Big Brother: Over The Top - Monte Massongill Exit Interview

October 15, 2016

We got the chance to take part in a conference call with Monte. Monte made it clear that he would have done things differently in week one if he could do it all over again, especially once he found out about how involved America is this season. Monte regrets not taking Jason up on his offer and working with him. He also regrets playing so aggressively that week. Monte said he would not have wanted to be the first HoH had he known that America would get to nominate someone for eviction. If he had the chance to do his nominations over again, Monte said he would likely go with something along the lines of Kryssie and Shelby. Despite both of America’s nominees being the ones to leave thus far, Monte said he has no issue with America’s level of involvement in the game or with their decisions. More from the the interview can be found below.

The America’s votes have went against your side up until this point. What do you think your allies need to do to get America on their side moving forward?

Monte: That’s one of the reasons I wanted to stay in the house. I believe I could have done some things that really shed some light on my real character. I had a rough week there and some things were done that weren’t very classy. I think over time I could have persuaded to at least make it 50/50, kind of a toss up, instead of just targeting my side of the house. I think they just need to play the game smart, stay in the shadows as much as you can, don’t win HoH even though winning HoHs and vetoes is the only sure thing you have got in this. Other than that, stay true to who you are. You have got to be careful with how you react to things. What can happen is a knee jerk reaction, and it’s important that you keep those in check.

Julie informed you that Alex and Morgan are sisters. How surprised were you to hear that, and how long do you think they will be able to keep that a secret?

Monte: Man, that shocked me big time cause I was close with both of them, and especially Morgan. After she said it, I was like that makes perfect sense because they are both blonde, both from Texas and they look just like siblings. One is a Texas Longhorn and one is an Aggie, one is a cheerleader and one is more book smart. Looking back at it, it’s kind of like “wow, that makes perfect sense”. I heard Jason and Justin may have been getting close to it but I don’t think they are going to put it together. That’s incredible. They are playing that absolutely outstanding. I would have never guessed it.

Now that Scott is HoH, what do you think his best move would be?

Monte: I know he personally doesn’t like Kryssie, but I don’t think he should target her. I don’t think she is that big of a threat. For his game, I think he needs to go after Danielle and somebody else from that side. Danielle because she has got power over Shane. If he can free Shane up, maybe Shane would be kind of somewhat open to helping some people. Maybe a Justin or a Jason because both of them are strong players too. I’m definitely pulling for Neeley, Morgan or Whitney to win.

After you made your comment about Justin stealing his clothes, a number of the houseguests questioned your character and Neeley directly asked if you are racist. What did you learn from that whole situation?

Monte: You have got to be careful with how you word things because everything can be taken out of context. We were joking around and that was honestly meant like from a friend, not from a store or anything. I meant it was one of his friends that he bummed off of him or asked that he could borrow it and never gave it back. That was my intention behind that. That was my process thinking that. Once it was said, I could see how it could be perceived in another way. Definitely just be careful with how you word things. Like I said, he is a great guy and I have nothing against him personally. Just the way he talked about women is the only thing I could say I was a little concerned about with him. Other than that, I think he is a really good guy.

Video of Monte's comment about Justin stealing his clothes, plus the fallout that followed can be found below.

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