BBCAN3 Day 29 - Zach Nominates Godfrey and Jordan

April 16, 2015

9:00-10:00 AM: Zach spoke to Kevin, Pilar and Jordan, telling them that he wants to do whatever will bring on the weakest attack against them. Jordan said that there is less of an attack game wise if Bobby is there. He admitted that Bobby is good in competitions but said that Bruno is as well. Zach agreed that Bobby is such a bad game player that he cannot really build an army. Zach also said that Bruno would see that the couples are together and could therefore potentially bring in Sarah, Brittnee, Willow and Godfrey. That group, also thinking that they have Jordan, would be a threat to make a big play. On the other hand, Zach said that Bobby would only really have Willow but she would come to their side. Zach also mentioned that nobody wants to go after Bruno. Pilar said that’s why it’s smart and Jordan said that’s why Zach has to do it.

Jordan pointed out that Zach can also say in his speech that they are going to send him home before jury so that he can be with his kids. Zach wanted to explain that it’s 100% a game move and that no one can beat Bruno and nobody will go after him. Zach said that taking emotions out of it, Bruno has to go. Zach then spoke to Godfrey and told him that he is nominating him and Jordan. Zach assured Godfrey that they are both pawns and he hates to do it to them but there is no way that they are going home. Zach explained that he will be backdooring someone. Godfrey said that he understands. Zach said that both sides of the house think that there is a backdoor in place, so everyone will use the veto if they win it.

10:00-11:00 AM: Jordan spoke to Godfrey and told him that no matter what happens, one of them has got to win the PoV and then they stick together. Godfrey agreed and told Jordan that he would never vote him out. Jordan said the same to Godfrey. Jordan pointed out that he is friends with Zach and didn’t expect him to nominate him, so moving forward he and Godfrey have to be even more solid. Jordan told Godfrey that they will need to go after the girls next week. Godfrey agreed. Jordan noted that it will be five girls competing against four girls if Kevin leaves. They believe that whichever one of them comes off the block will be safe against Kevin. Godfrey was counting the votes in their favour as each other, Bruno, Bobby, Ashleigh and then Zack as the tiebreaker. Jordan then spoke to Sarah and told her that she will be able to lay back this week and let people forget about her. He said that he hopes to do the same, throwing the veto unless it is something that he can realistically win.

Godfrey went to Bobby and Bruno to tell them that he and Jordan are going on the block together. The guys were surprised. Godfrey said that Zach is trying to backdoor Kevin. They all agreed that they did not see Zach putting Jordan on the block. Bruno told Godfrey that they have his back. Elsewhere, Zach continued to fill people in on the plan. He told Brittnee about it. She said that she is on board as long as Jordan is fine with it. Zach then told Willow about who he plans to nominate. Willow said that she will use the veto on Jordan if she wins it. Zach plans to do the same. Zach asked Willow who her group is if she has to pick five people. Willow said the two of them, Ashleigh, Pilar and then she loves Jordan but thinks that Bruno is good too. Zach said that they could make an easy move this week but then it sets them up worse for the future, so he suggested that Willow really think about who she wants to work with. Zach told Willow that she is his ride or die. Zach pointed out that he would take out Bobby over Bruno if he was making the move emotionally, though Bobby is so bad at the game. Willow said that she loves Bruno but she wants to be at the end with someone that she can beat. Zach said that he has been hearing that Willow wants the couples gone. Willow denied having said that, admitting to having one talk with Sarah in which they discussed the couples and agreed that Kevin was the biggest threat out of them.

12:00-1:00 PM: Ashleigh asked Zach if he has decided on his target. Zach said that it doesn’t matter because he doesn’t need to figure that out yet. He said that Godfrey and Jordan will be going up for now, then the veto will be used and he will figure out the best move to make. Zach said that Bobby and Bruno are big threats moving forward, so they would sit in front of him. He also said that those two would use the veto on him, so they are good people to have moving forward. Ashleigh asked if he is still considering not backstabbing either one of them. Zach said that he thinks that he still has to at this point. Ashleigh agreed. Zach said that the only other option is to backstab Kevin, but he is someone good to move forward with in the Diaper Alliance. Ashleigh said that she prefers the Diaper Alliance. Zach said that he does too but he is wondering if it is now time to stab the other side. He said that he needs big targets in the game, otherwise he moves up on the hit list.

