BBCAN3 - Naeha Sareen Exit Interview

April 6, 2015

If you returned to the house, who would you like to align with?

Naeha: That’s a very good question. If I were to return to the house, first and foremost I would have to evaluate what the dynamic of the house is. I’m not sure if you saw but, before I was evicted, I put into play an alliance that I thought would be pretty epic, which consisted of Sarah, Johnny, Zach, JP, Kevin, Brittnee and myself. I’ve already been working with Sarah, Johnny and Brittnee, and considering the fact that Sarah and Johnny have already voted for me to stay, it would be pretty obvious that I would have to go back to them and that I would want to. It wouldn’t make sense to kinda say “hey, you guys are the only two people that voted for me, but I don’t want to work with you”, so obviously I would work with them and I could see where that goes.

Zach, myself, Sarah and JP had a little bit of a secret alliance going on where we would kind of try to protect each other, that obviously didn’t come through at this instant because I think that Zach and JP didn’t want to show their alliance with me to the public. They wanted to kind of keep that under wraps because they essentially knew that I was going home, so it would not make any sense for them to vote for me and show to the house that they were with me. They are playing all sides of the house. For their game, it made sense to get rid of me or not to vote in my direction, but if that huge alliance, that seven person alliance I made, were still intact I would probably go there.

Considering all that went down, the target that I have on my back, considering that players in the house feel I’m a strong player, I would have to make a total change up of my game. Those alliances aside, something completely different has to occur, something perhaps that is unlikely. For example, I’m not sure if you know but it’s probably pretty much out there, I do not get along with Graig. We are battling each other on the daily in that house. He is out for my blood, I am out for his blood. It could work to my advantage to use him. One, no one in the house would suspect that I am working with him. Two, he is a loose cannon. He is going to get himself into trouble anyways, he is going to be a target no matter what…a bigger target than I possibly could be. Three, he would be ideal to take to a Final 2 situation or to the end of the game because no one is going to want to give him the money. I can’t stand the guy, but there is many benefits to keep him around in terms how it could benefit my game. The way I love this game, I would literally do anything to further my game. If it means spend some time with a guy that I absolutely don’t like at all, I would be willing to do that.

If you returned to the house, who would you like to target?

Naeha: There’s many people I would like to target in this house. I think of it in many different ways now. On a personal aspect, there’s people that I don’t really like in the house…or I feel that they are not in the game for the game, so they would be people that I would not really want in the house. At the same time, I can’t play emotionally. I have to play the game with my head straight on and there’s big threats in that house. Bobby, I think, is seriously one of the biggest threats in the house. One, you have seen this kid’s body. He has an impeccable body which would definitely aid in his success in physical competitions. Also, he is acting in the house as if he is not playing the game. That is absolutely false. He is by far seriously playing this game. He is in two different alliances that I am certain about. One is being in an alliance with three of the girls. Pilar, Willow, Ashleigh and Bobby…one alliance for sure that is not out in the open. I called it and I am pretty sure that’s going on. Two, he is definitely aligned with Graig, Bruno, Godfrey and himself. Those four are together.

When that whole little outburst with Sindy happened, that was just so gold for these guys cause they were able to turn around and say “hey, you girls are crazy. You are making up this all guys alliance. It is not true at all”, when it reality it was true. They had the ammo to get Sindy out. Sindy had become the person to leave because of that. Essentially, in my interpretation of what was going on, their target was Kevin. If Kevin came off of the block, Johnny would go up on the block. Kevin and Johnny were not part of the all guys alliance. They were able to use the incident with Sindy to their advantage. I think that Bobby is deadly in this game. He would definitely 110% be one of my targets in the house.

You mentioned hearing the audience being on your side during the HoH competition. What did that mean to you and will you use that as extra motivation if you get back into the house?

Naeha: I’m sure you can tell I’m highly motivated to get back into that house, but absolutely. That feeling…honestly, I truly felt like I was the underdog in the house. I am the underdog and to see that there is love out there for me…living in that house, you don’t know. I don’t know if people hate me, I don’t know if people love me. The best part of that whole experience was I was clearly the target, Godfrey was clearly going for me, he wanted my head on a stick and when I heard…when the comp was going on, I really didn’t hear the crowd cheer too much but what stood out was when I lost the comp and I seriously heard the crowd just like “ahhh, she lost” and they sounded upset.

That to me was like “shit”…oh sorry, sorry (laughing). I didn’t mean to swear but that to me was like “wow, people like me”. You have no idea. I don’t know the perception that I’ve given off. I don’t know if you guys see the real me or how the show is edited, but I was like “damn, this is awesome that people actually like me” and it was just motivation to continue on in the game and do better. I will keep that in my mind and if there is anything that I can do that can help my game or help me get back in the house…that motivation that came from Canada is honestly going to be gold for me.

Being compared to a Big Brother great isn't necessarily good for your game, as Derrick said when he was compared to Dan. Graig compared you to Neda in front of the whole house. How do you feel about that comparison?

Naeha: Graig straight up did that and you guys saw that in the episode the other day. However, this kid has been saying that to me since Day 1. The second I walked in the house he said it. He has been using that to his advantage, and honestly it is very destructive for my game. It’s a great comparison. She is a queen of the game and it would be nice to be compared to her. However, it is not good for my game. People are seeing a resemblance. Whether it is cause we have a similar physical appearance, you know the long the dark hair, the darker skin…that could be it. Also, the fact that hey, my name starts with an “N” and ends with an “ah” and so does hers. It just kind of worked out that for his game to kind of use that against me. It would be great if I was compared to her and the game had been going on for 10 weeks and I could have proven myself that I’m a great player like her. The fact that it happened within the first day and it has been 15-16 days now and that’s what I’m being called, it put a huge damper on my game. Essentially it is a contributing factor to my demise in the game.

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