Big Brother: Over The Top Day 57 - Shelby is evicted; Jason wins the final HoH

November 23, 2016

5:00-6:00 PM: The live vote and eviction took place. During her eviction speech, Shelby mentioned the LSATs and told the “hypocridiots” that she graduated law school earlier this year. Shelby was then evicted by a vote of 2-0. Jason and Justin were the voters. Justin congratulated Shelby on graduating law school. Jason told her that she played a great game. On her way out, he offered her the stash of Krackels that he had hidden. Shelby turned them down and told Jason that she has enough candy from the HoH baskets that she actually won.

6:00-7:00 PM: After Shelby left, Justin said that graduating law school is such a huge accomplishment. Jason said he told them that Shelby was the smartest one in there. Julie then had a message for the houseguests. She informed them that they will all be battling in the final HoH competition. She said that the winner will automatically advance to finale night. Julie then explained that the winner will get to choose another houseguest to take with them to the finale. The remaining two houseguests will then face on in a do or die competition for the final spot. After Julie’s announcement, Morgan told the houseguests that Alex is her sister. Morgan explained that that’s why she had such a hard time with Alex leaving since it was her dream to be there. Jason said no wonder why he couldn’t tell Alex and Morgan apart for the first week. Justin said he couldn’t tell them apart for a long time either. Morgan mentioned that she told Kryssie about Alex being her sister a while back in order to help build trust in hope of solidifying their Final 4 deal. Kryssie told her it was a Final 3 deal. Morgan discussed that she had no idea that Alex had also applied until the two of them were both flown to LA. Morgan said she didn’t know that Alex would be on the show until she walked in the door. After Morgan left, Kryssie told Jason and Justin that she didn’t believe Morgan when she told her that Alex was her sister.

7:00-8:00 PM: The final HoH competition of the season got underway. The houseguests each had their own board and had to maneuver balls up it in the correct order of the HoH winners. Jason won the competition in less than 10 minutes, earning himself a spot in the Final 3. Afterwards, Jason told the houseguests that his twist is he was voted in by America. He revealed that Jozea was the other option.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jason let Kryssie and Morgan know that he doesn’t have his mind up with regards to who he will save. He said he is willing to hear everyone out. Once Justin was in the shower, Jason mentioned that the competition will probably be veto winners or the have-not order. Kryssie said Justin will be really easy to beat if so. Jason told Kryssie and Morgan that he cannot give Justin safety. Jason told the girls that he hopes whichever one of them has to battle against Justin will beat him. Jason pointed out that Justin played a strong floater game and will be able to say that he threw every competition, did nothing and still made it to the end. Jason acknowledged that he has been an ass this season. He said he cannot go to the end with someone like Justin for that reason, seeing as people are not going to love him like they used to. Kryssie said part of the reason she stayed close to Justin is because she knew he would be easy to cut at the end. Jason told Morgan that he has a newfound respect for her game now that he knows she had other types of mountains to climb, referring to the sister twist. He admitted that he previously thought the girls had it easy and that nothing went against them until Alex left.

9:00-10:00 PM: Morgan mentioned that Alex would have been better on regular Big Brother. She thought that America would want to know more about you when it came to this version. Kryssie said America probably wanted to see more of her playing. Morgan wondered if America didn’t like that they were working together. Kryssie said they might not have liked that Alex was so closed off. Kryssie thought that the viewers might have wanted Alex to lie more and sell that they are not sisters so that people would be blindsided by it. After Morgan headed to the bedroom, Kryssie told Jason that Morgan has got this if she goes up against Justin. Jason said it’s the only option that they have. He told Kryssie that he is bringing her to the finale and will not leave her to compete against Justin. Jason said he doesn’t think that Justin can even be mad about it since Kryssie has been the one who kept the connected throughout.

12:00-1:00 AM: Jason, Justin and Kryssie chatted up in the HoH room. Kryssie told Jason that she is so proud of him. Justin congratulated Jason. Kryssie commented on how she doesn’t know what she would do if she were in Jason’s position. Jason then said that unfortunately for Justin he has to save Kryssie. Justin said he is not tripping because he figured that. Kryssie said they need Justin to beat Morgan. Justin said he knew that. Jason explained that he made a deal with Kryssie on Day 2 and then made something with Justin on Day 3. Justin said it’s all good because he actually has an alliance with Morgan anyway. He told them that they are the “Terrible Two”. Jason asked when that started. Justin said it was probably about two weeks ago, which his how he knew that Morgan would have been on board to vote Shelby out. Justin said he had a good run regardless of what happens. Justin admitted that he would have picked Kryssie over Jason, though he knows for a fact that Jason would beat Morgan. Jason said Morgan will have a valid argument to win as long as she can say more than “I was here with my sister”, since she had different things to deal with than the rest of them did. After Jason and Kryssie left the room, Justin vowed to fight his way to the Final 3. He told America that the kid is not done. Justin then headed down to the bathroom. Justin said all he needs to do is win the next competition and he knows for sure that he can beat Jason at the end. Justin said he doesn’t care how many fans Jason has because he has probably got way more fans than Jason. Justin claimed that he watched his fair share of Big Brother and this OTT experience has been nothing like it. Justin headed up to the HoH room. He told Jason and Kryssie that he learned the game while he was there and his social game got him to this point. Justin said he created at least four different alliances. Justin said he had something going on with Alex, with Scott, with Morgan and Shelby and with Whitney. Justin said the reason he and Scott were so tight is because they were running it. Justin told Jason and Kryssie that he is confident that everything he has said in the DR and done up to this point will carry him to the top. Kryssie said she will hope that she wins but she will prepare for third place.

1:00-2:00 AM: Justin headed downstairs, leaving Jason and Kryssie alone in the HoH room. Jason told Kryssie that Justin was telling America all of the reasons why he should win over them. Kryssie was disappointed that Justin downplayed the fact that she has been on the block a number of times. Jason commented on how Justin thinks that he has done everything right and he even thinks that he was running the show with Scott. Kryssie said she wishes that she had a third of Justin’s confidence. Kryssie pointed out that Jason has the most competition wins in there. She said Justin doesn’t understand that floating is a terrible strategy. Jason said it’s a viable strategy to get to the end but it’s not a respectable strategy. Jason told Kryssie that what Justin just did really pissed him off. He said he hopes that Morgan beats Justin now. Jason said what Justin is doing is rude and he would like to make sure that Morgan beats him now. Downstairs, Justin let Morgan know that he told Jason and Kryssie about the Terrible Two. He then said Jason claims to have made a previous alliance with Kryssie. Morgan admitted that she would have taken Kryssie had she won tonight. Justin said his ideal Final 3 was the two of them and Kryssie. Justin thinks that Kryssie would have chose him over Jason had she been given the opportunity to choose. Justin told Morgan that he feels he has played such a good game. Justin said he is very happy with everything no matter if he wins or loses. He told Morgan that nothing would make him feel better than being at the end with Jason and beating him. Justin said he thinks that he has played a far better game than Jason has, seeing as he was on both sides of the house the entire game and he has prevailed. Justin said Jason was America’s pick but he has been a complete dick this whole experience. Morgan said that is true. She told Justin that she will not throw the competition if that is what he is trying to get her to do. Justin said he doesn’t want her to throw a thing to her. Justin told Morgan to give it her all because he is going to give it his all.


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