Arisa Cox - Host
AJ Burman
Alec Beall
Andrew Monaghan
Aneal Ramkissoon
Danielle Alexander
Emmett Blois
Gary Levy
Jillian MacLaughlin
Kat Yee
Liza Stinton
Peter Brown
Suzette Amaya
Talla Rejaei
Tom Plant
Topaz Brady

Big Brother Canada Season 1

Tasks and Missions

Handcuff Task (Episode 2)

Suzette announced that there will be a task in which the houseguests must be handcuffed to a partner. Those that complete the task were said to get a reward.

The pairs were as follows:

AJ and Andrew, Jillian and Alec, Kat and Aneal

Talla and Liza, Tom and Gary, Topaz and Emmett.

Danielle and Peter

All of the houseguests passed the task and were rewarded with food and drinks.

Marsha The Moose Mission (Episode 4)

Marsha told Peter that there are some cards with some quotes on them in the diary room. She said that there are three quotes and that Peter must pick three different houseguests to bring them up to in conversation. If the houseguests say “what are you talking about?” then the mission is a failure. If they don’t say that, Peter would win a reward for himself and the houseguests. He was given one hour to finish the mission.

The first quote was “I’m developing a rash in a really awkward place”. Peter successfully worked the quote into a conversation with Talla.

The second quote was “A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea”. Peter successfully worked the quote into a conversation with Liza.

The third quote was “The fool doth think he is wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool”. Peter successfully worked the quote into a conversation with Andrew.

As a reward for successfully completing the task, the houseguests received an Apres Ski Themed Hot Tub Party with food and alcohol.

Punishment Tasks (Episode 6)

Big Brother told the houseguests that he is aware that one of his cameras has been tampered with. The houseguests were informed that they will all be punished. As a result, whenever an alarm went off the houseguests would all have to go to the living room to be given a task that they must complete.

Task 1: Head to the garden and you must build a human pyramid and hold it for 15 seconds.
Task 2: All must fit in the main showers with the doors closed and the water running for 5 minutes.

Task 3: Brush each others' teeth.

Task 4: Each houseguest must do 15 jumping jacks before every houseguest must enter the pool, where they must submerge your heads under water simultaneously.

Task 5: When the music sounds, the houseguests will be dancing for 5 minutes. What constitutes dancing? All four of your limbs must be moving.
Task 6: Make a trail from the step from the dining room leading to kitchen, leading all the way to the bedroom. The trail must be made up of items ordered from smallest to biggest. Only one houseguest can be standing at a time and all houseguests must participate. One last thing, no two similar items can touch. That means no two forks in a row, no two plates in a row etc.

The houseguests successfully completed all of the tasks.

Andrew's Special Meal (Episode 7)

Andrew was in the storage room when the phone rang. Big Brother informed Andrew that he has a task for him. The task is to tell his fellow houseguests that he wants to cook them a very special meal that is dear to his heart. He can choose any plausible reason for the meal, however the meal must be the worst tasting meal he could ever dream of making. To succeed in the task, the houseguests must compliment Andrew on the meal. If successful, there will be pizza and beer given to the houseguests.

Andrew told the houseguests that it would have been his father’s 70th birthday, so he plans to make the carbonara dish that his father loved. Andrew told Big Brother that he threw in dill seeds, honey, cayenne pepper, sugar, fish sauce, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Tom told Andrew that the pasta was amazing, meaning that Andrew successfully completed the task. The phone then rang again and Big Brother asked to speak to Andrew. He then found the beer and pizza awaiting him in the storage room.

Pedicures (Episode 10)

Canada’s vote: “Haves” receive pedicures from “Have Nots”

Marsha the Moose Mission (Episode 13)

AJ had to tell two houseguests that he has decided that when he leaves the house he will turn his obstacle course workout into a fitness DVD. The houseguests need to help him come up with a name for it and at least two houseguests must participate. The entire house will be rewarded or punished based on AJ’s success in the mission.

AJ got the houseguests to help come up with the name “AJ’s Obstacle Of Life” and then convinced Talla and Topaz to participate in the obstacle course, meaning that he successfully completed the task.

As a reward for completing the mission, the houseguests received a summertime BBQ pool party.

Double Date Night (Episode 14)

The houseguests took part in Double Date Night with Suzette and AJ. The dating companions cannot be houseguests currently in a showmance. Peter and Talla were chosen and they had a steak and lobster dinner. The other houseguests had roles in the dinner.

Maitre d - Emmett
Waiter - Alec
Chef - Jillian
Sous Chef - Andrew
Entertainers - Gary and Topaz

There was a pinata given to the houseguests that were not involved in the double date. Gary found a piece of paper that fell to the ground, giving him a power. Gary has the ability to replace one of the randomly selected veto players next week.

Girly Drinks (Episode 17)

Canada’s Vote: Girly Drinks

Yes Task (Episode 18)

Big Brother took away the houseguests’ food. Every time the phone rings, they need to say yes. If they complete the task, they are all haves for the week, otherwise they are all have nots for the week.

Jillian was asked if she would like to smother Alec’s entire chest in peanut butter and lick it all off. Jillian said yes.

Talla was asked if she would like to wax Andrew’s legs. She said yes.

Topaz was asked if she would like to speak only in French. She said yes.

Emmett was asked if he would like to answer the phone the next 5 times. He said yes. Big Brother then asked him if he would like to drink a glass of cold milk each time. He said yes.

Peter was asked if he would like to eat an entire salad. He said yes.

Alec was asked if he would like to bathe in a bath of fish guts for 5 minutes. He said yes.

The houseguests successfully passed the task and are all haves for the week. They were rewarded with pizza and wings.

Marge The Moose Mission (Episode 19)

Peter’s mission is to make the houseguests think that Tom is coming back into the house. If successful, Peter will win a reward for the entire house.

Peter was successful in his mission. As a result, the houseguests got to make a luxury shopping list of five food items to be brought into the house. The houseguests chose lobster, beef tenderloin, sushi, ribs and vodka.

Freeze Task (Episode 22)

Jillian answered the phone and was told that the entire house has a mission. Jillian gathered her fellow houseguests in the living room and told them that the mission is to freeze immediately once Big Brother announces that they must freeze. If the house succeeds, they will all receive a significant reward that brings them closer to home. If any one person moves, they will fail and will receive a punishment.

Visitors: Sumo wrestler, 5 Toronto Argonaut cheerleaders and Andrew’s twin brother, Pete

The houseguests successfully passed the freeze task. As a reward, the houseguests received video calls from home.

Marsha The Moose Mission (Episode 24)

Talla's mission is to host a one hour talk show called “Talking With Talla” in the living room. Talla must start the show with a two minute monologue, then must interview the houseguests one at a time to find out one interesting thing about them that she didn’t already know. When she gets that, she must respond with “I did not know that”. If successful, Talla will earn a reward for the whole house.

Talla successfully completed her mission, earning the houseguests a reward. The houseguests were given Tallatinis as a result of the mission.