Bobby is an idiot and easy to read. Zach felt that he could talk Bobby into throwing HoH next week even though he thinks that everyone but Godfrey and Willow would nominate him. Jordan said that it’s game over if they can get Johnny, Bobby and Bruno out in the next three weeks. That’s when they would put the Diaper Alliance into place with Kevin, Ashleigh and Pilar. Jordan told Ashleigh that Sarah will need to go if Johnny wins the veto, because they need to keep Kevin around. Ashleigh seemed a bit hesitant to agree with that, saying that Sarah is nice to keep around because she gets stressed out in competitions and is easy to beat. Zach said that he loves Sarah and that’s why she’s staying, cause they are not letting Johnny win the veto.

Zach went to Sarah and told her that Bobby needs to go next week. He revealed that his plan would be to win HoH, nominate two pawns and tell Bobby that the plans is to backdoor Kevin. Zach would then tell Bobby to throw the veto so that one of the nominees or himself can use it to backdoor Kevin, then he would backdoor Bobby. Sarah said that she will be taking herself off of the block if she wins the veto. Zach said absolutely. Sarah said that it will suck if Kevin has to go up, but she has to save herself. Zach felt that it would be a dumb move to nominate Kevin if Sarah is saved, because that would be pissing off two guys that are good at comps even though one is staying.

Zach felt that Kevin would go up if Johnny wins the veto, but he was unsure of who would go up if Sarah won the veto. Brittnee had joined the conversation and said that she knows that Bruno will not put Ashleigh, Zach or Jordan up. Sarah pointed out that Bruno specifically told Brittnee that she is not going up either. Zach felt that Kevin could be in danger if Bobby gets his way. The girls told Zach that he should be scared if Bobby wins HoH, cause they think that he would be after Zach too. Brittnee told Zach that she is nervous that Kevin will not want to take Pilar out. Zach said that Kevin 100% will and that they had discussed last night that Ashleigh, Pilar, Willow and Bobby have to be working together. Brittnee said that she feels as though Ashleigh and Pilar are loyal to the guys and will not flip. Sarah disagreed.

7:00-8:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto competition and we found out that Bruno has won the Power of Veto. Bobby and Kevin were discussing that it will be a relaxing week. Bobby and Bruno discussed that the nominations will stay the same and it should be a relaxing week as long as Canada doesn’t switch things up on them. Jordan and Sarah discussed that things worked out perfectly. Jordan said that he talked to Johnny and told him he is good and has nothing to worry about. This was the plan so that they can minimize the chances of Johnny blowing up their alliance. Jordan told Sarah that she has nothing to worry about.

8:00-9:00 PM: Sarah checked in with Ashleigh to see if she needs to ask which way Ashleigh is voting. Ashleigh assured Sarah that she does not. Ashleigh implied that it will likely be a unanimous vote to keep her. Bruno briefly spoke to Kevin. He said that everything is perfect and that things will stay the same. He let Kevin know that he trusts him and knows that he is in with him. Bruno and Willow then discussed that everything is good and that nominations will stay the same. Bruno said that he is happy that things worked out the way that they did, but he wishes that Johnny would have had a fighting chance in the veto competition. It was a competition where everyone was able to team up on him. Bruno asked Willow who would go up next week. She mentioned that Kevin needs to go.

Jordan and Kevin discussed that Johnny is going to go home this week. Jordan said that he is trying to make Johnny feel comfortable so that he doesn’t try to blow up their alliance prior to the veto ceremony. After that, Jordan said that it wont matter what he does. Jordan mentioned getting the Diaper Alliance going in the near future. He also said that Bobby has no idea that they know about his wishes to backdoor Kevin. Jordan told Kevin that Bobby will go home next week. Sarah broke up their conversation and asked if Johnny knows that he is going. Jordan explained that he does not because he told Johnny that he has nothing to worry about, cause he wants Johnny to stay clam. Sarah and Jordan agreed that it is best for Sarah to not talk any game this week.

