BBCAN3 Day 8 - The Chop Shop plans for nominations

March 26, 2015

12:00-1:00 PM: Bruno and Godfrey had a quick game talk. Bruno said that this week and next week are huge for them. Godfrey pointed out that they had already lost one of their soldiers and that they cannot afford to lose either of them or Graig. Bruno agreed and said that Risha was 100% on their side and was a vote for them, but Canada voted the other way.

Elsewhere Naeha told Sarah to stick on Jordan, assuring her that she has Zach. Naeha pointed out that the two of them are in four alliances. Naeha mentioned that the Final 2 is a real thing and that they are going to rip Chilltown apart. Naeha believes that the girls have all of their bases covered and are golden when it comes to their deal with Zach and Jordan. Sarah agreed and said that she gets a good vibe when she talks to those guys, though Naeha pointed out that Jordan scares her because he is a wild card and a liar. Naeha thought that they would have to cut Jordan. On the other hand, the girls agreed that Zach is a straight shooter. Sarah feels as though the two guys trust them more than they trust each other.

Naeha said that Willow will need to go the first chance that they have. Sarah said that there is something up with her considering that everyone is getting a bad vibe about her, including Risha who advised her to watch out for Willow. Naeha said that she loves Willow and that they are friends but Willow would cut her in heartbeat. Sarah agreed and felt the same way about Jordan. They again agreed that Zach is trustworthy and added that he would likely go all the way with them. Naeha felt that she and Zach are in a similar position in the game given that they are physical threats, while Sarah and Jordan are similar to each other as well. Naeha acknowledged that the first second that people think that she is with Zach they will cut her. Naeha discussed that their plan to infiltrate both sides of the house is gold and has not been done for, cause people are not subtle enough to pull it off.

1:00-2:00 PM: Bobby and Ashleigh spoke about the upcoming nominations, with Bobby again stating that he does not want to get blood on his hands. He felt that the best way to avoid doing that is by nominating the first two people to drop out of the HoH competition, Brittnee and Kevin. Ashleigh suggested that Godfrey would be an easy nomination since everyone is expecting it. Bobby was still hesitant and pointed out that he could nominate Godfrey if the veto is used and then send him home. Zach then joined them and agreed with Ashleigh that Godfrey is the easiest nomination. Bobby eventually agreed and said that he could then go with the first guy to drop out of the competition as the other nominee, that being Kevin.

Zach felt that it was important for them to get one of the guys that they are not aligned with out of the house this week. He listed off Kevin, Johnny and Jordan as those guys. Zach pushed for Johnny to go up instead of Kevin, though Bobby did not want to have to come up with an excuse for nominating Johnny. Bobby also felt that Kevin was the scarier of the two. Bobby eventually settled on the plan to nominate Godfrey and Kevin. They will play it off as though Godfrey is the target. Zach wants him to stay, while Bobby left the door open for him to remain the target. Zach explained that Bobby cannot bury Godfrey in his nomination speech, as they can reel him back in at the end of the week and make it look as though they saved him, making him loyal to them moving forward. The three agreed to keep the plan between them for now, as there was some fear that Graig would say too much if he was let in on it.

2:00-3:00 PM: The main big alliance in the house at this point is the “Chop Shop” which consists of Ashleigh, Bobby, Graig, Zach, Willow and Bruno. Four of the members, met up for a meeting in Bobby’s HoH room. Zach, Graig and Willow noted that they would like Johnny to be nominated over Kevin, though Zach did not believe that Bobby would be willing to make that move. Bruno pointed out that Kevin is a competition beast but Johnny is more social. The group continued to go back and forth with ideas. Bruno explained that it wouldn’t even be the worst move for Bobby to nominate Brittnee and Kevin for dropping out of the HoH competition first, cause then they could evict Kevin. Should Kevin win the veto, it was suggested that Johnny could then be evicted. The Chop Shop discussed that they need to stick together and make it to the end, with Graig hoping that they can cut someone at Final 7 by informing them about the alliance just like the Brigade informed Britney about theirs.

However, things are not all good for the Chop Shop. Graig expressed some doubts about Zach branching out and also said that he is always worried that the group is going to cut him. Everyone reassured Graig that he is safe with them and that they are sticking together. Graig and Willow had a one on one talk after the others had left the room. Willow mentioned that she would like to keep Sarah around because she is close to her, while Graig wants to keep Jordan around because he feels as though he has Jordan on his side. They felt that the big threats to their alliance are Naeha, Johnny and Sindy, as no one else is in a position to start an alliance. Willow eventually caught up with Bobby to discuss nominations and the fact that Graig is already worried about Zach. Both agreed that they do not want to tell Graig too much information at this point. Bobby said that he would love to nominate the first two to drop out of the competition, though Ashleigh and Zach want Godfrey nominated. Willow assured him that she, Bruno and Graig are all for nominating Brittnee and Kevin if he so chooses.

5:00-6:00 PM: Bruno and Graig spoke to Brittnee about nominations. Brittnee said that Bobby is a wildcard and she has no idea which houseguests he will nominate. Graig said that Ashleigh is likely the only one feeling safe right now. They then discussed that Godfrey put a big target on his back early on, making deals with everyone and lying. They all admitted that Godfrey has been better of late and is admitting his Big Brother knowledge. Once Brittnee left, Bruno and Graig discussed that Kevin needs to go. If not Kevin, they felt that Johnny would have to go. Bruno pointed out that they are together and have a showmance going on, trying to be like Zach and Frankie. The guys mentioned that it is great that nobody knows that they are working with Bobby at this point and that they need to keep it that way.