Zach said that Bobby and Godfrey would be the only scary ones if Bruno leaves. Zach told Ashleigh to start getting close to Bobby and really playing him, cause he will tell her so much stuff. Zach wants Ashleigh to tell Bobby that Zach didn’t ever want him out and the three of them and Willow are still working together. Zach said that he plans to make Bruno seem like he is the best player in the game and he would be too tough to get rid of down the line, so it’s the only reason that the move had to be made now. Zach told Ashleigh that she can even sleep in Bobby’s bed one night if she needs to. Ashleigh didn’t want to do that but told Zach that she can easily get Bobby on her side. Ashleigh thought that Bobby or Bruno will be left scrambling and may flock to Zach even after blowing up the Chop Shop. Ashleigh said that Sarah feels ecstatic to be a part of something now that Zach filled her in on the plan. Zach said that Sarah is one of the best players in the game, because everyone says that they trust her. He likened her to Jordan, saying that if he had to pick two people to make it to the end it would be those two. Zach guaranteed that Sarah would make it to the Final 5.

1:00-2:00 PM: Zach and Jordan discussed that Bruno is going because he is the one that can rally the other side. Zach pointed out that when there are a bunch of weak players they will be too scared to pull the trigger on a big target. Zach told Jordan that he will need him to talk to Godfrey and refocus him on taking out the girls. They said that they can sit Godfrey down together and out the Chop Shop, saying that the goal was to wipe out the other guys to keep the weak girls around. Jordan suggested forming a Final 3 with Godfrey. They felt that Brittnee would still go after Bobby next week if she were to win, especially since she is not being used as a pawn. Zach said that they need Brittnee and Sarah to feel that they are with them, even if it means making a Final 4. Zach was concerned that Sarah is in good with a lot of people, though Jordan downplayed it and said that once Willow is gone she will have no one but them. Zach told Jordan that he didn’t tell Willow the plan but he was laying the groundwork to pull her in right before the veto ceremony to tell her that now is the time to make a move and align with the people that she mentioned (Zach/Jordan/Ashleigh/Pilar). Zach said that people think that they can manipulate Jordan, which is good. Jordan said that it will be looked at that way even more so after Zach nominates him.

As Zach instructed her to do, Ashleigh began working on Bobby. She let it be known that Zach really trusts Bobby and is not going after him. Bobby said that he trusts Zach 100%. He told Ashleigh to let Zach know that people are starting to realize how much he is talking with Jordan. Bobby became a bit worried once Ashleigh started talking about Brittnee and Bruno being tight. Bobby pushed for Kevin to be the one to go, even though Ashleigh said that Brittnee concerns her and keeps throwing Bobby’s name out there. Bobby also became concerned at the mention of Bruno’s name. He said that Bruno would drop Brittnee in a second and he is ride or die with the Chop Shop. Bobby pointed out that Bruno does not even have the numbers to make a move against them and he would run it by him first even if he wanted to.

Ashleigh told Bobby to know that Zach does not want him out and he would not be leaving even if a Chop Shop member were to go. Bobby said not to take a stab at Bruno, even though he may get paranoid. Bobby felt that he could get Bruno to take a stab at Brittnee and Sarah. Ashleigh mentioned that Bruno is loved by everyone. Bobby agreed and said that he can go home first out of the Chop Shop once they get to the Final 5. Bobby again said that Kevin needs to go. He told Ashleigh that it would really reassure him that they are with the Chop Shop if Kevin leaves. Should Kevin stay, Bobby admitted that he would begin to rethink things. At some points during the discussion, Bobby said that he could live with Brittnee going but he would prefer for it to be Kevin. He said that the others can control his HoH if Kevin leaves and he wins next week. Ashleigh asked Bobby not to bring any of this up with Bruno. Bobby said that he wont as long as he has Ashleigh’s word that she trusts him and Bruno. Ashleigh said yes but told him that she cannot speak for Willow and Zach.

2:00-3:00 PM: Bobby went to Bruno to tell him that they need a long talk tomorrow in the hot tub. He told Bruno that they are fine this week since the plan is to go for Kevin or Brittnee. Ashleigh reported back to Jordan and Zach, telling them that Bobby said that he will know that something is up if Kevin does not go. Zach said that Bobby will know that something is up when Bruno goes anyway. He also said that you are stupid if you do not question things when someone stabs an alliance member in the back. Jordan and Zach told Ashleigh that she needs to make it sound as though Kevin is the target if Bobby asks again. Zach plans to nominate Bruno and then pull Bobby aside to tell him that everyone wanted Bobby on the block but he didn’t do it because he trusts him.

