Host - Julie Chen
Alison Irwin
Amanda Craig
Dana Varela
David Lane
Erika Landin
Jack Owens
Jee Choe
Jun Song
Justin Giovinco
Michelle Maradie
Nathan Marlow
Robert Roman
Scott Weintraub


Big Brother 4 - The X Factor

Food Competition - “X Marks The Spot” (Episode 1)

The houseguests had to split in to two group, four people on each of the two beams. One by one, based on alphabetical order, Julie will ask a question about the eight houseguests. Answer incorrectly and the beams will raise up. If no more than two houseguests fall off of the beams, they will win the competition. If three or more houseguests fall then the entire house will be eating nothing but peanut butter and jelly.

Question 1: One of you is a vegetarian. True or false?
Answer: False. Alison answered incorrectly.

Question 2: More women than men here say they have broken off their engagement. True or false?
Answer: False. Dana answered incorrectly.

Question 3: One person here is a virgin. True or false?
Answer: False. David answered incorrectly.

Question 4: When asked which two creature comforts you would bring to a deserted island, one of you replied a monkey and tiger. True or false?
Answer: True. Erika answered incorrectly.

Question 5: All of the girls listed shopping as one of the things they will miss the most while in the Big Brother house. True or false?
Answer: False. Jack answered correctly.

Question 6: One of the men here is openly gay. True or false?
Answer: False. Jun answered correctly.

Question 7: Less than half of you believe in love at first site. True or false?
Answer: False. Nathan answered incorrectly.

Question 8: Over half of the men here said that breasts are their favourite body part on a woman?
Answer: False. Scott answered correctly.

None of the houseguests fell off of the beams. The houseguests won full food privileges for the week.

Food Competition - “Spuds" (Episode 3)

The houseguests were split into teams of two. Each team represented a certain food group and was responsible for winning that food group for the week. In order to win that particular food group, the lifter must put the amount of potatoes they think their partner weighs in to the barrel in front of them. If the weight is within 25 pounds of their partner’s, they will win that food group for the week. The houseguests have six minutes to complete the task.

Alison and Justin - Beer, wine - WON.
Potatoes - 103 pounds. Alison - 127 pounds.

Amanda and Scott - Snacks and desserts - WON.
Potatoes - 93 pounds. Amanda - 111 pounds.

Dana and Jee - Breads, pastas and cereals - WON.
Potatoes - 135 pounds. Jee - 158 pounds.

Jack and Jun - Dairy - LOST.
Potatoes - 95 pounds. Jun - 126 pounds.

David and Michelle - Meats, poultry and seafood - LOST.
Potatoes - 80 pounds. Michelle - 118 pounds.

Erika and Robert - Fruits and vegetables - LOST.
Potatoes - 77 pounds. Erika - 117 pounds.

Food Competition - “Clash Of The Casseroles” (Episode 6)

The object of the competition is to be the first team to correctly identify the meat ingredient and vegetable ingredient in each of your casseroles. Each team member is responsible for one casserole. Once you think that you have the answer, place the ingredient names on the board. If you are incorrect, you must take at least one more bite before you can submit your next answer. The first team to correctly identity the meat and vegetable in all five casseroles will have food for the week. The losing team will be eating peanut butter and jelly.

Blue Team: Dana, David, Michelle, Nathan and Robert.
Red Team: Alison, Erika, Jack, Jun and Justin.

The Red Team won the competition.

Food Competition - “Paratroopers” (Episode 9)

Parachutes will be dropped in to the backyard. Each parachute contains a capsule that represents a specific food item. The houseguests must catch the capsules in their helmet and place it in to their container to earn the specific food items for the week.

The capsules cannot touch the ground. If the houseguests catch the special red and gold capsules they will be given Burger King every day for the next week.

The houseguests successfully earned Burger King for the week.

Food Competition - “Laying Pipe” (Episode 12)

Each team has their own pile of pipes and fittings of matching colours. On go, they must work together to create a pipeline from their water source to the team’s finish line. They must navigate their pipe through each of the designated rings in order. The water will eventually be turned on.

The first team to route their water through the pipe and release the water on to their duck, causing it to slide down the slide will win food for the week. The losing team will be eating peanut butter and jelly.

Blue Team: Jack, Jun, Justin and Nathan.
Red Team: Dana, Erika, Jee and Robert.

The Blue Team won the competition.

Food Competition - “50 Ways To Cook A Houseguest” (Episode 15)

The houseguests have been split in to four pairs. Each pair is responsible for one meal. On go, the houseguests will have 10 minutes to complete all four recipes. Each recipe not completed will result in everyone eating peanut butter and jelly for that particular meal. If all four recipes are successfully completed the houseguests will earn a bonus prize.

Breakfast - Erika and Jack - Completed.
Lunch - Jee and Robert - Completed.
Dinner - Alison and Nathan - Completed.
Dessert - Jun and Justin - Completed.

The bonus prize that the houseguests earned was three days of salads and subs from Subway.

Food Competition - “Clambake From Hell” (Episode 18)

Each houseguest has been assigned one day of the week. Each houseguest has an exotic seafood dish in front of them. If they eat the dish in the time allotted, the entire house will win food for that day. If not, they will be eating peanut butter and jelly for that day. Once the dish is revealed, a houseguest must either eat it or trade it for the dish of the person to their left.

Friday - Jun - Gefilte fish - FOOD.
Saturday - Justin - Fried baby clams in Chili sauce - PB&J.
Sunday - Jack - Lutefisk (traded by Justin to Jack) - FOOD.
Monday - Robert - Eyeballs of albacore tuna - FOOD.
Tuesday - Alison - Octopus - PB&J.
Wednesday - Jee - Monkfish liver (traded by Alison to Jee) - FOOD.

Food Competition - “Big Brother Ball Room” (Episode 24)

The houseguests will be working as a team to win food items for the week. The houseguests will jump in to the ball pit and win as many of the food items as they can by putting the balls in to the tube.

The houseguests must put the balls in the tube in alphabetical order in order to win the respective food items. The houseguests will be given five minutes.

Food Competition - “Mexotic Dinner” (Episode 27)

Inside of the piñatas are various denominations of Mexican Pesos. Each houseguest will be responsible for busting open their own piñata. Once the contents hit the ground, the houseguests will have 10 seconds to collect as many Pesos as they can.

If the houseguests fail to get more than 500 Pesos they will be eating peanut butter and jelly for the week. 600 Pesos or more will results in the usual food menu. 2,400 Pesos will earn the houseguests a luxury dinner from a four star restaurant each night, including tonight.

The houseguests collected 2,800 Pesos, meaning that they will be receiving dinner from a four star restaurant each night this week.