BBCAN3 Day 24 - Bruno considers backdooring Zach

April 11, 2015

9:00-10:00 AM: Johnny told Brittnee that Bruno said that he cannot use the veto since everyone would be mad at him if he did. Johnny said that he is going to go home. Johnny said that he had no opportunity to win the veto. Brittnee said that it was very apparent who was working together from the veto competition. Johnny said that Bobby and Bruno were clearly together. Johnny pointed out that there was no point in sticking your neck out when you could tell that he had no chance of winning it.

10:00-11:00 AM: Jordan talked to Zach and let him know that Johnny said that Bruno is suspicious of a couples thing going on between Zach, Ashleigh, Pilar and Kevin, so Bruno is already on to them. Jordan said that they have to strike before Bruno gets them. Zach said that Johnny could have mentioned it too. Jordan also told Zach that Bruno does not trust Willow. He let Zach know that they are good to go since Johnny believes that he is on board to keep them. His main campaign pitch has been that the girls are all together and they need to be broken up.

Bobby and Bruno asked Willow what she would do if she wins HoH. He asked if she would nominate Brittnee and Sarah. Willow said that she cannot do that, as it would ruin everything on that side and then she would not even have an influence anymore. Willow said that she would nominate Godfrey next to one of those two and then backdoor Kevin. Willow told them that she thinks that Zach would nominate the two girls and then try a backdoor. Bobby said that him and Bruno would also do the two girls. Bobby pointed out that it would be a great time to backdoor Kevin next week. He said that it would scare him if he stayed around any longer. If someone else were to win HoH, Willow said that the couples have been taking some heat and may go on the block. Bobby felt that they should be fine as long as two of them aren’t on the block together, seeing as he thinks that their voting is pretty influential.

11:00-12:00 PM: Kevin spoke to Johnny to clear the air on why he went after him during the veto competition. Kevin explained that he knew that Johnny had no chance regardless. He also said that he knew that Johnny has people like Jordan and Zach working for them, so they were going to have to get to work on getting him the votes to keep him. Johnny suggested that it will be a difficult task, seeing as they need all three of Ashleigh, Pilar and Willow, because they are all going to vote the same. Johnny said that Brittnee told him that he is a good competitor and they need people like him there, so perhaps he can work on her as well. In any event, Johnny asked Kevin to let him know what the decision is ahead of time. Kevin assured him that he would not let him get blindsided by the vote on Wednesday.

12:00-1:00 PM: Zach told Jordan that Ashleigh told him a number of things that Bobby has said about him, proving them with the ammo that they need to explain to Bruno why they are sending Bobby packing. Zach said that they can tell him that Bobby has been talking about coming for him in the next couple of weeks because of how close he is with Ashleigh. Jordan pointed out that Bobby is probably saying the same thing to Bruno and thus he will understand. Zach also said that Bobby told Ashleigh that she needs to go Final 2 with him because Zach is tighter with Willow and will go with her. Zach said that he wants to win HoH so badly, to take out Bobby and beat him to it. He said that it would be the best way to expose themselves as well.

Zach believed that it would be possible to get Bobby to throw the upcoming HoH by explaining that he doesn’t want to be seen as a comp threat. Zach would then say that he wants to backdoor Kevin. In the event that Johnny and Bobby go, they discussed that Sarah and Brittnee will be itching to get rid of Pilar and Ashleigh and vice versa. Zach suggested that they should pin the girls against each other. Jordan’s ideal scenario was that Bromuda wins the next two HoHs and take out Bobby and Bruno. Zach said that they could then send Godfrey packing and have the four girls left.

1:00-2:00 PM: Bruno and Jordan discussed the plan for next week, with Jordan saying that he doesn’t want to send Kevin home but he understands that he is a big threat. Bruno agreed. Jordan told him that hit would have to be a backdoor since Kevin is good in competitions. Bruno feels that Kevin is there to put on a good show and is someone that would be willing to make a big move in order to do so. The two discussed that they will not go after each other and will have each other’s backs throughout the game. Lastly, Jordan told Bruno not to worry if he sees him talking with Johnny, since he is doing it just to appease him. Upstairs in the HoH room, Willow told Ashleigh and Pilar that it would be so fun if they were in the Final 3 together, laughing and painting nails. The others went along with it and said that it would be cool after three girls left the house first. Willow asked them who they would put up next to Godfrey. She suggested that it may take some heat off of them if they nominate Brittnee or Sarah as the pawn, especially given that Johnny is telling people that the five girls are all together. Ashleigh felt that they would just need to tell the pawn that they are on the block just because they are so loveable.

5:00-6:00 PM: Feeds returned following a task. Sarah successfully completed it and earned a reward.