9:00-10:00 PM: Kevin asked Johnny how he is feeling. Johnny said like crap since he knows that he is going home. Johnny questioned if it is even possible for him to get the votes at this point. Kevin said that they will talk later but encouraged him to keep his energy up. Jordan filled Zach in on what he had told Johnny. He said that he told Johnny that they just need to rope in Kevin and Zach and then hope that they can get Pilar and Ashleigh. Zach said that they will keep telling Johnny that they are close to getting the votes but never actually tell him that they have them. They then discussed that the lines will be drawn either way next week. Zach said that if the other side wins they will target Kevin, forcing them to show their hand by keeping Kevin. Zach felt that it was therefore better to win and take Bobby out rather than drawing the line by taking a pawn out.

Johnny spoke to Jordan and Zach, saying that five votes is going to be hard to get. Jordan said that they have the two of them and they can possibly get Kevin. Jordan asked Zach if he can get Ashleigh. Zach said that it would depend on how tight Ashleigh, Pilar and Willow are. Johnny said that the girls will not send home another girl. Johnny warned the guys to be careful with Brittnee because she is playing all angles. He added that he would not be surprised if Brittnee tried to throw Jordan and Zach under the bus by telling Bruno that they were in on the plan to take Graig out the whole time. Zach then went to Bruno and said that it seems as though it will be a unanimous vote to evict Johnny, though he doesn’t want Johnny to know that he is going until the day of or the night before the eviction. Bruno asked Jordan and Zach what the plan was for next week. Jordan asked Bruno for his thoughts. Bruno said that he would like to go after strong players, suggesting that Kevin would be a good target. Jordan said that he doesn’t see Kevin as someone that is coming after them. Bruno said that he wouldn’t want to target Kevin if he is with them. Jordan pointed out that Willow is dangerous and has discussed a Final 3 with Ashleigh and Pilar. Jordan and Bruno agreed to look out for each other in the game.

Brittnee told Zach that Johnny sketches her out because he is not going to go out without a fight. Zach felt that the house wanted Johnny out and it is good that they don’t even have to fight for Sarah to stay because then people wont catch on to them. Brittnee pointed out that it seems like she and Sarah are with the alliance, while the guys have the other guys as well as Ashleigh and Pilar. Brittnee revealed that she wants Bobby out next week. Zach replied with “done”. He said that he is open to doing whatever adds value to their game. Zach suggested that Ashleigh and Pilar could add value to their game by being a vote, but they don’t want to bring them in too close. He mentioned Godfrey and Bruno as people that will come after their alliance immediately. He also said that Willow could flock to that side, causing Ashleigh and Pilar to follow. Brittnee said that those three girls are the most dangerous because they are such wildcards and will go to anyone in power. Zach said that they can break them up after they get Bobby out next week. Brittnee pointed out that they would not have a chance against Bruno and that anyone that is nominated next to him will go home. Brittnee said that she would vote Bruno out but would prefer not to be the guy to put him up.

Bruno spoke to Johnny and told him that he didn’t want the veto to play out the way it did, seeing as he had no chance to win it. Johnny agreed. Johnny then began discussing that it will be tough to get the votes since the girls will never vote another girl out. He said that the five remaining girls will also always target the guys if they get in power. Bruno encouraged him not to give up. Bruno said that he would love to work with Johnny if he can find a way to stay. Bruno explained that it would be too damaging to his game to save Johnny himself. Johnny understood. Meanwhile, Jordan point out to Zach that Johnny had just spilled his guts out to them because he had given Johnny some hope that he would be staying. Jordan said that they have to keep doing that or else it’s very possible that he will sell them out. Even if Johnny did sell them out and get either he or Zach nominated, Jordan felt that they could form the Diaper Alliance and have the votes to stay.

10:00-11:00 PM: Zach asked Willow how she feels about Bobby. Willow said good but she would choose Ashleigh or Zach over him if they are nominated together. Willow admitted that Bobby’s gameplay isn’t the best. Zach said that he is useless right now. Zach implied that it might be worth taking him out, while Willow felt that Kevin needs to go first. Zach suggested that Kevin may be somebody that’s good to work with. Willow said that he turned on Johnny pretty quickly and it would also help them get Pilar on their side if Kevin is gone. Willow said that she would probably nominate Brittnee and Kevin or else Godfrey and Sarah in order to backdoor Kevin. Willow asked Zach for his thoughts. He said that he doesn’t know if Kevin is a threat or if Bobby is the bigger threat. Willow said that Bobby is on Zach’s side, though he said that it wont mean much when Bobby is ready to turn on them all in two weeks. Zach suggested that he would backdoor whoever he trusts the least out of Bobby or Kevin. Willow said that Bobby wouldn’t have anyone if he were to do that. Zach argued that Bobby has no one already. She said that they can let things play out and wait for the opportunity to arise, as they did with Graig. Zach said that the two of them need to stay together regardless of what happens.

