BBCAN3 Day 26 - BBTV

April 13, 2015

9:00-10:00 AM: Zach told Jordan and Kevin that Johnny was selling people out last night in order to try to flip his vote. Zach said who cares if they are going to float to the power, as they are emotional players and they are not going to win anything. They agreed that Johnny still needs to go 100%. Zach said that it made him think but they can’t leave Johnny in the game, because he is better than Sarah. Jordan told the guys that he had a good talk with Brittnee and Sarah yesterday. He said that they know what’s going on but they don’t suspect that the two couples are working together yet. Zach pointed out that the Diaper Alliance will be the majority after this week. Moving forward, Zach said that the plan is to get Bobby and Willow to throw this week’s HoH. Zach felt that Brittnee and Sarah would not want to win it. Jordan told him that Sarah said that she trusts him more than anyone in the house, so he can probably influence her.

After Kevin left, Jordan told Zach that Sarah is frustrated with Ashleigh and Pilar being able to get a free pass in the game. They agreed that Brittnee and Sarah want Ashleigh and Pilar out and vice versa. They think that the girls will attack each other before coming after them. Zach said that he will give Brittnee as much attention as she needs every single day moving forward. Zach and Jordan discussed that Bobby and Bruno are not coming after them right now but they will soon enough that they need to strike them first now. Both think that Brittnee and Sarah hate Bobby too much to come after them right now.

Bruno asked Jordan and Zach if Johnny is still fighting. Zach said a little bit. They discussed that that is why Johnny needs to go, because he is one of the best players in the house. They discussed the Double Veto and how close Johnny was to staying. Bruno said that they will not get another shot like this to take him out, so they need to do it when they have the chance. Zach said that he is gone as long as he doesn’t pull a veto out of his ass. Bruno pointed out that Johnny is willing to do everything in a “How Bad Do You Want It?” veto competition, so that would make him wonder what he would do to him. They mentioned that it is quite similar to Naeha saying that she would shave her head for a veto.

10:00-11:00 AM: Bobby had joined the guys and discussed that they have some relaxing weeks ahead. After he left, Jordan said that Bobby is such an idiot and has no clue that he is going home next week. Jordan told Zach to play up the fact that Bobby can throw HoH once Kevin, Brittnee and Sarah are out. Jordan said that Sarah told him yesterday that she would not throw it, though Zach thought that she still would. Jordan said that even though Sarah his openly plotting against them, they don’t need to worry about her that much. Zach said that she is not good at competitions, while Jordan said that she doesn’t have much of an army. Jordan believes that Sarah trusts him the most and he can make use of that when necessary. Jordan said that Brittnee and Sarah will be hesitant to make a move if he stays close to Sarah, Zach stays close to Brittnee, and they both push the Purple Cobras as their #1 alliance. Jordan still hopes to send Bobby and Bruno out in the next two evictions. They expect that Sarah, Brittnee, Godfrey and Willow would then align. Jordan said that he could ride the middle and tell the others that he is with them, when in reality he is a mole for the Diaper Alliance.

11:00-12:00 PM: Jordan informed Sarah that Johnny is trying hard to stay in the house. Sarah asked what he was saying. Jordan said that he is throwing her and Brittnee under the bus, suggesting that the girls are going to work together. Sarah said that she is glad that Johnny is taking that angle, as everyone can see that the girls are never left alone so there is no chance that she could talk to them if she tried. She added that the guys will know that their girls aren’t in with her. The two agreed that they need each other in the game, with Sarah saying that she has needed Jordan more than he has needed her up to this point. Jordan told her that he will soon need her more than she needs him. Jordan pointed out that Bobby and Bruno think that Sarah sucks, so there is no way that they will keep Johnny. Jordan said that everyone thinks that Sarah sucks, and Sarah said that everyone trusts Jordan. Jordan was puzzled by that, because if he saw the nerdy superfan with glasses, he would assume that they were there to do anything to win.

3:00-8:00 PM: The houseguests began their BBTV shows. The first hour was “Late Night With Kev”, a talk show hosted by Kevin. The second hour was “Judge Sarah”, a courtroom drama featuring Sarah. The third hour was a “BBCAN2 Rerun”, with the houseguests reenacting scenes from last season. Bruno was dressed up in the baby costume that Jon wore last year. He was called to the diary room in the middle of the show. Minutes later, Jon came out of the diary room wearing it and greeted the houseguests with a “Wake up Canada!”. Jon stayed to reenact the veto ceremony where Allison used the secret veto and also to reenact Neda’s eviction. After that, Jon left and the houseguests continued on to their fourth show, with psychic readings by Sarah. Finally, the last hour featured the “BB Search For Skillz” competition. Godfrey performed a rap, Sarah did stand up comedy, Willow did a dance, Kevin juggled, Pilar did a drawing and Bobby, Brittnee and Bruno did a dance. The trio of Bobby, Brittnee and Bruno won the competition with a perfect score of 20. Sarah came in second with a score of 17. The houseguests successfully passed the BBTV tasked to earn themselves a wrap party.

9:00-10:00 PM: Zach told Sarah that she is in a good position and she has nothing to worry about, even if Johnny is throwing her under the bus. Zach revealed that Johnny has been talking about there being a girls alliance and also saying that Sarah will flip to the other side and nominate both him and Kevin right away. Zach told Sarah not to worry about that either, as he trusts her 100%. He said that it was of so little concern to him that he didn’t even bring it up to Jordan. Zach advised her to keep cool and not let Johnny know that she knows about any of this.

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