Big Brother: Over The Top Day 60 - Jason chooses to take Kryssie to the Final 3

November 26, 2016

1:00-2:00 PM: Jason gathered the houseguests in the living room for a ceremony. Jason explained that as the winner of the final HoH competition, he has secured his spot in the Final 3 and his last task as HoH is to chose someone to bring alone with him. Jason said he has been trying to weigh out end game decisions where he can win versus keep game long loyalties. He said that’s what his decision came down to. Jason then revealed that he is choosing to bring Kryssie to the Final 3. That means Justin and Morgan will competing against each other for the third and final spot in the Final 3 on Tuesday. The loser of the competition will be evicted.

2:00-3:00 PM: Kryssie told Morgan that Justin keeps sulking. Morgan said she thinks that Justin is dead set on the final competition being something physical. Morgan said she tried to explain that there may be a physical component to it but she wouldn’t bank on it only being that. Kryssie said it’s still Big Brother and Justin seems to think that the Big Brother portion of this game is over when it’s not. Morgan said she has tried to explain to Justin that Jason and Kryssie are still his friends and that they could only save one person. Morgan told Kryssie that Justin says he doesn’t like how they are throwing his name under the bus. Kryssie brought up that she is the reason why Justin is still in the house. They talked about how Justin chose not to participate in the Thanksgiving festivities. Kryssie pointed out that she wore her costume on Halloween and participated that evening even though the dress did not fit her properly. Morgan said it took everything in her to tell Justin that he is acting spoiled, not depressed. Kryssie admitted that it bothered her when Justin decided they aren’t friends anymore once she put him in his place. They agreed that Justin is used to getting what he wants. Kryssie discussed how a Final 3 of Jason, Morgan and herself would be fair since they played different enough games that it would come down to who wants it. Kryssie said Danielle and Shelby had to go because their stats were too good when it came to competitions. Kryssie explained that she knew she would have to rely on her strategy and her ability to black widow her alliance from within, having them do her dirty work.

4:00-5:00 PM: Up in the HoH room, Jason and Kryssie discussed Justin. Jason feels that Justin would give an arrogant speech in the Final 3 and it would not come off well. Jason wondered if Justin would also use that time to pull out one of his sob stories. He mentioned Justin saying that they don’t know why he was homeless. Jason suggested that it was probably cause he was seriously on drugs or something. They then discussed that Justin comes from money and does not need the $250,000. Kryssie said Morgan told her that his family owns a shopping mall. Jason called Justin a spoiled little rich kid. Kryssie said he is an entitled little kid. Kryssie said she is disappointed in herself for spending so much time making sure that Justin was okay. Jason said Justin doesn’t know how to pay anyone back for what they have done for him because he always has people handing him things. Kryssie thinks that the only reason Justin is still there is because of her. Jason said he is part of the reason too but Kryssie is a bigger part. Jason and Kryssie agreed that they played a better game than Justin.

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