11:00-12:00 AM: Jordan asked Ashleigh who they should nominate if they win HoH next week. Ashleigh said that they would be backdooring Bobby, which led to Jordan asking who the pawns would be. They agreed that they would be fine with nominating Godfrey and Willow. They weren’t sure what Zach would think of that, however. Ashleigh mentioned that Bobby and Bruno are so set on getting Kevin out. Both agreed that they cannot let that happen because they need Kevin to help them win competitions. Jordan said that the ideal plan would be to have the Diaper Alliance (Jordan/Ashleigh/Zach/Kevin/Pilar) stick around with Brittnee and Sarah since those two are weak in competitions. Jordan also said that Bruno is dangerous and he would prefer to send him home before jury so that he can be with his kids.

The Bromuda Triangle met up in the storage room. Jordan advised Kevin to do damage control with Johnny because Johnny is upset that he went after him in the veto competition. Jordan explained that it is necessary so that Johnny does not sell them out. Zach then told Kevin that his biggest concern is that Bruno and his crew want Kevin out. Zach told Kevin that him and Jordan would swing the votes to keep him even if the other side wins and targets him, but it would be game on at that point. Zach reiterated that they need to pull Ashleigh and Pilar in, then he will try to get Willow to jump ship as well. They discussed who they would put up as pawns in order to backdoor Bobby. Zach said that Sarah would be one of them and that he would tell her the plan. He felt that this would keep the other side happy. He then mentioned Pilar as a possibility. Jordan did not like that idea since she is in their alliance. He suggested Willow, though Zach said that Willow would never join them if he did that. Kevin would feel the situation out to see if Pilar would be okay with it. Zach told the guys that Bobby and Bruno think that he is 100% with them, so things will explode if he is the one to stick the knife in Bobby’s back.

Jordan spoke to Kevin and informed him that he would almost rather get rid of Bruno before Bobby. He said that Bobby is an idiot. Jordan revealed that he doesn’t want to do what Zach said and would rather nominate Godfrey and Bruno. Bruno would go home unless he wins the veto, in which case Bobby would be nominated. Ashleigh, Pilar and Zach all eventually made their way into the conversation. It was at that point that Jordan said that they need to lock down the alliance. They stuck with the name “Diaper Alliance”. They discussed that they have five votes and that it’s important that they are not seen together, especially in the case of the two couples.

12:00-1:00 AM: Zach asked Jordan if he thinks that he will be dead meat if he backstabs Bobby next week. Jordan said no way, pointing out that Zach is surrounded and everybody loves him. Jordan also told him that he will have to pick a side at some point, which Zach agreed with. Johnny spoke to Jordan to fill him in on his talk with Bruno. Johnny revealed that Bruno thinks that there is a couples thing going on between Ashleigh, Zach, Pilar and Kevin. He also said that Bruno did not mention Godfrey at all during the talks, making him believe that those two are together. Johnny got the feeling that Bobby is the one in control this week, not Bruno. They discussed that it will be tough to get five votes, but Jordan said that they will continue to work on it. He suggested that it may be better to go for six, trying to get Ashleigh, Pilar and Willow on board. Jordan also suggested talking to Brittnee, seeing as he is willing to make moves while Sarah would just fade into the background again.

Once everyone was in bed, Jordan decided to talk to the camera. He admitted that he is playing a very dangerous game, playing all sides of the house. He compared it to Andy’s game during Big Brother 15. Jordan said that he is loyal to Zach and Newport first and foremost. He said that he trusts both Zach and Kevin 100%, but he is loyal to Zach first since they got together on Day 1, while he and Kevin got together on Day 5. His ideal Final 3 is the three of them. The newly formed Diaper Alliance is the one that Jordan wants to get to the end with. He believes that if they are in the Final 5 together that each couple will need his vote and will take him to the Final 3. Jordan said that he can win the final HoH competition and take it from there. The short term game plan is to get rid of Bruno and Bobby, due to them being extremely loved and a physical threat respectively.

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