Host - Julie Chen
Braden Bacha
Casey Turner
Chima Simone
Jeff Schroeder
Jessie Godderz
Jordan Lloyd
Kevin Campbell
Laura Crosby
Lydia Tavera
Michele Noonan
Natalie Martinez
Ronnie Talbott
Russell Kairouz


Big Brother 11

Have/Have-Not Competition - “Big Brother Rave” (Episode 2)

On the dance floor is a neon coloured lane for each of the cliques with four oversized letters that spell out the word “have”. When the neon juices start flowing, the cliques must use the pipes and joints provided and assemble them to pipe the juice through all of the letters, starting with “H” and ending with “E”.

The houseguests must also make their psychedelic wheel spin. The last team to do so will be the have-nots for the week.

The Offbeats finished first, followed by the Popular clique.

Chima, Michele and Ronnie, The Brains, are the have-nots for the week.

Have-Not Selection (Episode 5)

As the winners of the luxury competition, Casey and Chima were given the right to choose the have-nots for the week. They decided to make the Popular Clique the have-nots.

Have/Have-Not Competition - “Backyard Bash” (Episode 8)

On go, the teams must race their BB keg cruisers around the track, collect one ice cube and cruise over to the spinning cups and toss it in. The goal is to water down everyone else’s cup. The clique with the most cubes after 15 minutes will be the have-nots. The houseguests will be wearing beer goggles for the competition.

Ice Cubes: Brains 13, Offbeats 12, Popular 11.

Chima, Michele and Ronnie, The Brains, will be the have-nots for the week.

The have-not menu for the week is cabbage and cocktail weenies.

Have-Not Selection (Episode 11)

During the "Big Brother Graduation" HoH Competition, Jordan won the power to choose the three have-nots for the week. Jordan chose to make Jessie, Kevin and Natalie the have-nots for the week.

The have-not menu for the week is squash and squid.

Have-Not Selection (Episode 14)

As losers of "The Goods" Luxury Competition, the have-nots for the week are Jeff, Kevin, Lydia and Michele.

Luxury Competition - “The Goods” (Episode 14)

The houseguests divided in to two teams, shirts and ties. In the yard are a variety of tools that will help you make a sale. Each tool is tagged with the exact number of cars it will sell. Your job is to pack your team’s car with the sales tools and fit your team in to the front seat. The team that packs the sales tools that add up to the higher number of cars sold will win the special screening of “The Goods”.

You will have 5 minutes to pack your cars. One member of the winning team will have the chance at walking away with a big payday, while the losing team will become the have-nots for the week.

Shirts: Jessie, Jordan, Natalie and Russell.
Ties: Jeff, Kevin, Lydia and Michele.

Results: Shirts 410, Ties 399.

Jessie, Jordan, Natalie and Russell won the competition. They will attend the screening of “The Goods” and got to choose a commission envelope. The houseguest with the highest amount in their envelope will win that prize.

Envelopes: Russell $10,000, Natalie $9,999, Chima $8,500, Jessie $7,500, Jordan $5,000.

Russell won $10,000.

Have/Have-Not Competition - “Chaosserole” (Episode 17)

The houseguests will be working together to earn food and privileges for the week. Big Brother has whipped up some casseroles. On go, you and your partner will go down the slide in to the casserole. Somewhere on the table are two casseroles that contain the same ingredients and match a podium in the yard. Find and correctly place a pair of casseroles on its corresponding podium to earn food for that day of the week.

Teams: Chima and Natalie, Jeff and Jordan, Kevin and Lydia, Michele and Russell.

Monday - No food.
Tuesday - Food.
Wednesday - Food.
Thursday - Food.
Friday - Food.
Saturday - Food.
Sunday - Food.
BBQ Grill - Yes.
No Cold Showers - Yes.
Steak and Lobster Dinner - No.

Have-Not Selection (Episode 20)

The have-nots for the week are Michele and Russell, because they got the fewest cans in to their tubes in the “Can Do” HoH Competition.

The have-not menu for the week is churros and chitlins.