Bobby interrupted the talk and asked if Kevin is still the target. Zach said yes. Bobby said that it’s the safe move and he wants Kevin out so much that he will do whatever they want if he wins HoH next week. Bobby also told Zach not to worry about Bruno. Bobby explained that he will not tell any of this to Bruno, because he doesn’t want Bruno to start thinking things when he isn’t considering them already. Bobby asked if Brittnee will go if Kevin wins PoV. Zach said that they would have to do that. After Bobby left, Zach and Ashleigh continued to talk. Ashleigh said that Bobby makes a lot of sense when he says that he and Bruno will not come after them, but it is time to draw a line in the sand. Zach said that nominating Kevin would be just as big of a backstab. He told Ashleigh that Bruno has to go, which Ashleigh agreed with. Zach was concerned that Bobby is already having doubts. He told Ashleigh that she should not have talked to Bobby until after the veto. They agreed that Bruno winning would be the absolute worst case scenario, seeing as they can likely get Bobby to use it if he wins.

10:00-11:00 PM: Feeds returned following the nomination ceremony. Zach nominated Godfrey and Jordan for eviction.

11:00-12:00 AM: Bobby was talking to himself, saying that the Chop Shop can go Final 5 no matter what after Kevin goes home, as long as they can keep two Chop Shop members off of the block after each veto ceremony. He said that they will prevent two Chop Shop members from getting on the block together by having each Chop Shop member get close with one other person. The people that they will each get close to, according to Bobby, are Bobby/Godfrey, Bruno/Brittnee, Ashleigh/Pilar, Willow/Sarah and Zach/Jordan. He feels that these are pre-existing relationships and will therefore be believable. He said that the Chop Shop are Final 5 as long as they stay loyal. Bobby wants to get the whole alliance together in order to propose his plan.

Bobby then headed to the HoH room where Bruno and Jordan were talking. Jordan said that the veto better be getting used. Bobby said that 100% it will be getting used, as no one will switch up the plan to backdoor Kevin. Bruno said that if Kevin doesn’t get drawn it will be over. Bobby told Jordan to pick him to play for veto if he gets houseguest’s choice. Both Bruno and Bobby said that they will go all out for this veto. Jordan asked them if they would use the veto on him. Bobby said that it doesn’t matter who comes down and he can use it on Jordan if he wants. Bruno again said that nobody will stray from the plan. Jordan asked Bruno what the plan is for after Kevin goes home. Bruno mentioned Godfrey and Sarah as possibilities to go next. Jordan said that he would want to go after the girls. Bruno pointed out that the five girls will not put each other up, so they will almost have to band together against them. Bruno said that he’s fine with going after Sarah or even Pilar. Jordan and Bruno told each other that they will never put each other up or vote each other out.

12:00-1:00 AM: Jordan spoke to Sarah about the plan, saying that the whole house thinks that the veto is going to be used but only some know the true target. Sarah brought up that she knows that Jordan and Zach are really tight, but Jordan has to know that that’s not the best move for him. Jordan said that if he goes to the end with Zach he knows he would lose. Elsewhere, Bruno told Godfrey that the two of them and Bobby need to find a way to survive this week and then they can flip things. Bruno told Godfrey that he has his vote and Bobby’s vote if the nominations stay the same. Should Kevin go up in Godfrey’s place, Bruno felt that the best plan would be to vote Jordan out and then bring in Kevin and Pilar to their side. They agreed that either Jordan or Kevin needs to go this week. Shortly thereafter, Bobby filled in both Bruno and Zach on his plan to get the Chop Shop to the Final 5. Both said that it sounds good and that they are on board.

1:00-2:00 AM: Zach told Jordan and Ashleigh about Bobby’s Brigade style plan to have the Chop Shop branch out. They then discussed the plan for the week, with Zach saying that it sucks having to backstab an ally this early in the game. Jordan told him that he doesn’t have to go through with the move if he doesn’t want to. Zach said that he will since he knows that it’s the right move, but it’s hard. As for the veto competition, both Jordan and Zach want to pick Willow if they get houseguests’s choice. They mentioned that it would suck if she won though, cause Zach wanted to fill her in on the plan before the veto ceremony but he wouldn’t be able to in this case. Zach was concerned that Sarah will win HoH and take a shot at him at some point. Jordan shot that idea down, saying that Sarah would run any move by him. They discussed that Zach would have the votes next week even if someone were to nominate him.

2:00-3:00 AM: Before going to sleep, Zach and Ashleigh had another quick chat. Zach said that Bobby and Godfrey cannot win HoH or else he could be in trouble. He again said that it’s tough to stab Bruno so early on, especially because he knows that Bruno would never do it to him. Zach said that nominating Bruno is harder than it would be to nominate anyone else in the house. Ashleigh felt that it was the right move. Zach hoped that the Diaper Alliance would realize how big of a move this is, as he is essentially taking out his two biggest allies in Bruno and Bobby. He hopes that Kevin is ready to go to battle and win a bunch of competitions. Ashleigh figures that he would be and also said that Kevin is someone that will remain a target ahead of Zach.

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