Host - Julie Chen
Adam Poch
Cassi Colvin
Dominic Briones
Kalia Booker
Keith Henderson
Lawon Exum
Porsche Briggs
Shelly Moore


Big Brother 13

Have/Have-Not Competition - “Cows On The Moon" (Episode 2)

Each team must herd themselves to the “Milky Way”, dive in, and soak up as much milk as possible. They will then head back to their station where the milkman will help squeeze out all of the milk. The first two teams to fill up all six jugs will be the haves for the week. The losing team will be the have-nots and will be on slop for the week.

Blue Team: Daniele, Dick, Jeff and Jordan.
Green Team: Adam, Dominic, Keith and Porsche.
Orange Team: Cassi, Kalia, Lawon and Shelly.

The blue team was the first to fill all six jugs, followed by the green team. The orange team will be the have-nots for the week.

Have/Have-Not Competition - “March Of The Ants” (Episode 5)

The houseguests played in pairs with their fellow duo member, sharing the same ant costume to become a super ant. On go, the super ants will grab a food crumb and carry it back to their ant hill. The first super ant to collect four crumbs will be haves for the week and will have the duty of choosing two duos to be have-nots.

Brendon and Rachel won the competition. They chose to make Adam, Dominic, Cassi and Shelly to be the have-nots for the week.

The have-not menu for the week, as voted on by America, is jellybeans and jerky.

Have/Have-Not Competition - “Call Your Own Shots" (Episode 14)

Each team will send one houseguest to the secret mixing bar where they will choose and blend three ingredients along with milk. You will then serve the tasty treat to your opponent. Two sides will face off. The houseguest who can name the most ingredients after three guesses will win a point for their team. If you are tied after three guesses, you will have to chug a glass of the concoction faster than your opponent in order to earn the point. The team with the most points after three rounds will be the haves for the week.

Blue Team: Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Shelly.
Red Team: Adam, Daniele, Lawon and Porsche.

Round 1: Jeff vs Lawon.

Jeff’s concoction: gorgonzola cheese, scrambled eggs and apple sauce.
Lawon’s concoction: corned beef hash, creamed corn and potato chips.

Jeff’s guess: creamed corn, corned beef hash and spray cheese. (2/3)
Lawon’s guess: spray cheese, scrambled eggs and gorgonzola cheese. (2/3)

Jeff won the tiebreaker chug-off to earn a point for the blue team.

Round 2: Shelly vs Porsche.

Shelly’s concoction: beets, dill picles and jalapeños.
Porsche’s concoction: carrots, yams and onions.

Shelly’s guess: carrots, jalapeños and olives. (1/3)
Porsche’s guess: horseradish sauce, beets and dill pickles. (2/3)

Porsche earned a point for the red team.

Round 3: Daniele vs Jordan.

Daniele’s concoction: sauerkraut, horseradish sauce and apple sauce.
Jordan's concoction: creamed corn, liverwurst and spray cheese.

Daniele's guess: corned beef hash, liverwurst and hot dogs. (1/3)
Jordan's guess: horseradish sauce, dill pickles and creamed corn. (1/3)

Daniele won the tiebreaker chug-off to earn a point for the blue team.

The red team won the competition. The blue team are the have-nots for the week.

The have-not menu for the week, as voted on by America, is coconuts and catfish.