Host - Julie Chen
Amy Crews
Chiara Jude
Danielle Reyes
Eric Ouellette
Gerry Lancaster
Jason Guy
Josh Feinberg
Lisa Donahue
Lori Olson
Marcellas Reynolds
Roddy Mancuso
Tonya Paoni


Big Brother 3

Food Competition - "Building A Nest Egg" (Episode 1)

There were three trees, each containing two nests. There were also tables covered with food items. Each houseguest will get one shopping bag to fill with as many items as possible. Anything left behind will not be given to the houseguests. The houseguests will then take their shopping bags into the nests. In order to win the food, each nest must contain a male and female houseguest and two shopping bags. The houseguests have 90 seconds to pack their food and get into the nests. The houseguests successfully got into the trees, meaning that they got to keep the food that they had with them in the trees.

Julie then announced that the last pair to remain in the nest with their groceries will share in a growing cash prize. For each week that they both remain in the house, they will share a total of $3,000, up ago a maximum of $30,000.

Pairings: Jason and Lori, Danielle and Marcellas, Josh and Lisa, Roddy and Tonya, Amy and Gerry, Chiara and Eric.

Order to drop out of the competition: Josh and Lisa (2 hours 24 minutes), Amy and Gerry (2 hours 32 minutes), Chiara and Eric (2 hours 35 minutes), Danielle and Marcellas (2 hours 53 minutes), Roddy and Tonya (4 hours 37 minutes).

Jason and Lori won the competition.

Food Competition - “Eggs Over Easy” (Episode 3)

The men will go to the far side of the wall where they will find baskets of raw eggs. Each egg will have a different food item written on it. When the whistle blows they will pick up the egg, announce what it is and throw it over the wall to the women.

They will have 60 seconds to catch as many eggs as possible before the women will toss the eggs and the men will catch. Each item that is caught will be given to the houseguests for the week.

Food Competition - “Architectural Digestion” / “Brownie House” (Episode 6)

The houseguests will have 15 minutes to consume as much of the brownie house as possible. They will be competing with their hands tied behind their backs. The team that collectively gains the most weight will have food for the week. The losing team will be eating peanut butter and jelly.

Blue Team: Chiara, Danielle, Eric, Gerry and Tonya.
Red Team: Amy, Jason, Josh, Lisa and Roddy.

Blue Team Pounds Gained: 13.8 (Eric 4.0, Chiara 2.6, Danielle 2.4, Jerry 2.4, Tonya 2.4).
Red Team Pounds Gained: 18.4 (Jason 5.2, Josh 4.2, Lisa 3.4, Roddy 3.0, Amy 2.6).

Josh was disqualified for using his hands, dropping the Red Team’s weight gain to 14.2 pounds.

The red team won the competition.

Food Competition - “Gastronomic Batik” (Episode 9)

Each Batik piece has a different food group or item written on it. Each houseguest will have 30 seconds to drop a piece. It may not be forced in. Once a piece is not completely within the confines of the board, the piece is considered lost and the game is over.

Foods earned: sweets, seafood, poultry, meat, cheeses and condiments.

The houseguests also earned a mystery prize, which was later revealed to be Subway. The houseguests will be given their favourite Subway sandwich all week for lunch.

Food Competition - “I Can Eat Anything Better Than You” (Episode 12)

The houseguests have a time limit of two minutes. The team will gain one point if they complete the task within the time limit. The opposing team will gain one point if they fail to complete the task within the time limit. The first team to three points will win the game and will have full food privileges for the week. The losing team will be eating peanut butter and jelly for the week.

Blue Team: Eric, Jason, Lisa and Marcellas.
Red Team: Chiara, Danielle, Josh and Roddy.

Round 1: Chiara vs Lisa. Chiara said that she could eat 12 brussels sprouts.
Chiara failed. The Blue Team earned their first point.

Round 2: Jason vs Josh. Jason said that he could eat 8 Twinkies.
Jason succeeded. The Blue Team earned their second point.

Round 3: Danielle vs Eric. Danielle said that she could eat 15 jalapeño stuffed olives.
Danielle succeeded. The Red Team earned their first point.

Round 4: Marcellas vs Roddy. Marcellas said that he could eat 5 chicken livers.
Marcellas succeeded. The Blue Team earned their third point.