6:00-7:00 PM: Zach was talking to Ashleigh about how untrustworthy Willow is. He said that she will continue to jump between sides to the side that is in power. He felt that she would not hesitate to throw them under the bus to save herself. Zach revealed that Johnny had said that Willow is concerned about the couples being aligned. Jordan joined them to discuss that the next couple of HoH competitions are going to be huge. Zach said that Bobby is already giving off signs that he would take a shot at him in the coming weeks, so he has to beat him to it. Jordan told them that he is going to try to figure out if Willow really is concerned about the couples or if it was something that Johnny is making up. Jordan then headed out to talk to Willow.

Sarah asked Willow if she is still good this week. Willow said yes. Jordan then joined the girls. Jordan asked Willow where her head is at for next week. Willow said that she would hate to do it but she would have to put up Godfrey, seeing as she feels that there are some boys working together. Jordan said that he would nominate Godfrey and a pawn. They agreed that Godfrey is so smart. Sarah pointed out that his favourite people from the show are people like Jocasta and Victoria that did nothing and got taken to the end, so she thinks that Godfrey is playing that game. Jordan asked Willow if she is worried about the couples. She said yeah and that she just had this conversation. She questioned where Kevin was at, given that all that he does is agree with everything. Jordan told Willow that Kevin is there to have a good time and doesn’t know what’s going on. Willow said that she loves Zach but he is really close with Ashleigh. Willow said that she is also close with Ashleigh and Pilar. Jordan then left and Sarah and Willow continued to discuss that it’s hard to tell if the couples can separate game and emotion. Willow felt that it was easier for the couples since they have someone to get away from the game with and laugh.

Ashleigh told Zach that it will be tough to take out the people that they were aligned with from the start. Zach said that they can indirectly take part in it by letting it happen. Ashleigh said that she loves Bruno. Zach said not to worry and that they are keeping him in good hands throughout this process. He told Ashleigh that the game has to get dirty at some point. He pointed out that it would be even tougher to cut Bruno late in the game after the relationships have developed even further. Zach suggested that Ashleigh can get through the game without making any crazy backstabs. Jordan reported back to Ashleigh and Zach that Willow is definitely concerned about the couples. Ashleigh told the guys that Willow again brought up that the two of them and Pilar in the Final 3 together would be great. Zach said that he almost wants to send Willow out the door next week. Jordan said Bobby first. Zach fears that Willow will blow their games up. Jordan said that their options are open to take out Bruno or Willow out after Bobby leaves, since they can say that Willow is starting a girls alliance. Prior to the houseguests heading outside for a lockdown, Sarah informed Zach that Willow claims that she will target Godfrey and also insinuated Kevin. Both agreed that Willow cannot be trusted.

Feeds went down so that the houseguests could watch an episode of "Remedy" as reward for Sarah completing her mission. The houseguests got candy and other snacks, along with pop.

8:00-9:00 PM: Bruno told Godfrey that they need either Kevin or Zach to go next week. Bruno said that Kevin is a comp threat and Zach is in good with everyone and can convince them to do what he wants. He pointed out that Zach and Ashleigh are together and then Zach gains Pilar if he takes out Kevin. He also said that Jordan and Zach are very tight. Bruno revealed that he has even considered using the PoV to get rid of Zach this week, but he thought that it was too early. Godfrey said that they would only need two more votes on top of his and Bobby’s. He felt that Johnny would vote Zach out if he was taken off of the block, though Bruno was concerned that Johnny would still be after them because he said he would nominate him and Bobby. Godfrey thought that there was a deal to be made with Johnny, though Bruno figured that he would stick with Sarah, Brittnee, Kevin and Pilar. Godfrey asked how Bruno would feel about saving Sarah and getting her to evict Zach. Bruno said that he does not trust Sarah.

They circled back to the idea of taking Zach out this week. They wondered if Brittnee would be the fourth vote to evict Zach, seeing as Johnny would keep his girl Sarah. They ultimately decided that it is just too soon to make the move. They did agree that Zach must go very soon, because he has all of the girls. Godfrey mentioned that maybe the girls are smart enough and will see that as well. Godfrey told Bruno that he does not need to be the one making that move at this point. Godfrey said that it would piss too many people off. He also thinks that Zach feels as though he is still with the two of them and Bobby. Bruno said that they can try to use Zach to take Kevin out next week, but then they have to be first to strike in order to get Zach out after that. Godfrey assured Bruno that nobody is after him in the next couple of weeks except for possibly Sarah.

9:00-10:00 PM: Bruno told Bobby that Johnny was telling him that there is an all girls alliance. Both agreed that they do not believe it. Bobby said that even if there is something, Ashleigh and Willow would be more loyal to the Chop Shop. Bruno also mentioned that Johnny said that there is a five person alliance in the house, which he figures was in reference to the girls. Bobby said that Zach and Willow are both cool with Kevin going. Bruno said that he hopes so. Bobby said that it’s either Kevin goes or they go, so they must be fine with it. Bruno agreed that they would get rid of Kevin first. Bobby thought that it made the most sense for everyone to stick to the Chop Shop until the end, so he figured that everyone would see it that way.

