Big Brother: Over The Top Day 52 - Justin advances to the Final 4

November 18, 2016

1:00-2:00 PM: The final care package was delivered. Seeing as everyone but Justin had already received one, Justin was the only one eligible for it. He received the “Final 4 Challenge” care package. Justin will be given the opportunity to automatically advance to the Final 4 if he can complete a challenge. If he fails to complete the challenge, Justin will be eligible for nomination and he may be evicted this week.

2:00-3:00 PM: Jason mentioned how he was top three in America’s Favorite voting because he made everyone else hated by what he said about them. He suggested that he will go home and drag people if he leaves this week. Upstairs, Shelby told Morgan about it and mocked Jason by saying “keep me around so I wont drag you on Twitter”. Shelby said Jason is a vile little basement creature. Morgan said he has got to go. Morgan told Shelby that she is over Jason’s pity party. Back downstairs, Jason told Kryssie that he definitely ruffled Shelby’s feathers. Jason said Shelby and Morgan wont be able to handle being dragged by him. Jason thinks that the girls may now be realizing that they are not going to win the game if they release him to the outside world before the finale. Jason vowed to slay them from every corner of the universe. He said he will drag Shelby so hard on Twitter that no one will vote for her to win. The houseguests were given access to the backyard. Justin’s Final 4 challenge awaited them. Justin was told that he will be given two hours to practice walking across a slack line. He will then get one official attempt to successfully make it across without falling. If he does it, he will advance to the Final 4.

4:00-5:00 PM: After the two hours of practice time were up, it was time for Justin to make his official attempt at walking across the slack line. Justin successfully made it across and rang the bell. Justin earned a spot in the Final 4. Justin cannot be nominated this week and he is safe from eviction.

6:00-7:00 PM: Justin told Morgan he is excited since he cannot be the Plan B if Jason win the veto. He said he knows that Shelby is stressing out. Morgan asked Justin if he would still vote Jason out if Shelby is on the block. Justin said no. Morgan asked why. Justin said he sees Shelby as an end game threat. Justin told Morgan that he thinks Shelby is more popular on the show than Jason is. Morgan said she has thought about that before. Justin said Shelby would win against any of them if she makes it to the end. Morgan told Justin that Jason will need to go next week if Shelby goes this week. Justin said yeah and told Morgan that he is glad he secured his spot since he knew that he was the Plan B. Justin let Morgan know that he wants to stick with the people that have been with him since the beginning. Justin also said Shelby will not bring him to the Final 3 so that’s why he would vote her out. Morgan asked Justin if he would still be with her next week if Shelby goes. Justin said that he would. Morgan then headed upstairs. Morgan told Shelby that she doesn’t trust Justin. She said she overheard Justin telling Kryssie that he is so happy and he cannot wait to help Jason out this week. Morgan said she then asked if he is still on board to vote Jason out and he said he is but there are things to consider. Morgan told Shelby that she can see Jason, Justin and Kryssie teaming up and trying to get to the Final 3 together. Shelby said Justin would be an idiot if he wants that, though they already knew that he was kind of an idiot. Shelby told Morgan that they have to win veto. Morgan agreed. Morgan suggested that Jason has been preaching Shelby is a bigger character in order to make himself seem less likeable. Morgan pointed out that they knew they would have to win their way through this game anyway. Shelby said she feels like she is going to call Justin out. Morgan asked Shelby not to tell Justin what she said. They talked about having Shelby ask Justin if he is still on board with their Final 4 plan. Justin let Jason and Kryssie know about his talk with Morgan. He told Jason that he is his Day 1 and he wants him in the end even if he finishes in second or third place. Justin said it is important for him to stay loyal to the people who have rolled with him since the start. Justin said that it was meant to be if he ends up losing to Jason. Jason said the same back to Justin. Justin told Jason and Kryssie that they have to win the veto and then save one of them so that Shelby has to go on the block.

7:00-8:00 PM: Live diary room sessions took place. Justin said his ideal Final 3 is with Jason and Kryssie. Justin said those are his original people who he has been loyal to. Kryssie was next up. She too said that she wants to go to the end with Jason and Justin. Kryssie thinks that the three of them have been playing the game since Day 1. Kryssie believes that she has done a great job making herself not appear like a threat. She said she has done a lot of puppeteering behind the scenes and she has been able to get things done without anybody know that she was the one to get it done. Kryssie thinks that Morgan and Shelby want to take her to the end because they think she is a loser. Kryssie said they are so wrong. After Kryssie, Shelby took her turn in the diary room. She explained that Justin is going to vote her out so her only strategy for this week is for her or Morgan to win the veto. Shelby mentioned that she might speak to Justin about throwing the veto competition. Shelby said her ideal Final 3 is with Morgan and “10K Kryssie”. Shelby explained that Kryssie hasn’t done anything other than coast and have everyone take her to the end because she isn’t a threat.

8:00-9:00 PM: During his live diary room session, Jason said it’s going to come down to an all out brawl for the veto this week. Jason feels that his side has been the underdog even though Morgan and Shelby believe that their side has been. Jason said that Morgan and Shelby have not been stressed out at all and they have never been targeted. He thinks that their luck has to run out eventually. As for who he would like to see at the end with him, Jason admitted that he has gone back and forth between Justin and Morgan. He wants Kryssie at the end with him and said he is now thinking that he will be loyal and take Justin with him if given the option. However, he admitted that the decision has not yet been finalized. Morgan said she has to pray that she or Shelby win the veto this week so that they can get Jason out. She said that she would love to be at the end with Kryssie because she thinks that she can beat her. Aside from Kryssie. Morgan said she would love to have Shelby in the Final 3 as well.


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