BBCAN3 Day 28 - Johnny is evicted; Zach wins HOH

April 15, 2015

11:00-12:00 PM: Johnny and Kevin talked things over in anticipation of Johnny leaving the house tonight. Johnny said that if he got the chance to come back he would have to play his game a little differently. He told Kevin that he will not have any hard feelings, so don’t worry about that. He also swore that everything that he said about the gummy bears was true. Kevin said that he believes him and was ready to make the move to keep him but the girls weren’t on board. Johnny then spoke to Ashleigh and Pilar, telling them to be careful because there are so many people playing both sides. He also said to be careful about the couples thing, as everyone is talking about it and is linking the two of them together. Johnny also informed Ashleigh that their guys (Jordan, Kevin and Zach) have been telling him all week that the reason that he does not have the votes is because Ashleigh and Pilar are not on board. Ashleigh was surprised, saying “Really?” and “Are you serious?”. Jordan then walked in and broke the conversation up.

Bruno told Bobby that he is the only person that he feels comfortable with winning HoH. Bobby said that he thinks that he would nominate Brittnee and Pilar, with a plan to backdoor Kevin. He would use the veto on Brittnee if he won it. Bobby said that he wants to build some trust with Sarah, so he doesn’t want to nominate her. He told Bruno to build trust with Brittnee. Bruno thought that he could keep Bobby safe if Brittnee were to win HoH. Bobby brought up that they need to plant the idea that Jordan is untrustworthy. Bruno said that he really doesn’t trust him. Bobby felt that they should keep planting that idea in Zach’s head. They discussed Johnny’s comment about there being a five person alliance. Bruno guessed that it would be Jordan, Zach, Ashleigh, Kevin and Pilar. Bobby wasn’t so sure that Kevin would be a part of it. Bruno figured that it would be Willow if not.

Bobby said that they just have to pray that Zach sees how good the Chop Shop can be and how far they can go together. Bobby said that he thinks that Zach is still with the Chop Shop. Bruno agreed but pointed out that Zach and Jordan always run off after anything ends, so Jordan is in his ear. Bruno also pointed out that Jordan and Kevin are whispering a lot. Both agreed that it would be easier to take a shot at Jordan as opposed to Zach. Bruno said that they need to be broken up. He felt that Ashleigh would have to be nominated with either of them. As for the plan to backdoor Kevin, Bobby felt that Zach has been pushing it too much to not be on board. He said that it would have to be the biggest most epic scheme against them in order to not be true. Bruno said that if all of those others go to Kevin and tell him about it, they could pin it on the two of them.

9:00-10:00 PM: The eviction episode aired and Johnny was evicted by a unanimous vote of 9-0. Zach went on to win HoH. He had to choose the have-nots for the week. He chose Bruno, Godfrey, Jordan and Sarah.

10:00-11:00 PM: Zach told Ashleigh and Willow that next week will likely be a physical HoH competition, so he wants to take out someone that is physical. He mentioned that he can throw Godfrey up there since no one knows where his head is at, though Godfrey also doesn’t have anyone on his side. Zach also brought up that Jordan would be the perfect pawn. Elsewhere, Jordan was telling Kevin that he thinks that Zach should put him up as a pawn. Kevin said that it would be a sick play. Jordan would then play it up that he is mad at Zach for it, hoping to throw off the other side and gain some information from them. Jordan said that in the worst case scenario, he is up against Godfrey. He figures that he would have votes from Kevin, Ashleigh, Pilar and then should be able to get a couple more from the Purple Cobras, Brittnee and Sarah. Kevin informed Jordan that right after the HoH comp, Brittnee was saying that she is fine with Zach and Jordan for this week but is not sure about them next week. Jordan said that Brittnee is losing it and needs to go. Kevin asked if they should go after Bobby or Bruno. Jordan said that it’s a tough call but they have a week to decide.

11:00-12:00 AM: Jordan told Ashleigh that earlier today Brittnee told him and Zach that she doesn’t like Ashleigh and doesn’t trust her. Ashleigh told Jordan, Kevin and Pilar that they better save her and let her get Brittnee out. Jordan said that Brittnee later blamed it on the slop, adding that she likes Ashleigh and trusts her. Pilar pointed out that she knows that Ashleigh wants Brittnee out, but she is not a competition threat. Jordan agreed. The Diaper Alliance met up very quickly. Zach told them that this is going to be a massive backstab this week. Jordan told them that his plan is to have Zach put him up as a pawn next to Godfrey, which will cover up that he is working with them. Zach will pretend that he is planning to backdoor Kevin, but he will actually backdoor Bobby or Bruno. Jordan asked Zach if he is down for that. Zach said yes. Zach said that they will be able to diffuse Willow after the backstab, but they will need to work on Godfrey and whichever of Bruno and Bobby remains. Their talk was quickly broken up.

