Battle Of The Block Competitions

Big Brother 16

"The Pouring 20s"

Brittany Martinez and Victoria Rafaeli

"We Did What?!"

Hayden Voss and Nicole Franzel


Amber Borzotra and Donny Thompson

"Knight Moves"

Amber Borzotra and Jocasta Odom

"Wedding Crashers"

Christine Brecht and Nicole Franzel

"Domino Effect"

Caleb Reynolds and Victoria Rafaeli


"Moving The Chains"

Caleb Reynolds and Frankie Grande

"The Black Box"

Christine Brecht and Donny Thompson


Big Brother 17


Becky Burgess and John McGuire

"Give Me Props"

Jason Roy and Steve Moses

"Gronk's Amazing Foam Party"

Jason Roy and Meg Maley


"Grunge Bob"

Jackie Ibarra and James Huling

"Splashy Headlines"

James Huling and Liz Nolan