BBCAN3 Day 9 - Bobby nominates Brittnee and Kevin; Kevin wins PoV

March 27, 2015

12:00-1:00 PM: Feeds returned following the nomination ceremony and we found out that Bobby had nominated Brittnee and Kevin for eviction. Bobby explained that he had to nominate the first two people that dropped out of the HoH competition. Willow and Pilar briefly chatted and said that they are glad that they are not on the block. They promised each other that they will never nominate one another. Bobby caught up with Graig and told him that Willow wants to backdoor Johnny this week. While Bobby said that they can see how things go, he also explained that he doesn’t want to get much more blood on his hands and that nominating Johnny would be doing just that. Graig understood and told Bobby that he will have no problem nominating Johnny in a second next week. Meanwhile, Jordan informed Kevin that he is the target and that he has to win the veto. Jordan then spoke with Naeha and said that Kevin is the target. Naeha was worried that either she or Jordan would be the replacement nominee if one is needed, so she believes that the veto cannot be used even if it means that Kevin will go home.

1:00-2:00 PM: Willow and Naeha discussed that the veto competition may take place later today. They wondered what Bobby would do if he had to name a replacement nominee. They pointed out that Zach was the third person to drop out of the HoH competition, though they weren’t expecting Zach to go up. Willow mentioned that she kind of wants to save Brittnee, though Naeha said that it is not worth it since one of them could go on the block in her place. Naeha told Willow that that is the reason that she will not be using the veto if she happens to win it this week. Bobby quickly talked to Naeha afterwards, along with Bruno and Ashleigh. He explained that it wouldn’t have made sense for him to nominate Godfrey along with just one of the first people to fall, though Godfrey could be an easy replacement nominee.

3:00-4:00 PM: The veto players were selected. In addition to the HoH and the two nominees, Godfrey, Johnny and Willow will be competing. While the feeds were down, some events transpired and caused a divide in the house. Kevin overheard a conversation between Sarah, Sindy, Naeha and Willow, and then relayed what he heard to the guys. Kevin said that the girls discussed going after Godfrey, Bobby and Zach. Godfrey asked Bobby if he is fine with him using the veto to save Kevin if he wins. Bobby said that it was fine and that he will come up with a plan if that happens. Bobby pointed out that he would have to think about targeting a girl now that all of this has happened.

Meanwhile, Sindy told Naeha, Sarah and Pilar that everyone’s names were getting thrown out there and that the girls weren’t targeting any specific people. Sarah said that all that they were discussing is that they are in trouble if a girl goes home before Godfrey, but that it wouldn’t make any sense if that happened unless there is some sort of guys alliance. Sindy was upset that Graig is now not talking to her because of what Kevin had said. She pointed out that there isn’t even a girls alliance and that they just don’t want to lose another girl at this point. Sarah suggested that they use what Risha told her before she left. Sarah explained that Risha said that the guys have something and told her that she is one of them and that they will save her. They planned to say that Graig was the leader and brought in Bobby, Bruno and Godfrey. Naeha was on board with trying to spin everything against Graig. Sindy, Sarah and Naeha then went to Kevin and Johnny in order to explain what Risha had told them and what they were really discussing, simply saying that Godfrey not going up put up a huge red flag that the girls are missing something.

Naeha had a quick word with Bobby and pinned everything on Sindy. Next up, Sarah did damage control with Bobby, telling him that they know that the guys are not all together. When Bobby asked who was throwing his name out there the most, Jordan told him that he has heard that it was Sindy. Bobby said that he wanted to leave nominations the same but now he may have to get some blood on his hands. After Bobby left, Jordan assured Sarah that she is safe and that the names that are getting thrown out there are Sindy’s and Naeha’s. Sarah went on to do damage control with Graig as well.

Sarah also briefly spoke with Zach and Kevin, saying that she pushed for Godfrey to go up so that the girls would see him go up and realize that there isn’t a guys alliance. Kevin let Sarah know that he had to do what he did for his own game but that he relayed the conversation as accurately as he could and told the guys that it was Sindy and Naeha leading the charge for the girls. Bobby went to Willow in order to ask her if they would have the votes to get Sindy out if she goes up. Willow said that they would have the votes. Bobby then told her and Ashleigh that his best play is to put Sindy up next to Brittnee in order to tear the girls apart. Bobby also looked for some reassurance from those two that they are not part of a girl alliance. Both girls said that there is no such thing.

4:00-5:00 PM: Bruno and Graig then spoke to Bobby and were pressuring him to make a backdoor move in order to get one of the strong girls out. Bruno suggested that Naeha is the brains of the operation and needs to go. The guys discussed that Jordan is definitely with the Chop Shop, though he is not an official member. There was concern over Willow having been a part of the conversation with the girls and not having brought that information back to them, seeing as the guys are convinced that there is indeed a girls alliance. Bruno and Graig made it clear to Bobby that Kevin has to come off of the block and that a girl needs to go up in his place. Bobby said that he is not going after Naeha and that he would target Sindy instead.