6:00-7:00 PM: Zach and Willow talked about Graig being an emotional player. Zach said that those are not the type of people that you want to align yourself with, though he told Willow that they need to keep Graig close. Zach mentioned that Graig approached him and said that he doesn’t know if he can trust him because he saw him talking to Naeha. Willow assured Zach that they are good and said that she trusts him and Jordan the most out of anyone. Zach agreed that they need to stick with the Chop Shop alliance for now, but he expects it to fall apart when someone takes out Graig. Zach plans to let that happen when the time comes. Once that happens, Zach said that they can bring Jordan in.

Jordan and Kevin, who have the “Fortress” alliance, talked about nominations. Both guys agreed that Godfrey is likely to go up next to a pawn and that the two of them are safe with Bobby. After Kevin left the room, Jordan spoke to the cameras and said that Kevin has no idea. Jordan’s true allegiance is to Zach. Jordan told the viewers that he will keep Kevin in his back pocket for now, adding that Kevin is smarter than he lets on.

7:00-8:00 PM: Bobby caught up with his allies, Graig and Zach, to inform them that he is likely going to nominate the two people that dropped out of the HoH competition first. Those two people would be Brittnee and Kevin. Zach voiced his opinion that either Kevin or Johnny have to go home this week, as they stay up each night and chat for hours. The guys were all in agreement Johnny would have to be nominated if Kevin were to win the Power of Veto. Graig relayed the conversation back to Bruno, who was happy with what was decided upon.

10:00-11:00 PM: Once the feeds returned after the have not competition, we found out that this week’s have nots are Brittnee, Godfrey, Jordan and Naeha. Bruno spoke to Zach and said that Johnny was a beast in the competition and it may almost be worth saving Kevin in order to get Johnny out of the house. Zach said that the only way that nominations will change is if one of the nominees win the veto. Bruno pondered the idea of throwing the competition to allow one of them to win, but Zach explained that getting Kevin out is a win for them as well. He also felt that Bobby would be opposed to take Johnny out. Zach admitted that they will have work to do in terms of getting the votes to take Kevin out. Zach explained that all of the girls like Kevin and that they will have to rely on Graig get Sindy’s vote and himself getting Naeha’s vote. Both agreed that Godfrey will vote with them to evict Kevin. Zach noted that Sindy is someone that is strengthening Graig’s game. Both he and Bruno want Sindy gone in the near future.

12:00-1:00 AM: Naeha asked Graig if he thinks that they are going to be okay when it comes to nominations. Graig said that the has no idea and that he cannot get through to Bobby. Naeha suggested that they could make it far in the game, which led to Graig proposing that they work together with Zach and Sindy, having Sarah on the side. Naeha told him that it is a smart mix and she needs an alliance because she doesn’t have one. Both agreed that Johnny is a lethal player and that he must be working together with Kevin.

Willow and Jordan agreed that Zach is someone that can be trusted and can eventually join them in a three person alliance. They both expressed concern with Graig and how he talks too much. Zach then caught up with Jordan and said that he is going to stay on Graig in order to keep him happy. Zach pointed out that Jordan is someone that checks his emotions at the door and is a smart Big Brother player, while Graig is someone that plays emotionally. It was mentioned that Graig will need to go in the next few weeks, potentially quite soon if he continues to act this way. Jordan felt that it would be best for him or Naeha to take Graig out so that Zach didn’t have to do it himself. Zach then told Jordan about this week’s plan to nominate Kevin and Brittnee. Jordan is hesitant to lose Kevin and would prefer to see Johnny go, as would Zach.

Jordan and Zach discussed throwing the veto to a nominee so that Johnny can be nominated. Zach revealed that Sindy is someone that scares him in the game. Jordan didn’t see her as a threat to Zach’s game and noted that she is the type of target that you want to have around. Jordan would like to see the big players stay in the game so that he and Zach can continue to be overlooked. After speaking with Jordan, Zach spoke to Naeha and advised her to be careful with Graig. He asked if she would be willing to take him out if she were to win HoH, and Naeha said that she would have no problem doing so. As for Sindy, Naeha assured Zach that she has her locked up and would not allow her to nominate Zach.

1:00-2:00 AM: Zach and Jordan met up again to discuss what type of players they should be targeting. Jordan wants to target the floaters, while Zach feels that they also need to get some competitors out so that they can have an easier time with competitions down the road. Zach was most concerned with Johnny because he is the type of person that can rally troops against them. Jordan’s ideal scenario is to have Johnny go home this week, then have someone like Naeha win HoH and take out Graig next week. Jordan is hoping that they can get both Johnny and Bobby out of the game prior to jury, as he believes that this would lead to smooth sailing for he and Zach. Sarah and Naeha also had a quick chat and pointed out that Willow, Pilar and Ashleigh feel very comfortable in Bobby’s HoH room. They believe that those three girls are working together with Bobby. Naeha is concerned that Willow is trying to get her nominated, but she is hoping that Zach can prevent that.

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