Food Competitions

Big Brother 2

"All Stuffed Up"

"Pound Of Flesh"

"Catch Of The Day"

"Mysteries Of The Big Brother Pyramid"

"The Perfect Meal"

"Big Brother Breakfast Bowl"

"An Offer Almost Too Good To Refuse"

"Big Brother Jenga"

"Shop Until You Drop"


"From The Lips To The Hips"


Big Brother 3

"Building A Nest Egg"

"Eggs Over Easy"

"Brownie House"

"Gastronomic Batik"

"I Can Eat Anything Better Than You"



"Making The Donuts"

"Sweet Surprise"


"The Dinner Party From Hell"

"Squeeze Play"


Big Brother 4

"X Marks The Spot"


"Clash Of The Casseroles"


"Laying Pipe"

"50 Ways To Cook A Houseguest"

"Clambake From Hell"

"Big Brother Ball Room"

"Mexotic Dinner"


Big Brother 5

"Food Spiral"


"Alphabet Soup"

"Fast Times And Custard Pie"

"Backyard Burger Bonanza"

"Smoothies From Hell"


Big Brother 6


"The Snack Shack From Hell"

"Big Brother Spelling Bee"


"Matching Munchies 05"

"Conveyor Belch"


Big Brother 7

"Slop Until You Drop"

"A Balanced Diet"

"Food Fight"


"Big Brother Bakery"

"The Birds And The Bees"


Big Brother 8

"Butter Me Up"

"Name That Pie"

"Mission Inpastabowl"

"Humpty Scramble"

"For Those About To Slop"

"Slop Pong"


Big Brother 9

"What A Catch"

"Big Asparaguess"

"A Little Fon Will Due Ya"


"To Slop Or Not To Slop"

"A True Big Brother Mash"


Big Brother 10

"Buggin' Out"

"Stop Your Wine-ing"

"BB Valley High Sock Hop"


"In The News"

"Big Brother Rock, Paper, Scissors"