Sarah was in the bedroom talking to herself, saying that she now has no sway in the house. While Naeha had cautioned her not to talk too much, Sarah felt that it was Naeha that is saying too much. Sarah feels as though Naeha is counting on Zach to get her to the end. Sarah mentioned that she needs to follow Zach’s lead in terms of gameplay, as he is doing well. When Naeha suggested that they push for Sindy to go up, Sarah said that they can’t be pushing for anything but she will be hoping that that happens. Meanwhile, Bobby spoke to Kevin and asked if he for sure thinks that there is a girls alliance. Kevin said that he heard it himself. Kevin also clarified that it was Sindy that was throwing names out there. Bobby let Kevin know that Sindy may have forced his hand now. Should Bobby win the veto and save Kevin, he asked Kevin to remember that. Zach and Jordan then spoke to Kevin and told him that he needs to win the veto but it is not the end of the world if he doesn’t, as others are on board with getting someone else out now.

8:00-9:00 PM: After the veto competition, we found out that Kevin had won the Power of Veto. Zach was chatting with Willow and the two agreed to have each other’s backs throughout the game. Zach reiterated that Sindy needs to go because he would be scared if she were to win HoH. Zach also mentioned that as long as Graig is in the house then nobody is going to take a swing at him, which Willow responded to by saying that she has similar thoughts when it comes to Sindy.

10:00-11:00 PM: After the feeds returned from another long break, we saw Bobby telling Sindy that she is going to be the replacement nominee. Bobby said that he hopes that Sindy could appreciate that he is telling her ahead of time and is not blindsiding her. Bobby said that he would be in trouble with the guys if he were to nominate Godfrey. He suggested that Sindy begin campaigning. Bobby proceeded to tell the rest of the houseguests that Sindy will be the replacement nominee. He explained to some of them that the conversation that Kevin overheard had changed everything, as he previously did not want the veto to be used.

Godfrey and Sindy had a chat and Godfrey let her know that the target is on her back for saying that she wanted to take him and Graig out. Sindy felt that she was misunderstood, as she only wanted to nominate two strong players so that they had an equal shot to save themselves. Sindy made it clear that she holds Graig responsible for getting her nominated. She also wanted it to be known that she was not the only person that was talking during the conversation that was overheard. Sindy named Graig as her target if she happens to stay in the house. Godfrey told her to let it be known to the rest of the house if she wants any chance of staying, cause they need to know that Graig is stirring the pot. Godfrey then chatted with Bobby and told him to be careful around Graig, because Graig has thrown both of their names out there as targets. Bobby wanted Godfrey to know that he never once considered taking him out of the game this week. They agreed to have each other’s backs, with Bobby adding that they are now forced in to a guys alliance.

11:00-12:00 AM: Sarah told Bobby that she would ideally like to keep Brittnee safe this week cause she does not trust Sindy at all. Bobby said that he would obviously like Sindy to go since she has been throwing his name out there. Bobby and Sarah said that they wouldn’t be surprised if the house was in agreement with them on that. Zach and Willow also discussed that Sindy has got to go this week. As for next week, Willow said that she would be willing to win HoH. Zach asked her if she would take out Naeha. Willow preferred to target Johnny. Zach was fine with that as long as Willow has the guts to do it. Long term, Willow said that she does not want Graig to be with them in the Final 4 or 5. Zach agreed and said that Graig will be gone long before that since he is such a big target. Zach anticipates that Naeha and Graig will be going at each other in the coming weeks.

Graig and Bruno spoke to Sindy and gave her the opportunity to clear some things up. The guys said that it’s too bad that things played out the way that they did, because Sindy was never on their radar. Sindy pleaded with them to consider the benefits of keeping her around, though Graig noted that it’s hard to trust her after she threw his name out there hours after they had discussed sticking together. Sindy mentioned that Willow had told her that Graig planned to nominate her, so it was going both ways. After Sindy left, Bruno and Graig discussed that it’s too bad that this happened, because he would rather be sending Naeha home. Bruno told Graig that he does not trust Willow. He feels that Willow is playing both sides of the house. Godfrey then joined the guys and they discussed that Naeha needs to go soon. Johnny’s name was also thrown out there as a target for the near future. Graig and Bruno agreed that Kevin would be on their side once Johnny leaves.

12:00-1:00 AM: Naeha check it with Zach and said that she wants the two of them, Sarah and Jordan to continue to stick together and ensure that they do not go on the block. Naeha expressed frustration about Pilar being in the house when she has no clue what is going. This bother Naeha since she said that there are others living there that are in love with the game and it’s their life. Zach then talked to Graig, who asked if Zach trusts Willow. Zach said that they have to. Graig was worried because Willow told Sindy that he wanted to nominate her. He also feared that Willow would go after Brittnee and Pilar if she won, as opposed to bigger threats. Zach assured Graig that Willow is willing to go after Johnny. Graig then went back to talking with Bruno and Godfrey. Bruno continually hammered home that Naeha is their biggest threat. They discussed that taking Naeha out would have been the better move this week since she has the ability to rally troops, while Sindy doesn’t.

2:00-3:00 AM: Jordan and Zach caught up with each other to compare notes. Zach said that he is getting concerned about Naeha since Kevin overheard her talking about taking out the guys. Jordan said that Naeha likes Zach and was just covering her bases. Both agreed that Naeha is likely to go in the next couple of weeks, though they expect Sarah to stick around. The guys felt that they were in a pretty good position and will have their choice of allies down the road. Jordan mentioned that they could possibly align with Willow and Kevin, giving them another option for later in the game. Zach also had some concerns about Willow because she has been talking too much and he thinks that everyone feels as though they are in good with her. Jordan agreed that she is playing a strong game and compared her to Johnny.

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