Big Brother: Over The Top Day 63 - Morgan wins the final comp; Justin is evicted

November 29, 2016

5:00-6:00 PM: The final competition of the season took place. Justin and Morgan faced off with a spot in the Final 3 on the line. Jason and Kryssie had already secured their spots. Justin and Morgan went head to head, attempting to be the first to match the photos of the nine evicted houseguests with nine clues on a board. There was also a physical component to the competition, as the houseguests had to run around fences each time that they retrieved a photo. They were only able to carry one photo at a time. Morgan won the competition and advanced to the Final 3. Justin congratulated Morgan and the rest of the Final 3. He then had to walk out the front door as he was evicted and finished in 4th place. The houseguests then gathered in the living room for a message from Julie. Julie told them that they will have a chance to make their final plea to America tomorrow night at 7 PM ET.

6:00-7:00 PM: The Final 3 enjoyed champagne while sitting in the living room and reminiscing about the season. Jason pointed out that one of them is going to be rich. Morgan said $250,000 is a lot of money. Both she and Jason agreed that they would do this for $50,000. Jason wondered if the evicted houseguests would be given a chance to ask them a question on finale night even though they will not be voting. He mentioned that Big Brother Australia also polled their houseguests to see who they would vote for if they were given the chance to choose a winner. Jason thought that it would be interesting to incorporate that into the finale as well.

7:00-8:00 PM: Jason told Morgan that he is so excited for her. Morgan said she is excited too. Kryssie said they didn’t even want to think about any other scenario than Morgan winning. They discussed that they wouldn’t have guessed they would be feeling that way as of a couple of weeks ago. Jason pointed out that Justin took things well tonight. Morgan agreed. She said part of her thought that Justin would be a little bitter. Jason said he thought that Justin was going to be going home as soon as he came to apologize to him today, even though Justin may not have known it. Kryssie said she is happy that it’s the three of them at the end. Kryssie told Jason and Morgan that she thinks they deserve to be there and they played different enough games to a point where it’s hard to know which way America will vote.

8:00-9:00 PM: Jason headed to the bedroom and talked to the viewers. He said if Kryssie really thinks that she pulled every string then she is as delusional as Justin was. Jason thinks that Kryssie is trying to make it seem like what she did on the tail end of a plan was great and downplays what he did. Jason said he had to play his game in the spotlight and he had to win competitions. Jason said Kryssie has been trying to rattle off her resume to America ever since she found out that she would be in the Final 3. Jason said he was at least entertaining, whether his moves were messy or smart. Jason listed off hiding the Krackels, making fake alliances and stealing the pineapple as things that he did to keep things entertaining. Jason admitted to being tired of hearing how the rest of them are nothing next to Kryssie. He said she can go ahead and take credit for everything. Jason told the viewers to go back and fact check the things that Kryssie is taking credit for. Jason said Kryssie let things fall into her lap whereas he went out and made things happen. Jason explained that Kryssie’s puppeteering of Justin got her nowhere and was wasted time since Justin didn’t ever pay anyone back anyway.

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