12:00-1:00 AM: Jordan told Kevin and Pilar to act surprised when Zach nominates him. He wants to try to get in with the other side of the house through this, so he doesn’t want them to know that he knew that he was going up the whole time. Jordan pointed out that getting rid of Bruno would mean that the other side will have nowhere to go. If Bobby goes, Jordan felt that Pilar and Ashleigh would then be the best in the house at endurance. While Bruno is the better game player in Jordan’s eyes, he thought that getting rid of the bigger comp threat in Bobby may be the way to go. After Pilar left, Jordan told Kevin that he is going to try to get closer to Godfrey this week if they are nominated together. He said that he needs to work on the fake Final 2 that Godfrey made with him while hammered. They discussed that the Bromuda Triangle is strong. They also agreed that they would take the Diaper Alliance over the Purple Cobras. Jordan said that he likes the people in that alliance better on a personal level and also feels that they are the better game players as well.

Jordan told Kevin that it’s good that the girls hate Brittnee, cause they can let them take her out. He also believes that he may be able to get closer with Brittnee after Zach puts him on the block. Godfrey spoke to Zach, with Jordan in the room. Godfrey suggested that taking out Kevin would be doing “their” dirty work. He also said that Kevin is good at veto and could save himself. Zach told Godfrey that he doesn’t think that he will nominate the person that he wants to go home. Godfrey told Jordan and Zach that he only trusts the two of them and Bruno. Jordan and Godfrey told Zach that they would not like to be pawns. However, both also told Zach to do what’s best for his game. Bruno also quickly checked in with Zach, asking if the plan is still the same. The plan that he was referring to is backdooring Kevin. Zach said yeah and told Bruno that he will nominate two pawns but he isn’t sure who they will be at this point.

1:00-2:00 AM: Ashleigh asked Zach if he is nominating Jordan. Zach said that he is. Ashleigh felt that it was crazy. Zach told Ashleigh that it’s fine because Jordan is the most liked person in the house. He assured Ashleigh that Jordan will not go home. Zach wished that Jordan had won this HoH. Zach wanted to be in the physical HoH competition and he also did not want to show how smart he is by winning a mental one. He told Ashleigh that he is going to blow things up this week, cause that’s what has to happen when you are in two alliances and they are on opposite sides of the house. They then discussed who to target, Bobby or Bruno. Zach pointed out that Godfrey and Brittnee both really like Bruno, so that alliance will likely form if Bobby goes this week. If they send Bobby out, the plan is to tell Bruno that Bobby was forming alliances within the alliance and said that Bruno needs to go. If Bruno goes, Zach’s plan was to have Jordan tell Bobby that Bruno tried to form a side alliance with him, Brittnee and Sarah and told him about the Chop Shop. Zach told Ashleigh that he is going to be loyal to the Diaper Alliance, winning comps and making moves to save them.

Jordan made his way to the HoH room to talk things over with Zach and Ashleigh. Zach told him that Bobby and Bruno are so excited because they think that Kevin is going home. Zach told Jordan that he doesn’t want him to act super pissed about being nominated. He said that he doesn’t want Godfrey to feed off of that energy. He had also told Ashleigh that he doesn’t want it to seem like he would put up people that are in his corner that easily. The debate was then on as to who should be the target this week. There was plenty of back and forth. The main reason for getting rid of Bruno is that they believe that he is more likely to rally the troops against them. As for Bobby, it was discussed that he is better in competitions and him leaving would make it easier for the girls in the Diaper Alliance to win endurance competitions. Jordan also reconsidered offering to be a pawn. He felt that there may not be much benefit to hiding that they are together. After running through all of the options for potential pawns, Jordan went back to saying that he should go up. He felt that the other options did not make sense and would just create more enemies. Zach wanted the Purple Cobras and Pilar to know about the plan to nominate Jordan in advance. By the end of the talk, Jordan was convinced that Bruno needs to go. Zach wanted more time to think.

The guys went downstairs to talk to Sarah. Jordan filled her in on the plan to nominate himself and Godfrey. Sarah was a bit confused as to why Jordan needed to go up, but she understood after they explained that there aren’t many options. Zach pointed out that Bobby, Bruno and Willow want to backdoor Kevin, so there is no way that the veto doesn’t get used. Even if the veto isn’t used, Jordan and Zach feel that they have the votes to get Godfrey out. As for who the target should be, Zach was concerned that Brittnee will play emotionally and be upset with him if Bruno goes. Sarah said that she can work on Brittnee. She mentioned that Bruno is the only person that Brittnee has. Sarah also said that they can spin it to Brittnee that they didn’t want her to have to take Bruno out if she were to win next week. If Bobby were to stay and nominate Zach, Jordan and Sarah assured him that they have the votes to keep him. The consensus was that Bruno should go.

2:00-3:00 AM: Ashleigh and Zach headed up to the HoH room. Zach said that everyone is on board to take Bruno out since they don’t want to be the one to have to do it. Ashleigh told Zach to take out Bobby if he wants, though Zach said that it wouldn’t be the smart game move. Zach believes that Bruno is the better game player but less people would care if Bobby were to leave. It was discussed that Bruno would be able to rally some people, such as Brittnee and Godfrey. Ashleigh said that the only reason that they are questioning sending Bruno out is due to emotions, which Zach agreed with. They continued to go back and forth on it, agreeing that Bobby would go after Zach before Bruno would. At one point they even discussed sending Brittnee home. Zach ultimately decided against that, saying that you can only play in two alliances for so long. He said that both sides would be questioning why he took out Brittnee if he were to go that route. Zach is still undecided as to who to target. He told Ashleigh that his mind changes every five seconds.

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