Big Brother: Over The Top Day 55 - Jason wins the Power of Veto

November 21, 2016

1:00-3:00 PM: The veto competition took place. The houseguests competed individually. In the backyard was a maze with three pieces of corn hidden throughout it. The first to find all three pieces, goes through the exit and ring in will win the Power of Veto. The results of the competition were as follows:

Jason 1:30
Justin 1:56
Kryssie 2:05
Shelby 4:24
Morgan 11:00

Jason won the Power of Veto. Morgan and Shelby headed up to the HoH room. Morgan started to cry. Shelby told her not to or else she is going to cry too. Morgan felt that she had ruined their chances. Shelby pointed out that she messed it up too and they had no chance since all three of the others finished so quickly. Shelby encouraged Morgan to win the next HoH competition so that she can take Jason out. Morgan mentioned that Shelby deserves to be there as much as anybody. Shelby said it’s okay because she has a good life outside of the house and probably needs the money the least out of everyone remaining aside from Justin. Shelby said Morgan saved her with her care package and then she saved Morgan after that, so they are even at this point. Morgan worried that she would struggle without Shelby, though Shelby reminded her that it will only be eight days and she can do it. Shelby told Morgan that she is likely going to reveal her secret about being a lawyer before she leaves. Elsewhere, Jason told Justin that this means the pineapple is going swimming. He had hidden the pineapple from the girls a couple of days earlier.

3:00-4:00 PM: Shelby told Morgan that she and Alex will be leading the social media charge, trying to make sure that people are voting for Morgan to win the game. Shelby told Morgan that she will have the most competition wins if she can take Jason out, and she will be the underdog who has lost her entire alliance and her sister. Shelby said she at least knows that she has no chance since Jason won the veto, as opposed to if Justin had won it and she had to fight for her life. Shelby said it feels kind of peaceful when you know that you are going to go. Morgan asked if she could refuse to do the veto ceremony. Shelby said no. She told Morgan that it would make her look like Audrey. Shelby discussed the plan for the reveal that she is a lawyer. Shelby said she may wait until someone says something about her being a waitress, then she will say that they must be dumber than she was pretending to be if they think that she is a waitress. Morgan continued to cry off and on. She said that she doesn’t want to make it to the night before finale only to go home and let Shelby, Alex, Scott and everyone on their side down. Morgan also said it’s frustrating that Shelby would beat Justin, Kryssie and probably Jason but she will not be there. Shelby said it’s okay and that if the point in her being there was to win HoH and the veto after the double eviction so that Morgan could stay and win, she is fine with that. Shelby told Morgan to stop beating herself up. Justin told Jason that he should maybe give Shelby the pineapple. Jason asked if he really should. Justin said it’s the right thing to do. Jason then got the pineapple and brought it up to the HoH room. After he left the room, Shelby said “surprise, Jason took it. How mature of him”.

5:00-6:00 PM: Justin told Kryssie that she is in the best spot. Kryssie said she is and she isn’t since she is in the best spot to come in last. Justin suggested that Kryssie will make it to the end no matter what. Kryssie told him that finishing in third is not what she came there to do. Kryssie said she is useless in Big Brother, only having one HoH win in a competition that she got lucky in. Aside from that, Kryssie said she has just been sitting there playing a good social game. However, Kryssie said she would rather be at the end with people she thinks that she cannot beat than to take the easy way out by stacking the weak players against her. Kryssie admitted that the gamer in her says Jason has got to go, though she is not turning her back on him now and she would never do that to him. Justin agreed. Jason then joined them. He said the three of them should feel triumphant since they were always in the minority and in trouble, yet all three of them have now advanced to the Final 4.

8:00-9:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Shelby practiced her speech for eviction night. She started it off by saying that Morgan had better win one or both of the final competitions so that she has someone to root for in the finale. Next, she said she hopes her friends who took the bar exam are not done celebrating, seeing as she will need someone to drown her sorrows with whether she passed or failed. She then added that she will spell it out for the Hypocridiots since they are not the brightest bunch. Shelby plans to reveal that she is a lawyer at that point. After, Morgan told Shelby that she has to keep thinking she is there for a reason. Shelby told Morgan that her reason for being there is to win and to take out Jason. Morgan mentioned that the others seem to be playing for Jason. Shelby joked that that’s the twist, with Big Brother putting a bunch of idiots in the house who just want Jason to win the game. Morgan said Kryssie seems to be accepting third place and Justin probably couldn’t care less what he gets. Shelby said Kryssie will be getting third place no matter what happens. Morgan said it’s really annoying.


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