April Lewis Big Brother 6
April Lewis
Ashlea Evans Big Brother 6
Ashlea Evans
Beau Beasley Big Brother 6
Beau Beasley
Eric Littmann Big Brother 6
Eric Littmann
Howie Gordon Big Brother 6
Howie Gordon
Ivette Corredero Big Brother 6
Ivette Corredero
James Rhine Big Brother 6
James Rhine
Janelle Pierzina Big Brother 6
Janelle Pierzina
Jennifer Vasquez Big Brother 6
Jennifer Vasquez
Kaysar Ridha Big Brother 6
Kaysar Ridha
Maggie Ausburn Big Brother 6
Maggie Ausburn
Michael Donnellan Big Brother 6
Michael Donnellan
Rachel Plencner Big Brother 6
Rachel Plencner
Sarah Hrejsa Big Brother 6
Sarah Hrejsa



Ivette and Beau Big Brother 6
Ivette and Beau
Michael and Kaysar Big Brother 6
Michael and Kaysar
Maggie and Eric Big Brother 6
Maggie and Eric
April and Jennifer Big Brother 6
April and Jennifer
Sarah and James Big Brother 6
Sarah and James
Ashlea and Janelle Big Brother 6
Ashlea and Janelle
Rachel and Howie Big Brother 6
Rachel and Howie


Big Brother 6

Food Competition - "Wipeout" (Episode 1)

The houseguests were divided into two teams. Each team must get in to the pool and get on top of their surf board. The houseguests must work together to balance on the board while grabbing coconuts off of the tree and tossing them into the mouth of the figure. You can only do so when all 7 team members are on the surf board. The team that has the most coconuts in the mouth after 10 minutes will win food for the week. The losing team will be on peanut butter and jelly.

Orange Team: Sarah, James, April, Janelle, Rachel, Maggie and Howie.
Blue Team: Kaysar, Ashlea, Jennifer, Eric, Beau, Ivette and Michael.

The orange team won by a score of 23-7.

Food Competition - “The Snack Shack From Hell" (Episode 4)

Each pair will flip over the barrel top in order to reveal the category of food that they will be playing for. In order to win that category, the pair must choose an item off of the menu and eat everything off of their plate in under 3 minutes. The houseguests were told to choose carefully because things are not always as they seem.

Howie and James played for beverages.
They selected “ice cream sundae” and were given an “iced clam sundae” instead.
They failed to earn beverages for the week.

Beau and Janelle played for breads and cereals.
They selected “pepperoni pizza” and were given “pepper-only pizza”.
They successfully earned breads and cereals for the week.

April and Rachel played for dairy.
They selected “coconut cream pie” and were given “sauerkraut cream pie”.
They failed to earn dairy for the week.

Maggie and Jennifer played for meats.
They selected “chocolate cake” and were given “chocolate cake”.
They successfully earned meats for the week.

Ivette and Sarah played for fruits and vegetables.
They selected “turkey pot pie” and were given “turkey pot poi”.
They failed to earn fruits and vegetables for the week.

Kaysar and Michael played for snacks and sweets.
They selected “tuna melt” and were given “tuna malt”.
They successfully earned snacks and sweets for the week.

Michael and Eric played for beer and wine.
They selected “egg salad sandwich” and were given “egg salad sardines”.
They successfully earned beer and wine for the week.

Food Competition - “Big Brother Spelling Bee" (Episode 7)

One at a time, you will walk up to the table and select a sliver platter and bring it to the stage. After you reveal your item, you will have 60 seconds to spell it. If you spell the food correctly, you will approach the wheel and remove one PB&J slice. If the wheel lands on food, you will be eating like spelling bee champions. If not, you will be on PB&J.

Big Brother Spelling BeeKaysar Ridha Big Brother 6Big Brother Spelling Bee

Ivette chose “avocado” and correctly spelled the word.
Janelle chose “spaghetti” but spelled it incorrectly as “spagetti”.
James chose “ham” and correctly spelled the word.
Rachel chose “broccoli" but spelled it incorrectly as “broccli”.
Jennifer chose “mayonnaise" and correctly spelled the word.
April chose “pepperoni” and correctly spelled the word.
Beau chose “asparagus" and correctly spelled the word.
Eric chose “marshmallow" and correctly spelled the word.
Maggie chose “papaya” and correctly spelled the word.
Howie chose “rhubarb” but spelled it incorrectly as “rubarb”.
Sarah chose “cauliflower” but incorrectly spelled it as “coliflower”.

Kaysar then spun the wheel. It landed on PB&J, so the houseguests will be eating peanut butter and jelly for the week.

Janelle Big Brother 6Kaysar in the Big Brother Spelling BeeBig Brother Spelling Bee

Food Competition - “Matching Munchies 05" (Episode 10)

The 6 contestants were asked a question that had a blank in it. They had to fill in the blank, while the 4 panelists would try to guess what they would say. They had to match at least 2 of 4 correctly in order to win the food for that day.

Big Brother food competitionMaggie Big Brother 6Big Brother 6 food competition

Saturday - 2 of 4 panelists matched Rachel’s answer - SUCCESS.
Sunday - 2 of 4 panelists matched Beau’s answer - SUCCESS.
Monday - 2 of 4 panelists matched Jennifer’s answer - SUCCESS.
Tuesday - 2 of 4 panelists matched Janelle’s answer - SUCCESS.
Wednesday - 2 of 4 panelists matched James’ answer - SUCCESS.
Thursday - 2 of 4 panelists matched Ivette’s answer - SUCCESS.

Bonus Round - Friday - 2 of 4 panelists matched Jennifer’s answer - SUCCESS.

The bonus prize was that the houseguests were given the numbers 57 and 46, the final two numbers from the safe combination in the gold room.

Kaysar Big Brother 6 Howie Big Brother 6

Big Brother 6 safeJanelle PB&J passJanelle PB&J pass

Food Competition - “Conveyor Belch”

Each team will have to eat anything and everything that spits out of the Big Brother sweets machine. Any uneaten food will continue down the conveyor belt and fall into the bucket at the end. The team who eats the least food will have the heaviest bucket and will be on peanut butter and jelly for the week. The team who eats the most food will get food for the week.

Blue Team: Janelle, Maggie, April, Beau and Ivette.
Red Team: Sarah, Jennifer, James, Rachel and Howie.

The blue team’s bucket weighed 35.50 pounds.
The red team’s bucket weighed 35.15 pounds.

The red team won the competition.