The Blue Team won the competition.

Chiara, Danielle, Josh and Roddy will be eating peanut butter and jelly for the week.

Food Competition - “Ballast” (Episode 15)

The object of the game is to remove as many logs as possible from the board without collapsing any other logs. Each log is worth the corresponding food item.

Each houseguest will have 60 seconds and can remove two logs. The top layer of logs is off limits.

Food items earned: cookies, grapes, ground beef, mac & cheese, hot dogs, salad veggies, rice, zucchini, halibut, tri-tip steak, baking and cooking and yogurt.

Food and Luxury Competition - “Whirlwind” (Episode 19)

Each houseguest will be responsible for earning food for one day of the week. The houseguests will also have a chance to earn money to send something to someone on the outside world with. Each houseguest will have 15 seconds to collect 10 food vouchers and as much money as they can. You may not exit the booth with any money or vouchers in your hand. If you fail the food portion of the task, the house will be eating peanut butter and jelly on that day.

Friday - PB&J.
Chiara - 7 food vouchers, $20.

Saturday - Food.
Lisa - 10 food vouchers, $25.

Sunday - Food.
Danielle - 13 food vouchers, $25.

Monday - Food.
Roddy - 7 food vouchers, $10.
Amy - 10 food vouchers. $20.

Tuesday - Food.
Gerry - 10 food vouchers, $40.

Wednesday - Food.
Jason - 19 food vouchers, $40.

Thursday - Food.
Marcellas - 18 food vouchers, $40.

The houseguests earned $220, which they pooled together to buy Gerry’s wife an anniversary gift.

Food Competition - “Making The Donuts” (Episode 21)

The yard is set with seven stations, each of which will be handled by one of the houseguests. There are 18 oversized donuts on the start rack. The houseguests have seven minutes to get as many of those donuts as they can in to the finish rack. Each donut must travel through all seven stations. If the houseguests get 16 donuts on to the finish rack they will have full food privileges for the week. There is also a mystery donut that will result in a treat for the entire house if they can get it to the finish.

The houseguests successfully got 9 donuts to the finish rack, meaning that they will have half of their food for the week.

The houseguests successfully transported the mystery donut. Dunkin’ Donuts will supply the houseguests with a week’s worth of baked goods and beverages. The treats will be delivered each morning.

Food Competition - “Sweet Surprise” (Episode 24)

The goal is to find the seven day medallions which have been hidden inside of pies. The houseguests will have 90 seconds to do so.

Each day medallion represents one day of the week. Each one that is found will earn the houseguests food for the corresponding day of the week.

The houseguests found the day medallions for all seven days of the week, meaning that they will have full food privileges for the entire week.

Food Competition - “The Dinner Party From Hell” (Episode 27)

The game will be played in three rounds. Each round is worth two days of food. Round 1 is for Saturday and Sunday, Round 2 is for Monday and Tuesday, and Round 3 is for Wednesday and Thursday. In each round you must consume all of the food on your plate in one minute. If successful for the round, you will have regular food for the corresponding days.

Round 1: Lisa agreed to eat the sexual organs of a giant sea urchin. Marcellas will be eating escargot. Both were unsuccessful.

Round 2: Danielle agreed to eat boiled pig’s feet in kraut. Amy will be eating poi. Both were unsuccessful.

Round 3: Quantities and time were doubled. Danielle and Marcellas will be eating jungle curry. Amy and Lisa will be eating haggis. Both were unsuccessful.

The houseguests will be eating peanut butter and jelly for the entire week.

Food Competition - “Squeeze Play”

Each houseguest will be wearing a sponge suit. The game begins in the centre of the backyard, where there are two start pools filled with water.

You must fill up as much water as possible from the start pools and transfer them to the other seven pools, each representing a different type of food and a different day. In order to win the special food for the day, the duck must rise above the red ring. The houseguest will have 10 minutes.

Friday - Southern BBQ - Success.
Saturday - Indian - Fail.
Sunday - Chinese - Success.
Monday - Italian - Success.
Tuesday - Surf ’n’ Turf - Success.
Wednesday - Japanese - Success.
Thursday - Mexican - Fail.