Host - Julie Chen
Adam Jasinski
Alex Coladonato
Allison Nichols
Amanda Hansen
Chelsia Hart
Jacob Heald
James Zinkand
Jen Diturno
Joshuah Welch
Matt McDonald
Natalie Cunial
Neil Garcia
Parker Somerville
Ryan Quicksall
Sharon Obermueller
Sheila Kennedy

Big Brother 9

Food Competition - “What A Catch” (Episode 6)

The team that pulls in to the port with at least one net full of fish will win food for the week. The divers for each team will be trying to fill the opposing team’s nets. The faster the net fills up, the heavier it will be to hold on to. The team that drops all of their nets will be on slop for the week.

Team Dev Ocean: Adam and Sheila, Alex and Amanda, Chelsia and James.
Team Sea Duction: Allison and Ryan, Joshuah and Sharon, Matt and Natalie.

Team Sea Duction won the competition.

Food Competition - “Big Asparaguess” (Episode 9)

Couples can earn food for the house by matching their partner’s weight in the produce of the day, asparagus. Each lifter will have five minutes to load their pallet with they amount of asparagus they think their partner weighs. The only way that you can gauge the weight is by lifting your partner and lifting the asparagus. The HoH couple can offer their opinion. If you are within 10 pounds of your partner’s weight you have earned your food groups for the week.

Chelsia and James - Beverages and Snacks.
Chelsia’s weight - 117. Asparagus weight - 113.
Chelsia and James earned the house beverages and snacks for the week.

Adam and Sheila - Fruits and Vegetables.
Sheila’s weight - 131. Asparagus weight - 140.
Adam and Sheila earned the house fruits and vegetables.

Matt and Natalie - Carbs and Feast.
Natalie’s weight - 116. Asparagus weight - 99.
Matt and Natalie failed to earn carbs and a feast for the week.

Allison and Ryan - Meats and Cheeses.
Allison’s weight - 120. Asparagus weight - 110.
Allison and Ryan earned the house meats and cheeses for the week.

Food Competition - “A Little Fon Will Due Ya” (Episode 12)

One by one, the houseguests will slide into their giant pool of chocolate. They will then have to spell out food items on their game board as fast as they can. Once you have spelled your word, race over to your team’s menu and write it down. You have 10 minutes to create your menu for the week. The team that writes down the most items wins. They will win only the foods that they spell. The losing team will be on slop for the week.

Team Fon-tas-tics: Chelsia, Joshuah, Sharon and Sheila.
Team Won-due-fuls: Adam, James, Matt and Natalie.

Results: Won-due-fuls 12, Fon-tas-tics 11.

Food items earned: sushi, meats, beef, yogurt, fish, beer, rice, chicken, milk, beans, sauce and cheese.

Chelsia, Joshuah, Sharon and Sheila will be on slop for the week.

Food Competition - “To Slop Or Not To Slop” (Episode 21)

Big Brother isolated each houseguest in a different room. They were then called to the backyard one at a time to decide if they wanted full food privileges or if they wanted to go on slop. If three or more of them choose slop, then everyone gets what they asked for. If not enough people choose slop, everyone’s fortunes get reversed and those who were in the minority and choose slop get food for the week.

Sharon chose slop.
Adam chose food.
Sheila chose slop.
Joshuah chose slop.
Ryan chose slop.
James chose slop.

James, Joshuah, Ryan, Sharon and Sheila will be on slop for the week.

Food Competition - “A True Big Brother Mash” (Episode 24)

The houseguests have to fill containers with gravy to earn different food groups for the house. To fill containers with gravy, the houseguests must build pathways down the slop using only mashed potatoes.

There are three luxury items that can be earned, those being a feast, a grill and toys. The houseguests will have 10 minutes to fill as many containers as they can.

The houseguests earned the following items: bread and pasta, meat and fish, outdoor toys, BBQ grill, desserts and snacks, and dairy and eggs.