BBCAN3 - Day 7- Risha is evicted; Bobby wins HoH

March 25, 2015

9:00-10:00 PM: Tonight's episode picked up where the last left off, with Sindy having won the Power of Veto and using it on herself. Sindy then nominated Pilar in her place, meaning that either Pilar or Risha would be the first evictee. We eventually found out that Canada had voted to evict Risha. Once on stage, Risha was informed by Arisa that there may be a way for her to reenter the house. Arisa later told the viewers that the first five evicted houseguests will be given the opportunity to compete to get back in to the game. The remaining 15 houseguests then begun competiting for HoH, in a battle of endurance.

11:00-12:00 AM: When the live feeds launched, we found that Bobby had won HoH. Zach was in the storage room speaking to Graig, who wanted to target Johnny this week. They were in agreement that Godfrey would go up and that they would make people think that Godfrey is in fact the target. Zach brought up that they can let the magic happen from there, as Sindy wants Johnny out and thus Naeha will want him out as well. Jordan eventually joined Zach in the storage room. The two discussed that it’s great that nobody has any clue that they are working together. Jordan suggested that they tell Bobby and Graig that the girls need to go because they are going after the strong guys, which is trouble for them. Zach then told Jordan that Graig would like to target Johnny. Jordan said that that would work as well, seeing as he too is after strong guys. The guys agreed that it would be great to keep Godfrey another week because he will yet again be a huge target.

Zach then went to the bedroom to speak with Naeha, who was concerned that she may be going on the block. Zach informed her that Godfrey will go up as the target but he is unlikely to go home. Zach revealed that Johnny is the likely target. Neaha was on board with that. Zach assured Naeha that he is in good with Bobby and will have her back if and when her name comes up. Zach and Naeha were then interrupted by Johnny, who was concerned about nominations. Zach and Johnny discussed that they need to stick to the plan, implying that Godfrey needs to be the target. Johnny reiterated that it’s too soon to make a big move and do anything crazy. Zach agreed.

1:00-2:00 AM: Willow and Sarah quickly discussed that Bobby is likely to keep everyone happy by targeting Godfrey and nominating someone else as a pawn. Meanwhile, Sindy and Brittnee discussed the HoH competition and the upcoming nominations. Sindy was the last to drop out of the competition. She let Brittnee know that throughout the competition she was thinking about what Naeha had said about how the winner should nominate two of the guys. Sindy had been flirting with Bobby earlier in the night and was upset that he suggested that she was doing so because he had just won HoH. Sindy explained that she always flirts with Bobby and that she will now be avoiding him for a while until after nominations. She felt that this was the best course of action in order to avoid going on the block. Sindy expect that Godfrey will be the target and felt that someone like Graig could go up as the pawn since it wont matter.

2:00-3:00 AM: Graig and Bruno briefly talked some game. Graig felt that Jordan will be a vote for them all of the time, while Bruno disagreed. Bruno thought that Jordan likes hanging out with them but is on the other side when it comes to game. They then discussed that Naeha is the ringleader of the girls. Both agreed that Naeha needs to go soon. Bruno mentioned that Naeha has even said that she would shave her head to win the game. Bruno believes that Naeha is their game talker. While they discussed that they need to be weary of a girls alliance, Graig pointed out that it would be tough for one to form when they have Willow and Ashleigh on their side. Bruno was unsure of what Bobby would do, though Graig was less concerned and felt that Bobby could not wait to talk to them about nominations.

Graig then spoke with Godfrey, who felt that Bobby is a floater and someone that will not come after the guys since he cannot play for HoH next week. Graig pointed out that even if one of them were to go on the block it would possibly only be as a pawn. Godfrey questioned who the target would be in that case. Graig said that it’s hard to know because Bobby is so hard to read. He noted that Ashleigh is likely the only one who is not stressing about nominations. Graig then brought up that Johnny is scary and is a big time social player, which Godfrey agreed with. Godfrey felt that it was important that they let Bobby know that the guys are on his side, aside from Johnny and possibly Kevin. Bobby quickly spoke to Graig and Bruno, letting them know that he is not going to talk about game yet. He said that he doesn’t have a target but has a plan that may keep the blood off of his hands. The talk was then broken up when some girls came in to the room.

3:00-4:00 AM: Jordan and Zach met up for a game talk and discussed that they are in good with everyone and felt comfortable no matter who won HoH tonight. Jordan said that Graig is probably the person that he hates more than anyone in the house, though he sucks up to him and tries to make him feel as though he is in control. Zach told Jordan that Naeha wants to go after Bobby and Graig so bad, and that Bobby winning HoH will only make things worse for him. Zach was happy that Bobby won HoH, seeing as Bobby has now asserted himself as the biggest physical threat and has taken the focus off of himself. Jordan felt that Naeha is a smart player. The guys laughed about Graig mentioning that they could nominated Godfrey and Johnny, then use the veto in order to backdoor Naeha, saying that it would get so much blood on their hands.

Zach revealed that he wants Naeha to feel indebted to them so that they have Naeha in Sindy’s ear to save them if she pulls out an HoH win. Zach let Jordan in on the truth about Graig, telling him that Graig is actually 36 years old and played pro baseball. Graig has lied to the houseguests about his age and told them that he works at Costco. Jordan also revealed a secret of his own, telling Zach that he has an alliance with Kevin called “The Fortress”. The guys discussed that there is no real need for them to win HoH in the next couple of weeks. Zach said that if he did happen to win he could send Sindy out the door without getting any blood on his hands.

4:00-5:00 AM: Ashleigh, Johnny and Kevin spoke about the upcoming nominations. Ashleigh said that she is unsure of whom Bobby would nominate next to Godfrey. She feels as though things may get heated tomorrow due to people trying to keep themselves safe. Johnny said that he likely would have nominate Godfrey and Graig if he had won HoH. Johnny said that he would have explained it by saying that what was done to both of the nominees last week, seemingly discussing flipping the vote in front of them, was very disrespectful. He noted that feelings were hurt and Pilar was crying over the incident. Ashleigh expected that Bobby will try to go with what the house wants, though she was unsure if they were all on the same page. The guys expect that Godfrey is a lock to be nominated, while the second nominee is up in the air.

5:00-6:00 AM: Kevin and Johnny discussed that one of the houseguests, either Godfrey or Graig, had committed Big Brother suicide with their actions. Johnny noted that the Day 4 incident left many houseguests feeling uncomfortable and he was puzzled as to why someone would talk about flipping the vote to save Risha. Johnny said that there was a valid point that Risha could continually go up as a pawn, though it made no sense to get rid of Pilar when Risha clearly did not fit in.

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