Host - Julie Chen
Adria Klein
Diane Henry
Drew Daniel
Jase Wirey
Karen Ganci
Lori Valenti
Marvin Latimer
Michael "Cowboy" Ellis
Mike Lubinski
Nakomis Dedmon
Natalie Carroll
Scott Long
Will Wikle


Big Brother 5

Food Competition - “Food Spiral" (Episode 1)

In front of the houseguests is a food spiral. Each of the yellow balls represents a specific type of foods. The houseguests must collect as many of those balls as they can. One by one, the houseguests must work their way across the spiral ladder as it spins and turns, collecting the yellow balls and placing them in to the bags provided.

Each houseguest will have 75 seconds. If they fall or do not reach the end within the 75 seconds they will earn no groceries for the house.

Lori found the lobster tail ball. Julie instructed her to open it up. Lori found a key that opened up a box with $10,000 inside. Lori was told that the $10,000 is hers to keep if she puts the house on peanut butter and jelly for the week. If Lori says no, she must pass the $10,000 on to the next houseguest in line and leave them with the same decision. Lori decided to take the $10,000.

Food Competition - “Catapoultry” (Episode 5)

The houseguests’ task is to catapult as many chickens in to as many food baskets as they can in five minutes to earn food for the house. Each houseguest will have five chickens.

The houseguests must beware of the “bad egg” baskets, as landing a chicken in those will cause all baskets to dump out and all food earned up to that point to be wiped out.

The houseguests earned milk and butter, seafood and bacon and sausage.

Food Competition - “Alphabet Soup” (Episode 8)

One at a time, the houseguests must enter the large bowl of tomato soup and search for letters that form the name of a food. Each letter must be placed in order on the board above the bowl.

Once you spell the food item, call it out. If you hear a bell it will mean that the food item has been earned. The houseguests have 10 minutes to spell out as many food items as possible.

The houseguests earned the following food items: beer, beef, steak, eggs, pizza, milk, apples, wine, cola, pork, chicken, lobster and cheese.

Food Competition - “Fast Times And Custard Pie” (Episode 14)

Using only their mouths, the houseguests must remove the names of foods that have been placed in the bottom of the pies. Five of the pies contain “eat” cards. Only those possessing the eat cards will be allowed to eat. The game will end once all five of the eat cards have been found.

There is also a “steal” card. If you have the steal card, you earn the ability to steal an eat card if you so choose. Those that end the game without an eat card will be eating peanut butter and jelly for the week.

The eat cards were found by Natalie (2), Cowboy (1), Karen (1) and Marvin (1).
Natalie gave the second eat card to Diane.
Will used his steal card to steal an eat card from Diane.
Adria, Diane, Drew and Jase will be eating peanut butter and jelly for the week.

Food Competition - “Backyard Burger Bonanza” (Episode 17)

There are three stations. The houseguests must toss the ingredients from each station to houseguest from their team that is putting the cheeseburgers together. The houseguests will have five minutes to make as many cheeseburgers as possible. Only cheeseburgers that have all of the ingredients will count. The winners will have full food privileges for the week, while the losers will be eating peanut butter and jelly.

Blue Team: Cowboy, Karen, Nakomis and Will.
Red Team: Diane, Drew, Marvin and Natalie.

Results: Blue Team 11, Red Team 10.

Diane, Drew, Marvin and Natalie will be eating peanut butter and jelly for the week.

Food Competition - “Blenderlicious” / “Smoothies From Hell” (Episode 20)

The houseguests were all given their favourite meal. They were told that to earn food for the week all that they would have to do is eat their favourite foods in three minutes or less. Each houseguest was assigned to a day of the week and would be responsible for earning food for that day. They were then told that they will be drinking the foods in front of them, as they will be blended in to a smoothie.

Friday - FOOD
Cowboy successfully completed his sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, fortune cookies and Dr. Pepper smoothie.

Saturday - PB&J
Marvin failed to complete his lobster, shrimp and Corona smoothie.

Sunday - FOOD
Adria successfully completed her Fettuccine Alfredo and red wine smoothie.

Monday - FOOD
Drew successfully completed his spinach artichoke dip, filet mignon, steamed broccoli, baked potato, apple pie and Corona smoothie.

Tuesday - FOOD
Karen successfully completed her beaned burrito, choco taco and diet coke smoothie.

Wednesday - FOOD
Natalie successfully completed her filet mignon, sweet potato and coffee smoothie.

Thursday - FOOD
Diane successfully completed her spinach pizza, chicken and mashed potato smoothie.