Host - Julie Chen
Adam Poch
Cassi Colvin
Dominic Briones
Kalia Booker
Keith Henderson
Lawon Exum
Porsche Briggs
Shelly Moore


Big Brother 13

Luxury Competition - "Same Name" (Episode 8)

The houseguests were told of the CBS show “Same Name”. An average person with the same name as a celebrity made his way into the backyard. He told them that they will be given clues in order to try to determine the name of the celebrity that he shares a name with. The first person to correctly identify the celebrity will win the luxury competition.

After Clue #1, Jordan guessed David Hasselhoff.
After Clue #2, Brendon guessed Michael C. Hall.
After Clue #2, Porsche guessed Michael Jackson.
After Clue #2, Adam guessed Ricky Martin.
After Clue #2, Lawon guessed Barbara Streisand.
After Clue #3, Jeff guessed Mike Knight.
After Clue #3, Rachel guessed Keira Knightley.
After Clue #3, Porsche guessed Brian McKnight.
After Clue #3, Jeff guessed Christopher Walken.
After Clue #3, Dominic guessed John Stamos.
After Clue #3, Dominic guessed Mark Wahlberg.

David Hasselhoff entered the house and informed the houseguests that Jordan had won the luxury competition.

Jordan won a party in the HoH room, where she could eat, drink and watch an advanced screening of the new CBS show “Same Name” with three of her fellow houseguests. Jordan chose Jeff, Shelly and Kalia to join her.