10:00-11:00 PM: Godfrey and Bruno discussed that they will have to keep Zach around. Godfrey continually said that Zach still thinks that they are all good. Godfrey suggested that they make it clear to Zach that they are working for him. Godfrey said that Zach has the most power in the house, given that he has so much influence over the girls. Bruno pointed out that Jordan is really sucking up to Zach too. Godfrey said that it has been that way since Day 1. Godfrey thought that the only threat to Bruno this week would be Sarah, because she would nominate him just because he nominated her. He also said that Kevin is a bigger target than them, which Bruno agreed with. Bruno said that Johnny has got to go. Godfrey assured him that he will go.

11:00-12:00 AM: Jordan told Kevin that things are the still the same. He said that Bruno is keeping nominations the same and that both he and Bobby have talked to them about backdooring Kevin next week. Kevin told Jordan to sell it by making him a have-not if he wins HoH and gets to choose. Jordan said that Kevin has his blessing to put him on slop too. Pilar joined the guys and Jordan revealed that Willow has been saying that she is scared of the couples and they need to be broken up. They discussed that they are aware of the situation and they just need to be smart about it. Pilar said that she needs to watch what she says to Willow.

Zach told Jordan that he is going to continue to sell Willow out. Jordan said that they are fine because everyone is on to her. Zach figured that she will be a target for the whole house within a few weeks. Zach and Jordan agreed that they need to make some moves in the upcoming week so that the others, such as Sarah and Brittnee, see that they are truly with them. Jordan said that they are still picking a side but are also riding the middle between the Diaper Alliance and the Pentagon, cause they are doing what both sides want. Zach said that if this week is a regular week and then the next one is a double, they can alternate HoHs and send home Bobby followed by Bruno or Willow. Jordan said that Brittnee and Sarah are already on board to get rid of Bruno, so they just need to prepare the Diaper Alliance for it. Zach said to point out that nobody will take Bruno out if he gets any farther, cause he has the best social game. Jordan added that Bruno is unbeatable at the end and is also good at competitions. Zach then spoke to Kevin and told him that they have to go hard for HoH this week.

Sarah told Brittnee that Jordan is really starting to push the whole Willow thing. Brittnee was concerned that Ashleigh and Zach are getting very close and will become attached. She also thinks that Kevin has feelings for Pilar. Brittnee said that it’s frustrating and that they should have went on The Bachelor. Brittnee said that Zach should nominate Godfrey and Pilar, then backdoor Bobby. If not, Kevin needs to go. Sarah again said that Jordan seems to be deliberately going after Willow. Sarah said that they have to think about switching things up. Brittnee suggested going after Kevin. Sarah wondered why the guys are protecting Kevin so hard. Sarah said that they need to wait until Johnny leaves until they let on that they are concerned about the showmances or the Kevin thing.

Ashleigh and Pilar discussed that they cannot trust Willow anymore. Pilar in particular was shocked that Willow said that the showmances are dangerous and need to be broken up. Jordan joined the girls and said that he too does not trust Willow. Jordan said that if they can get Bobby, Bruno and Johnny out in the next 3-4 weeks then they are golden. Ashleigh said that as long as their five person alliance is solid, there is no way that they wont make it to jury. Jordan told them that they need to start winning competitions, because the other side is after Kevin. He said that Willow is on to the couples working together and that Bruno has also brought it up to Johnny.

12:00-1:00 AM: Johnny and Sarah chatted out by the hot tub. They questioned whether the alliance that they made was ever real and wondered if there is something that they are missing to piece things all together. Johnny said that Bruno is worried about a couples alliance. Sarah felt that there would be a six person couples alliance soon, suggesting that there is something weird going on between Jordan and Willow today. They both agreed that there are a lot of people in the house that are feeling very comfortable. Johnny said that floating around to everyone is working for people now but only works for so long. Sarah said that a number of people feel comfortable due to having others in their back pocket, such as Zach. Sarah also thought that Pilar and Ashleigh were in the best position without even having to work for it, given that they will not get put up by the guys that they are in a showmance with. She also believes that Jordan would not nominate either of those girls, leaving her and Brittnee as the girls that people will go after. Sarah expressed some regrets over giving HoH to Brittnee, because now she gets associated with her. Both Sarah and Johnny were puzzled as to why they took all of the heat for the moves that Brittnee made. Sarah said that she is not even as close to Brittnee as Brittnee wants her to think, because she isn’t being honest with her about everything that happened with Bruno.

