BBCAN3 Day 25 - The Double PoV Goes Unused

April 12, 2015

8:00-9:00 AM: Bruno and Bobby had a hot tub session. Bobby asked Bruno if he thinks that he can trust Jordan. Bruno said that he doesn’t know. Bobby pointed out that Jordan could be close to Kevin. They agreed that Kevin needs to go and that if Jordan is really close to Kevin, then Kevin already knows that the plan is to backdoor him. Bruno pointed out that Zach and Jordan are too close and that Zach is closer to Jordan than anybody. Bruno said that Zach has Jordan and Ashleigh 100%. If Zach takes out Kevin, Bruno feels that Pilar would go to Ashleigh and would then be Zach’s as well. Bruno figured that Willow could be with them as well, though Bobby disagreed. Bobby also did not feel that Zach would take a stab at them. Bruno wasn’t so sure about that.

Bobby acknowledged that it could be good if Zach gets picked off before the Final 5 if they do not have to make the move themselves. Bobby is still about getting the Chop Shop to the Final 5. Bruno was concerned that Jordan may only be saying that he wants Kevin out next, because Jordan will do whatever Zach tells him to do. Bobby again said that he does not see Zach coming after them, but Bruno disagreed and said that Zach knows who the big targets are. Bruno said that he still likes Zach and trusts him but is trying to think ahead. He pointed out that he could take Zach out this week but he does not want to. Bobby said that they would lose their alliance over it and it is not the right week for it. Bobby did feel that it might be the right week to take Kevin out, if Kevin has heard the news that he is the target for next week. Bruno said that he would still be Johnny’s target, so they both agreed that he still needs to go this week. Bruno said that Kevin or Zach need to go next week.

9:00-10:00 AM: Bruno spoke to Kevin to see where his head is at. Kevin said that he loves Bobby and definitely gets along great with Bruno. Kevin felt that he hasn’t connected with Godfrey. He said that he gets along with Zach and Jordan but it’s just a friends thing. Bruno told Kevin that the plan is still for Johnny to go this week. Kevin told Bruno that he and Bobby have nothing to worry about if he wins HoH. Bruno let Kevin know not to worry about him using the veto, as it’s not happening. Bruno said that the two of them could do some serious damage if they got together. Bruno mentioned that Johnny said that there is possibly a couples alliances. Kevin said that he can tell him that there is nothing there.

Sarah told Brittnee that she knows why she is so frustrated last night, implying that it was due to the showmances being so tight. Brittnee confirmed it. Sarah wondered if they could convince Bruno to use the veto in order to get rid of Zach if Johnny could convince Bruno that he would work with him moving forward. Sarah said that Bobby, Godfrey, Brittnee, Willow and Johnny could be votes to send the replacement nominee out. Brittnee said that Kevin is the one that makes her nervous, though Sarah explained that Zach and Jordan and Zach and Ashleigh are not going to separate. Sarah’s concern was that she would be the one still on the block. Brittnee said that she would rather not risk Sarah going home, though Sarah questioned if that safe move could hurt them in the long run. Sarah noted that they are on the bottom with their alliance. Sarah said that putting up Kevin as the replacement may be the safe move. Brittnee agreed and said that Kevin and Pilar need to be broken up. Sarah told Brittnee to keep this between them until they get more time to think about it.

5:00-6:00 PM: Canada voted for the “Double Veto”. The veto ceremony took place and Bruno decided not to use it. Johnny told Jordan that the power could have been a game changer if it was a different veto competition and if people were will to stick their necks out. He said that if they had knocked Bruno out of the competition, then things would be different. Johnny said that the twist was a flop. Jordan said that it’s pretty rare that the twist flops. Johnny said that he is unsure if he will be able to get the votes, cause he doesn’t expect the girls to vote a girl out. Meanwhile, Sarah was sharing similar thoughts with Willow. Sarah said that it was a stupid power and a waste of a twist. She too suggested that this outcome was to be expected given the setup of the veto competition. Sarah hoped that Johnny would not pull off a miracle to stay. Willow advised her to talk to Bruno and let him know that she can be of use to him, by offering a vote for his side.

