BBCAN3 Day 27 - Next week's targets shift ahead of tomorrow's HoH competition

April 14, 2015

10:00-11:00 AM: After the live feeders got #BBTV to trend all day, the houseguests were rewarded for the show that they put on and were given a party at 9:25 PM ET last night. Feeds remained down until around 9 AM this morning. The morning discussion focused on the parrying and talks that took place during the party. Up in the HoH room, Zach was telling Ashleigh that Brittnee was chasing him all around the room, tried to push him on the bed and then was pushing him up against the door. Zach said that she also asked if he was loyal to Ashleigh and he said yes, so Brittnee pointed out that he was looking at her lips all night. Johnny joined them and they continued to talk about Brittnee. Johnny said that it killed Brittnee that Zach kissed her and then went right back to Ashleigh. Zach explained that Brittnee took the bottle of wine and made him kiss her to get it back.

Johnny told Zach that Brittnee was saying that there is definitely a love triangle between her, Ashleigh and Zach, also saying that you can definitely tell that Zach likes her. Johnny mentioned that both Bobby and Brittnee were making comments about how Ashleigh will not be a virgin for long. Zach said that it’s funny how each him and Ashleigh have someone who is aggressively jealous, in Brittnee and Bobby. Johnny then spoke to Kevin in order to campaign. He informed Kevin that Sarah said that it doesn’t make sense for her to work with people that haven’t done anything for her. He explained how Sarah used gummy bears to play out scenarios and show that she would go to the other side. Johnny told Kevin that he is not scared to make big moves or pull people off of the block. He said that his nominations would be Bruno and Godfrey, with a plan to backdoor Bobby. He also said that they could form a strong six person alliance, as he could pair up with Jordan and join the couples. In the event that they don’t win HoH, Johnny explained that he would remain the target and that is better than two of them going up. He also told Kevin that he doesn’t hold what happened in the veto competition against him.

11:00-12:00 PM: Ashleigh and Pilar discussed the points that Johnny has been making while campaigning. Pilar felt that he made some really good points. She suggested that they talk to the Diaper Alliance about it. She did not think that Johnny would target the two of them. Ashleigh said that Sarah was all about girls not nominating girls, but that ship seems to have sailed. Pilar eventually spoke to Jordan and Kevin about it. Jordan assured her that Johnny is just saying whatever he can to save himself. Jordan said that Sarah trusts him more than anyone in the house and has told him that she is after Bruno and Bobby. Jordan pointed out that Johnny needs to go since he has them even considering this, which shows how good he is at the game. Jordan then told Zach that the girls were concerned. Zach told him that Ashleigh spoke to him about it last night, but he told her that Johnny is so good at the game to even make her worry about it. The guys discussed that Ashleigh and Pilar will never work with Brittnee and Sarah. Jordan pointed out that Willow is the only one that could possibly unite those girls, so she needs to go. They agreed that they would be the only ones in the middle of the girls if they are able to take out Willow.

12:00-1:00 PM: Jordan spoke to Pilar about what to do if she wins HoH. He suggested nominating Godfrey along with a floater that sucks at competitions, such as Sarah. He said that she could then backdoor Bobby. Pilar was concerned that the veto would not necessarily be used and then they are wasting a week on Godfrey. Jordan revealed that Godfrey said that he would nominate Pilar and try to backdoor Kevin, so Pilar was then on board with taking him out. He also said that it is worth it to keep Sarah around for now, because she sucks at competitions. For now, he feels that Sarah has the same targets as them and would go after Bobby and Bruno. Ashleigh and Kevin eventually entered the room. They discussed that Brittnee and Sarah should be after Bobby and Bruno. Ashleigh told them that if Brittnee wins they will just need to throw Zach at her.

1:00-2:00 PM: Willow told Bruno that Sarah said that she would nominate Godfrey and Brittnee. Bruno was surprised about the Brittnee nomination. Willow explained that Sarah said that she wasn’t kept in the loop about the plan to backdoor Graig, and she believes Sarah about that. She told Bruno that she has begun opening up to Sarah a bit more. They discussed that Sarah could be a number for them down the line at some point. The houseguests continued to discuss that they had a great time last night. Pilar said that they should not regret anything, because they had fun and people make mistakes. Willow said that last night will be all over YouTube.

2:00-3:00 PM: Zach spoke to Kevin and told him that a number of people will be after the couples once they make this move to take Bobby out. He figures that it will draw a line and will show that he is working with Kevin. Zach said that they have to prepare for Brittnee and Sarah to float between sides. He hoped that they could get one of them to take Willow out at some point. Zach felt that the Diaper Alliance would still be in a good position, seeing as they have a solid five and the other side would be a group of five that is not yet formed. Zach reiterated that they need to win the next two HoHs, taking Bobby and either Bruno or Willow out. That would leave the other side with only Sarah, Brittnee, Godfrey and whichever of Bruno and Willow remains. Zach then talked to Jordan about the same things that he went over with Kevin. He expected that the other side would use the whole couples thing as a rallying point to form their own group. Zach suggested that they will need to put daggers between the other side. Jordan pointed out that they have the talent to match up against that side if it came down to it.

