Host - Julie Chen
Autumn Daly
Bunky Miller
Hardy Hill
Justin Sebik
Kent Blackwelder
Krista Stegall
Mike "Boogie" Malin
Monica Bailey
Nicole Schaffrich
Shannon Dragoo
Sheryl Braxton
Dr. Will Kirby


Big Brother 2

Food Competition (Episode 1)

The houseguests were told to go outside to the basketball court. There was an all new 2002 Buick Rendezvous. There were bags of groceries on the patio. In order to win the groceries, the houseguests must fit all of the bags and all of them into the car with the doors shut. They must remain inside of the car for a full 60 seconds. If they fail, the houseguests will be on peanut butter and jelly for a week. The houseguests successfully completed the challenge, earning food for the week.

Julie then announced that they should not get out of the car yet, as they are not yet done the competition. She told the houseguests that the last person to leave the car gets to keep it. The last two remaining in the car were Autumn and Kent. After 1 hour and 36 minutes, Autumn got out of the car.

Kent won the 2002 Buick Rendezvous.

Food Competition (Episode 5)

The houseguests were asked to estimate their weight. The male houseguests and female houseguests will compete on separate teams. They will step on to the scale and their actual weight will be recorded. The team whose actual weight comes closest to their estimates will win food for the week. The losing team will be on peanut butter and jelly.

Male Team: Boogie, Bunky, Dr. Will, Hardy and Kent.
Female Team: Autumn, Monica, Nicole and Shannon.

The males were off by a combined 2 pounds, while the females were off by 3 pounds. Autumn, Monica, Nicole and Shannon will be eating peanut butter and jelly for the week.

Food Competition - “Catch Of The Day" (Episode 8)

The houseguests each got to request three food items that they have been craving. Each request will be written onto spongy balls. The houseguests were then brought into the backyard. They were told that approximately 100 balls would come over the wall. The houseguests will win anything that they catch and place in their bags. Any balls that hit the ground will be items that they will lose for the week.

Food Competition - "Mysteries Of The Big Brother Pyramid" (Episode 11)

The houseguests will each have a chance to unravel the mysteries of the Big Brother food pyramid. All of their regular foods have been divided into seven categories. Each houseguest will be responsible for one category and will be asked questions about the category they selected. If they answer 2 of 3 questions correctly, they will all win the foods in that food group.

Veggies - Nicole - Correctly answered 2 questions
Meat - Hardy - Correctly answered 2 questions
Dairy - Monica - Failed to answer 2 questions correctly
Starches - Boogie - Correctly answered 2 questions
Seafood - Dr. Will - Correctly answered 2 questions
Fruits - Krista - Failed to answer 2 questions correctly
Sweets - Bunky - Correctly answered 2 questions

Food Competition - “The Perfect Meal" (Episode 14)

Each of the houseguests had to tell Big Brother what their favourite dinner was. All seven of their favourite dinners were put in front of them. Each houseguest is responsible for winning food on a designated day. If successful, the houseguest will earn food for everyone on their day plus their favourite meal for dinner. If unsuccessful, the houseguests will only have peanut butter and jelly on the designated day. The houseguests were told that they would have 5 minutes to finish their favourite meal in order to win. However, they had to drink their meal after it was put through a blender.

Day 1 - Hardy - Roasted turkey breast with stuffing - SUCCESS
Day 2 - Bunky - Burrito with chicken, fries and baked beans - SUCCESS
Day 3 - Kent - Prime rib, potato and corn - SUCCESS
Day 4 - Krista - Quarter Pounder with cheese, Filet-O-Fish, fries - FAIL
Day 5 - Monica - Whopper, onion rings and fries - SUCCESS
Day 6 - Nicole - Tofu - SUCCESS
Day 7 - Dr. Will - Sashimi - SUCCESS

Food Competition - "Big Brother Breakfast Bowl" (Episode 17)

Mixed in with the the cereal are 26 plastic letters representing the letters A through Z. Each houseguest will have 60 seconds to find a letter and name off as many foods as they can that start with that letter. They will get two chances. For the next week the houseguests will eat only those foods that were named.

Food Competition (Episode 20)

Julie told the houseguests that five jars of peanut butter have been hidden throughout the house. Once they found a jar, the houseguests were told to remain in the room that they are in and not open the lid. They successfully found the jars.

Julie then called each of the houseguests into the diary room to make them offers to take cash in exchange for putting the house on peanut butter and jelly. The houseguests only got to see the next offer if they declined the previous one. The tiebreaker would go to the person whose peanut butter jar had the lowest number under the lid.

Offer #1 - $2,500 cash to eat peanut butter and jelly for 5 days.
Offer #2 - $5,000 cash to eat peanut butter and jelly for 4 days.
Offer #3 - $7,500 cash to eat peanut butter and jelly for 3 days.

Julie said that all of the houseguests will have to eat it for 5 days if anyone accepts the offer. Nobody would know who won the money. If more than one person accepted the money, the tiebreaker would be whoever has the lowest numbers on their peanut butter jar’s lid.

Bunky accepted Offer #2.
Nicole declined all of the offers.
Hardy accepted Offer #3.
Monica decline all of the offers.
Will declined all of the offers.

The houseguests were then each given a phone call to inform them as to whether or not they won the offer. Bunky won the offer and $5,000 cash in exchange for putting the houseguests on peanut butter and jelly for 4 days.

Food Competition (Episode 22)

The houseguests were given the opportunity to build their own diet. Their normal foods were split into three groups, those being fats, carbs and proteins. The houseguests need to build a tower using the blocks. Each storey must contain one protein, one carb and one fat. The houseguests will then take turns removing a block in order to stack it on top and earn additional food. Once the tower tumbles the game is over.

Food Competition - “Shop Until You Drop” (Episode 25)

The shelves were overflowing with food and the houseguests could keep as much as they could carry, using their arms, pockets, shorts and so on. The houseguests had 4 minutes to run through the obstacle course with the food, dropping it into the cart at the end of the course.

Food and Luxury Comp - "From The Lips To The Hips” (Episode 28)

Two tables were placed in front of the houseguests. On one table were all of the food items that the houseguests had been craving for months. On the other table were mystery luxury prizes including jewellery, a digital camera, an electronic organizer and a portable DVD player. The houseguests can take as much as they want but must be able to hold the two baskets out to their sides for 90 seconds in order to win the items that they selected. Both hands must remain below the lips and above the hips, otherwise the houseguest will lose all of their items.

If the houseguests could hold up the baskets for an additional 30 seconds they can choose one more food item and one more luxury item.

Monica successfully held her baskets up for 90 seconds.
Nicole successfully held her baskets up for 90 seconds and the additional 30 seconds.
Will successfully held her baskets up for 90 seconds and the additional 30 seconds.