Zach told Jordan that Brittnee was acting like the veto competition meant nothing to her, even though logic would suggest that she would be the replacement nominee if needed. Zach said that Brittnee also appeared super comfortable during the whole twist reveal today. They agreed to keep an eye on that. Zach said that Bruno is smart enough to know that you need more than one alliance. Jordan said that Bruno thinks that he has him in his back pocket and is likely doing that with others too. Zach said that it’s good that twist is done, as they will likely have a normal week coming up. Zach told Jordan that he thought for a minute that it would be Newport up on the block. Jordan said that he feared that Canada got to choose the replacement nominees and would have chosen them. He said that they are screwed if there is a Canada’s HoH. Jordan said that he was also scared for Kevin. Zach agreed. Zach said that he was scared when Bruno originally made it sound like he has to use the Double PoV, before changing his wording. The guys discussed that they love Johnny but he needs to go since he is likeable, has a good social game and is good in competitions. Zach asked who goes first if they can get Bobby out, Willow or Bruno. Jordan said Bruno so that he can go home to his kids. They also discussed continuing to throw Willow under the bus to Brittnee and Sarah.

6:00-7:00 PM: Jordan told Sarah that she will be fine this week and that Johnny thinks that he has votes from him, Zach and Kevin but he really has none. Sarah told Jordan that she keeps hearing about the couples things, which makes her worried for Kevin and Zach moving forward. She said that Brittnee is starting to worry about it a lot. Jordan informed her that Willow is very dangerous and told him today that she is concerned about the couples and her. Jordan said that the plan is still in place to send Bobby home next week. Sarah asked who the pawn would be with Zach’s plan. Jordan told Sarah that it would be her. She said that that’s BS. Jordan told her that he will try to work on Zach. If he wins HoH, Jordan said that he would use Godfrey and Willow as his pawns. He said that Zach is in a good spot with everyone, so he would nominate Sarah because she is already a target. His other pawn would be Pilar. Jordan and Sarah discussed the need for the two of them to stick together since everyone else is coupling up and because the showmances never break up.

Godfrey approached Bobby to tell him that Sarah discussed that she and Brittnee could work with them. Bobby said that he would like to work with Sarah but it’s risky since they could throw them under the bus and then he would become a target. He also said that they are running out of people to nominate, so they would have to go after the strong people if that happens. The guys agreed that they have to stick with Bruno until the end. Bobby said that he will think about what Godfrey said with regards to Sarah. He planned to speak with her and say that he wont be coming after her next week, then go from there. A short while earlier, Bobby told Sarah that she has his vote this week. The guys also discussed that the plan for next week is to backdoor Kevin.

7:00-8:00 PM: Brittnee asked Jordan what the guys are planning to do if they win HoH. Jordan said that they will backdoor Bobby, though Brittnee was more interested in who the pawns would be. Jordan said that Godfrey is a given but the second one is tougher. Brittnee suggested that Pilar would make a good pawn. Jordan agreed but also felt that Willow would be a good one since everyone knows that she is talking game with the whole house. Jordan said that he is leaning that way. Sarah then entered the room and the three of them discussed Bruno. Jordan wants to send him home prior to jury, saying that if Bruno isn’t going to win the game then they should let him go home to his wife and children. It was also discussed that they have been given the stamp of approval to use the name “Purple Cobras” for their alliance. They preferred that to the Hexagon/Pentagon that they had previously switched it to.

8:00-9:00 PM: Bobby asked Ashleigh who she would nominate if she won HoH. Bobby said that Willow planned to nominate Sarah and Godfrey. Ashleigh said Godfrey is an easy one. Bobby asked why everyone is pitching for Pilar to be a pawn. He then took it back and said not everyone, but people in the Chop Shop like Zach have said it. Ashleigh said that the easiest thing for her to do would be to nominate Godfrey and Sarah. Bobby said that he would do Sarah and Brittnee or Sarah and Pilar. He said that it seems like everyone knows about the plan to backdoor Kevin, so it sketches him out. Bobby hoped that it hasn’t gotten back to Kevin. He pointed out that Jordan has heard about it and it threw him off. He figured that Zach told Jordan. Bobby said that Zach likes to play a lot and is close with everyone.

9:00-10:00 PM: Sarah told Jordan that she loves Zach but it kills her that he would put her up as a pawn. Jordan said that he could probably convince Zach to nominate Godfrey instead. Zach joined them and Sarah told him that Brittnee is getting a bit insecure about the couples, so give her a little attention. Zach talked to Brittnee a short while later, telling her that he would definitely use Pilar as a pawn, then the other might be Jordan or Sarah. Brittnee said that Jordan would not be on board for that and Sarah was already nominated. Zach later told her that he would nominate Godfrey but it would take some damage control. He preferred not to put someone on that side up, cause he wants them comfortable heading into the veto competition. His goal remains to backdoor Bobby. Zach told Brittnee that it would be tough for him to nominate Willow if she is not the one going home. Brittnee pointed out that the Kevin and Pilar thing will eventually have to go. Zach said that she is preaching to the choir.

