BBCAN3 - Risha Denner Exit Interview

March 26, 2015

How do you think that votes would have went if it was the houseguests, not the viewers, voting to evict this week?

Risha: Well, I knew going in to the eviction that I was being evicted because of the pact that had been started. The houseguests wanted to have a unanimous vote and they had already agreed in advance that whoever it was, the replacement on the block if someone took themselves off, would be safe so that everybody that wasn’t nominated would remain safe and that the nominations made by the house…that would eliminate the person that was on the block.

Arisa hinted that you may get a chance to return to the game. What would you do differently if given that opportunity?

Risha: The chance to go back in the house would be amazing. Absolutely I would love to do that. I did not want to leave. Nobody wants to go out the first week. Going back in to the house, I would definitely continue playing strong. There is no way I could go in and do anything else but, and I would immediately try and form an alliance or join an alliance with Zach and Graig and Sarah, cause those were the people that I had bonded with and trusted and confided in. I knew that those were the people that I wanted to play with. They are strong physically and they are strong mentally, and I could see us as a group going far in the game.

Which houseguests do you feel are running the house and playing the hardest at this point in the game?

Risha: I would definitely have to say that Willow has got her hands in that. She has got her younger group with the superfans. They have got a really strong bond that they know the game so well. Johnny is in there as well. He is a superfan so they have that connection. I know that Naeha has probably got something going on. She is probably trying to get something started with the houseguests, but she is more calculated so she will come out slower and not quite so aggressive. I definitely know that Graig and Zach are in talks and definitely the boys are trying to get together and maybe get Bruno in there with them as well. Those are some groups that I have a feeling are trying to get things going and are running things.

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