Jordan told Zach that they cannot get complacent. He said that they have to win this HoH and send Bobby home. Jordan said that phase two is to decide whether they go with the Pentagon or the Diaper Alliance. He said that he is leaning towards the Diaper Alliance at this point. Jordan said that his thinking is that they can backdoor Bobby, go after Bruno, let someone else take out Willow and then chill until it becomes clear which side to choose. Jordan said that as much as he wants to keep Sarah and Brittnee, it just doesn’t make sense. He mentioned keeping one of them until the Final 6. Zach agreed, saying that Kevin and Pilar will roll with them. Jordan agreed and pointed out that Kevin thinks that he has a Final 2 with him, so he will stick with them. Zach said it’s ride or die with Newport though, which Jordan agreed with. They discussed that Kevin and Pilar are not too fond of Brittnee and Sarah and vice versa. They said that it’s good as long as those four don’t compare notes and realize that Zach and Jordan are with all of them.

2:00-3:00 AM: Once the others headed to bed, Sarah gathered some gummy bears in order to play out scenarios. Sarah believes that Willow and Jordan are going to become a pair, just like Ashleigh and Zach and Kevin and Pilar. She felt that the rest of them could possibly pull Willow in and go after the couples. Sarah said that she and Brittnee could point out how dangerous that group is, get two of them on the block and then outnumber them 5-3. If the couples win HoH, Sarah says that there is no way that she will be a pawn for them. Sarah thought that Zach is terrified to win anything. She also noted that Zach and Jordan try to lose her every night to have a date. Sarah said that Bobby is a fine enough guy and she can’t have a vendetta. She told herself to get close to Godfrey, Bruno and Bobby. Sarah hoped that Bobby wins HoH, nominates Kevin and Pilar and then she would like to see Kevin, Zach and Jordan go home. Sarah believes that there is something up with Kevin, suggesting that he could be Canada’s player and that he definitely popped the balloon.

Sarah said that Godfrey should make it to the Final 2, and she will take him there cause that’s her boy. Sarah told herself that she will win HoH on Wednesday and put up Zach and Kevin, and get Jordan on board by scaring the crap out of him. She will tell Jordan that she knows what’s up and then watch him shake in his boots. Sarah suggested that she would sit every single person down in her HoH room, tell them that they are going up, and then see who they throw under the bus. Sarah said that she will not play with fear and will not do anything for the guys any longer if they are not going to do anything for her. She again told herself that she needs to win HoH, because once she is in power then people will get scared and tell her everything. Sarah hoped that she was not being played when told that she is staying, though she said that she trusts Willow a little bit when she tells her she is staying.

3:00-4:00 AM: Sarah spoke to Johnny to play out scenarios with him. Sarah said that their alliance was supposed to keep them off of the block this week since they have the votes. Sarah told Johnny that Zach and Jordan are closer to Kevin than they are to them and they have also talked about keeping their girlfriends in the house. If not, Sarah and Johnny felt that Pilar would have gone up and went home. They agreed that Willow will follow the numbers. Johnny said that Jordan has been with Zach since Day 1. Sarah and Johnny agreed that the couples alliance needs be sold out and that if Bobby or someone on his side is HoH they tell him that Zach and Jordan need to go on the block. They also discussed telling Bobby that Zach his stealing his girl Ashleigh.

If Zach wins HoH, Sarah fears that he will try to use her as a pawn. They agreed that Pilar is someone that should be a pawn. Sarah suggested that Willow could also go up. Johnny said that Willow is with Bobby, Godfrey and Bruno, because she repeated what Bruno had told him last night, saying that there is a couples alliance. Sarah said that that is even more reason to go with that side next week. If Zach wins, Johnny wants Godfrey and Willow on the block as pawns. If Bobby cannot go up, you have the votes to take out Godfrey and then Willow comes back to you. Sarah discussed that their Hexagon alliance may not be workable at all if Zach and the boys are not willing to use one of the girls as a pawn. Johnny felt that Kevin is a lot closer than they thought to Zach and Jordan. Both agreed that it is better if Bobby or Godfrey won HoH and then sent Zach home, which would give Jordan to Sarah. Johnny was scared that Bobby would be a sheep and nominate Brittnee and Sarah.

Sarah asked Johnny what they should do if they win. They feel that Brittnee and Willow would go with the power and would come with them to Godfrey, Bruno and Bobby. Sarah again said that she could scare Jordan into doing something as well. Johnny was concerned that Jordan would run back to Zach with the information. Johnny suggested nominating Zach and Kevin together, then putting Pilar up if one wins veto to ensure that a guy goes home. Sarah said that she thinks that’s exactly what she would do. She hoped that Zach would be the one to go, sending Jordan scrambling. Johnny told Sarah that her biggest problem will be if Jordan or one of the couples win HoH. If that happens, Johnny told Sarah that she would still have to go to the other side and hope that one of them wins HoH the following week, otherwise she is playing for sixth.

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