5:00-6:00 PM: Willow told Sarah that she talked to Bruno and he said that he really likes her and feels like he can trust her. Willow said that Bruno was slightly worried that she would nominate him. Sarah said that she would not nominate Bruno and he should be able to see that it would not make sense from a game standpoint. She mentioned that all of the older people are being picked off. Sarah reiterated that she trusts Bruno. Sarah also mentioned that she felt as though Johnny was setting her up the other night by trying to make her say things in order to use them against her. She said that she doesn’t see the benefit in talking crap about Johnny, so she wishes that he felt the same way.

Jordan told Brittnee that Johnny has been throwing her and Sarah under the bus, saying that there is a girls alliance and also that they will team up with Bobby, Bruno and Godfrey. They discussed that the plan is to throw a couple of pawns up and then backdoor Bobby. Jordan asked who her pawns would be. Brittnee said that they are going to be different for different people. She mentioned Godfrey and then someone like Pilar. Brittnee felt that with Pilar on the block, they would then have both her and Kevin fighting for veto. Jordan said that he doesn’t think that Kevin would be upset about Pilar going up, as he understands that Bobby is the target and that this is being done to save him. Jordan mentioned that he was thinking something along the same lines for nominations if he were to win. Brittnee said that the showmances make her more nervous than anyone else in the house. Jordan said that the hears her but thinks that Zach and Kevin are trustworthy and will be targeting Bruno and Bobby for as long as they are there. Brittnee said that the girls are very easily persuaded. She figured that Zach has his head on his shoulders more so than does Kevin, who she could see playing more emotionally.

6:00-7:00 PM: Jordan told Kevin that Brittnee’s mindset seems to be that she will go after Bobby this week but then will go to the other side. Jordan said that they will have to keep winning HoHs. He believes that once they get Bruno and Bobby out, they can run through the other side of the house. Jordan pointed out that Captain Canada, Zach, is ready to win comps, so hopefully he becomes the face of the alliance. Kevin said that no one has a clue about The Fortress, cause they think that Jordan is closer with Zach than he is with him. Jordan said that it’s perfect. Bobby, Bruno and Godfrey discussed their plans. Godfrey said that he would likely nominate two girls. Bobby asked him if he was still thinking about working with Brittnee and Sarah. Godfrey felt that it was a good move, but Bobby pointed out that everyone is expecting at least one of those girls to go up, so if they don’t then it’s like declaring war. Bobby suggested that they not lump themselves in with Brittnee and Sarah this week. The other two agreed. He said that they can consider it after Kevin leaves.

8:00-9:00 PM: Willow asked Brittnee if Johnny has come to him yet. Brittnee said that he has gone to everyone but her. Willow said that she talked to him last night and Johnny said that the couples and Jordan are in an alliance, yet he told Bruno that the girls are all in an alliance. Willow said that Johnny told her that he will remember who tried to keep him if he gets back into the house. Willow said that she doesn’t know what will happen next HoH. She told Brittnee that she trusts Sarah. Brittnee said that she does too. They discussed that the couples are strong. Willow also brought up a conversation that she had with Bruno about how the last four people to go are all over the age of 25. Willow said that Ashleigh and Pilar really want to win and seem to be targeting Godfrey, and Zach mentioned going after Bobby. Both girls agreed that they like Bruno, though Brittnee said that she knows that she would not be able to beat him if she were next to him in the Final 2.

9:00-10:00 PM: Zach told Jordan that he is getting concerned about Brittnee. Jordan said that he has reason to, as he talked to her today and believes that she is on board to get Bobby out but is then ready to turn on them. Zach said that he got the same feeling when talking to Brittnee. Jordan said that this HoH is important but the one after is way more important. Jordan told Zach that he has gotten the impression that HoH will be a quiz, so he suggested that it would be best if Zach throws it once Bobby, Willow and Godfrey are eliminated. Zach agreed that it is not ideal that he wins this one, since he would be sticking his neck out to evict Bobby for Sarah and Brittnee, only to have Brittnee turn a week later. Jordan said that he is fine with being the one to cut Bobby, seeing as he is not in the Chop Shop. The guys went over their ideal eviction order. They still want to target Bobby and then Bruno, but Brittnee has moved up the list. Jordan said that he would prefer to have Willow in jury over Brittnee, because Brittnee is so emotional.

