Host - Julie Chen
Andrew Gordon
Annie Whittington
Brendon Villegas
Britney Haynes
Enzo Palumbo
Hayden Moss
Kathy Hillis
Kristen Bitting
Lane Elenburg
Matt Hoffman
Monet Stunson
Rachel Reilly
Ragan Fox


Big Brother 12

Luxury Competition - “Big Brother Cop Course” (Episode 11)

The team must start at the speed bump, navigate through the course and then crash their car in to the bus. The team that finishes with the fastest time will win a private screening of The Other Guys.

Green Team: Brendon, Enzo and Hayden.
Red Team: Britney, Lane and Matt.
Yellow Team: Kathy, Kristen and Ragan.

Results: Green Team - 47 seconds, Red Team - 52 seconds, Yellow Team - 2 minutes 18 seconds.

The Green Team won the competition, so Brendon, Enzo and Hayden will enjoy the private screening of “The Other Guys”.

Luxury Competition - “Big Brother Hide And Seek” (Episode 26)

Each houseguest wil have 90 seconds alone to hide their coin to the best of their ability. When the horn sounds, the houseguests will then race inside to try to find the coins belonging to their fellow houseguests. Once a coin is found, that player will be eliminated from the game. The person who hid their coin the best will win $10,000.

Enzo hid his coin behind a wall decoration.
Hayden hid his coin in a box of cereal.
Lane hid his coin underneath the recycling bin.
Britney hid her coin in an empty cereal box in the trash.

Order that the coins were found:

Enzo found Hayden’s coin in the cereal box.
Britney found Enzo’s coin in the wall decoration.
Britney found Lane’s coin underneath the recycling bin.

Britney won the $10,000 prize.