BBCAN3 - Sindy Nguyen Exit Interview

April 2, 2015

Arisa told you that you may get a chance to return to the game. What would you do differently if given that opportunity?

Sindy: If I get this opportunity, oh my gosh, there is so many things that I would do differently. However, I would keep my competition side the same. There is no point in me not being competitive, because the houseguests would call me out on that. What I am going to change is maybe look around the corner before I talk, or not talk as much as I did before.

If you return, who would you like to target?

Sindy: What was great was before leaving I was able to see true colours of certain houseguests that I know that I am going to target when coming back, i.e. Graig, Godfrey, Kevin and Bobby.

If you return, who would you like to align with?

Sindy: I know the houseguests that I can rely on to stay true to me. Even though in this time they knew I was leaving and there as no point in having to talk to me because I am going to be gone, but they stayed true, they still talked game to me. They even said things we could have done together. Bruno, Naeha, Sarah, Jordan…these are the people that I really want to come back strong and align with, and take down the first four that ruined my game and go from there…and look cute doing it.

While you were in the house, which houseguests were you truly loyal to?

Sindy: I was really, when it comes to game, I was really loyal to Naeha. I really trusted her judgment. She plays really well. She was playing what I wanted to do, which is be sassy and be outgoing but pull back when you need to. That is what she did. I was really respecting her game and I would love to continue working with her.

Which houseguests do you feel are the biggest threats at this point in the game?

Sindy: Biggest threats in the house, game wise I still think Naeha is a huge threat. She has a strong game with her but she is just being on the down low about it. The biggest annoying threats would be Graig, Godfrey, maybe not so much Kevin and Bobby, but they are on my radar for having me be out of there in the first place. They are my targets. I don’t think they are a threat to the house, but they are my targets to get out of the house if I were to come back.

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