10:00-11:00 PM: Zach talked to Willow next. He asked if she is worried about Kevin and Pilar. Willow said no, but in the future she obviously is. She mentioned nominating Godfrey and Sarah to backdoor Kevin. Zach told Willow that he will put her up as a pawn. She said that she would lose it and she would put him up if he did it. Zach told her that he obviously wouldn’t. Zach mentioned that Bobby would hopefully throw HoH to him. Willow said that he already told her that he would give it to Zach or Ashleigh if the others are out. Zach told Willow that she too should throw HoH to him, though Willow wouldn’t commit to that. Zach let Willow know that he sees Jordan as someone that would be good for them to pull in if a Chop Shop member were to leave. Willow said that she is with the Chop Shop but she knows that it’s not going to be forever. She thinks that Bobby really likes Ashleigh, which led to Zach saying that Bobby will stab him in the back. Willow assured Zach that she and Bruno would not let that happen.

Bobby and Bruno discussed that this week went great. They said that it’s great that they have Godfrey with them. Bobby suggested that going to the Final 6 with Godfrey and the Chop Shop would be perfect. He mentioned that it would then be 4 on 2 and they could take out the showmance. Bobby said that the Chop Shop is so under the radar and is the perfect alliance. He said that the glory of making the alliance surpasses the money for him. They agreed that it’s good that Willow is scared of Zach and Ashleigh getting closer. Bruno said that they are close to Jordan and Pilar too. Bobby felt that Zach and Ashleigh are still ride or die with the Chop Shop. Bruno let Bobby know that he is the one person that he trusts. They agreed that they would take each other to the Final 2 even if there was an easier route to take.

Bruno mentioned that he thinks that Zach will make a move if he wins HoH, trying to take down a big player like them if he has the numbers. Bobby said that he thinks that Zach realizes that they would take him further than the others. Bruno suggested targeting Jordan or Zach after Kevin goes, preferably Zach because Jordan would then come to them. Bobby told Bruno that they can keep Zach around and take out his army, though Bruno pointed out that Zach would then know that something is up. Bruno thinks that Zach has Ashleigh, Jordan, Brittnee and then Pilar indirectly. Bobby said that taking out Brittnee would be best since it’s the least amount of blood and it weakens Zach. Bruno noted that Sarah is a dangerous player and always knows what to say. Bruno told Bobby that while he was explaining the Double Veto, Jordan kept staring at Zach, biting his nails and trying to get Zach’s attention.

1:00-2:00 AM: Kevin told Johnny that things are looking grim in terms of his chances of staying. Johnny said that he would need to get Ashleigh and Pilar, assuming he has Jordan, Kevin and Zach, but he has already made his pitch to them and doesn’t know where their heads are at. Johnny advised Kevin to be careful about the whole couples thing, as that is all that he is hearing now. He told Kevin that Bruno and his crew are gunning for the couples. Johnny also mentioned that the smart play would be for Sarah to jump to the other side due to the couples, assuming that the other side gets in power.

Ashleigh, Jordan and Zach had a study session. Afterwards they discussed the plan for the upcoming week. Jordan told Zach that nominating Godfrey and Pilar would be their best option in order to backdoor Bobby. They wondered if Pilar would understand that she is simply a pawn. They discussed to continually tell her that this is what needs to be done in order to save Kevin and to sell it to the Chop Shop that they are actually backdooring Kevin. When the veto is used, they will use it on Pilar in order to backdoor Bobby. Zach mentioned that he had wanted to nominate Sarah as a pawn, but Jordan told him that it is not worth it to cause her to lose some trust in him.

2:00-3:00 AM: Johnny and Zach were the last two awake. Johnny warned Zach to watch out for the flip, as Sarah and Brittnee are going to turn on them and go to the other side. Johnny said that Sarah is pissed about the alliance working together but not actually working together. Johnny revealed that he and Sarah had stayed up until 4 AM last night running through scenarios and that Sarah plans to flip if the other side wins. Johnny also told Zach that Sarah plans to nominate him and Kevin if she wins HoH. Johnny explained that they used gummy bears to go through the scenarios and that every time Sarah wound up going back to her and Brittnee being on the other side. Johnny listed off the specific colour of gummy bear that Sarah used for each houseguest. Johnny said that Brittnee also had to have cut a deal with Bruno and Godfrey, otherwise she would not be safe this week. He also suggested that she could be the one responsible for having put the whole couples thing in Bruno’s ear. Johnny told Zach that he had to warn him whether he stays or goes. If he stays, Johnny said that he is not afraid to make moves. He said that his first move would be to go after Bobby, roasting him in a nomination speech. Zach said that he is waiting for Bobby to put he knife in his back, though he is going to beat him to it. After the talk, Zach said that it’s crazy that everyone is playing the whole field right now.

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