Zach spoke to Ashleigh to discuss Brittnee. He said that she is such an emotional player and wont even look her in the eyes after last night. Zach told Ashleigh that Brittnee said that Ashleigh has a mean side. While I did not hear what Brittnee said to Zach, Brittnee did say to Jordan is that Ashleigh can be bitchy and is a nice girl until you turn on her. Zach said that he will not make the huge move that Brittnee wants to happen, taking Bobby out, just for her to take one of them out next week. Zach said that Bobby still needs to go but if the Chop Shop wins then they need to get Brittnee or Sarah out. Ashleigh said that she wants to get Brittnee out. Zach told her to win it and get Brittnee out. Zach said that Sarah can be trusted, cause she is loyal and is tight with Jordan. Zach and Ashleigh agreed that she should nominate Godfrey and Brittnee if she wins HoH, cause then everyone would want Bobby out again next week. Zach told Ashleigh that Brittnee 100% wants to take her out after Bobby leaves. Ashleigh then talked to Pilar to fill her in on what was said by Brittnee. Ashleigh told Pilar that she is no longer going after Bobby, because she wants to go after Brittnee. Pilar said that she supports Ashleigh in this and that she will probably nominate Brittnee as well.

11:00-12:00 AM: Zach, Jordan, Sarah and Brittnee discussed going after Bobby, followed by Bruno. Brittnee said that she does not want to be the one to put Bruno up. She said that they would have her vote if they put him up, but she doesn’t want to be the one to do it. Zach later told Sarah that if he flips the house by taking out Bobby and then Brittnee runs to Bruno, he sold out his game for nothing. Sarah told Zach to flirt with her and give her a little bit of attention to flip her right back. Zach said that he doesn’t want Brittnee winning one and putting him up. Sarah said that she would likely go after Pilar and Ashleigh before him. Sarah pointed out that it’s a jealousy thing, not a game thing for Brittnee. Sarah said that she doesn’t like the way that Brittnee is acting with the whole Bruno thing either, so they may have to switch it up and say that they are going after Willow. Zach said that Willow isn’t an immediate threat because she hasn’t shown her cards. Sarah mentioned that Zach can manipulate her too and she is trying to. Sarah again said that next time that they talk to Brittnee they should say that they changed their mind about Bruno being a threat.

12:00-1:00 AM: The Bromuda alliance met up by the hot tub for a strategy session. Jordan said that Bobby told him today that he expects that Brittnee will come after him if she wins HoH. Jordan then suggested that they should go after Bruno instead of Bobby, so that Brittnee is left with no one. Jordan said that he plans to nominate Bruno and Bobby, sending Bruno home unless he wins the PoV. He advised Kevin to do the same. Godfrey would be the replacement nominee if needed. As for Zach, they felt that it was best for him to throw it once Godfrey, Bobby and Willow are eliminated, because they are anticipating that it will be a quiz and they want to save him for the physical competitions. If Zach were to win HoH, he mentioned that he would like to nominate Godfrey and a pawn. The other guys said that it would not be good to nominate Pilar or Sarah, so that left Brittnee as the only option. Zach would then backdoor Bruno. Zach said that he would like to keep Sarah around for as long as possible, because she is loyal and too scared to come after them. Johnny then broke up the talk. The guys told him that it is not looking good, cause they cannot get any more votes to keep him outside of their three.

1:00-2:00 AM: Jordan told Sarah that he has decided that he should nominate Bobby and Bruno together. Sarah said that she likes the plan, seeing as the other one would be after them regardless. She also pointed out that they would not have to scare Pilar and Ashleigh by making them pawns. They discussed that Brittnee is being weird about Bruno. Sarah said that she knew that Brittnee was way closer to him than she was telling her, especially when she didn’t get nominated. Zach then joined them and they went over why it would be more beneficial to take out Bruno before Bobby. Jordan said that if he or Sarah take Bruno out, then Bobby will have no choice but to latch on to Zach. Sarah also thought that it would make Bobby very dejected to lose Bruno, as a similar thing happened when he lost Graig.

As for Zach, there was some discussion that it’s best for him to nominate two pawns. He would then tell people that he is backdooring Kevin, getting them to use the veto. At that point, he would backdoor Bruno or Bobby. The three said that they need to start holding back information from Brittnee. Jordan brought up that Boston Rob said to always make an alliance within the alliance, implying that the three of them are. Jordan eventually left Sarah and Zach alone. She told Zach to spend more time with Brittnee so that she stops questioning things so much. They agreed that Bruno needs to go before Bobby due to the way that Brittnee is acting. Zach also felt that Bobby would be too stupid to figure out what’s going on on his own, whereas Bruno is smart enough to put the pieces together and rally some troops.

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