Host - Julie Chen
Autumn Daly
Bunky Miller
Hardy Hill
Justin Sebik
Kent Blackwelder
Krista Stegall
Mike "Boogie" Malin
Monica Bailey
Nicole Schaffrich
Shannon Dragoo
Sheryl Braxton
Dr. Will Kirby


Big Brother 2

Luxury Competition - "The Dirty Dozen"

Boogie told the houseguests that there are 24 keys in the mud, but only 12 of those keys have their names on them. When Big Brother sounds the whistle, they will have exactly 6 minutes to complete the challenge. Boogie will dive into the mud and find one of the keys with a name. He will then call out the name of that houseguest, which will then allow that person to join in the search for the other keys.

When all 12 houseguests are in the mud and holding their own key, they will then be able to get out. All 12 houseguests must be in the starting position and holding their own key when the second whistle sounds. If successful, the hot tub will be opened. If they fail, the hot tub will remain locked for at least two more weeks.

The houseguests successfully completed the competition, earning themselves the hot tub.

Luxury Competition (Episode 3)

Boogie told the houseguests that as soon as he is gone they will have exactly 5 minutes to decide the time of entree or cuisine that they would like for dinner. Once they have made a group decision, they must spell out their choice using only their bodies as letters. Boogie must then return and attempt to read their choice out loud. If successful, Big Brother will reward them with the choice they made. The houseguests decided to spell “filet”. Boogie successfully read “filet”, so the houseguests were rewarded with it for dinner.

Luxury Competition (Episode 6)

The houseguests will compete in two teams, the men against he women. They will each get a chance to ride the mechanical bull for 30 seconds. The object is to stay on for as long as you can. The luxury prize is all of the fixing for Texas-style BBQ.

Female Team: Autumn, Nicole and Shannon.
Male Team: Hardy, Bunky and Dr. Will.

Nicole, Shannon, Hardy and Dr. Will advanced to Round 2.

Round 2: Nicole and Shannon rode for 30 seconds. Hardy fell off after 3 seconds. Dr. Will fell after 7 seconds.

The female team won the competition.

Luxury Competition - “Cross Dressing”

The houseguests must put on an outfit over their swimsuit. They will pick either red or blue.

Blue Team: Boogie, Dr. Will, Kent and Monica.
Red Team: Bunky, Krista, Nicole and Shannon

The winners of the competition will have all of their dirty laundry sent off for professional fluff and fold. They were given 5 minutes to collect as many things as they want laundered.

Hardy then announced that the teams will not be red versus blue. He said that each team will have two red and two blue members.

Team 1: Monica, Krista, Dr. Will and Boogie.
Team 2: Shannon, Bunky, Nicole and Kent.

Each team has their own clothesline. When the whistle sounds, one player will remove one article of clothing and send it across the clothesline to their red teammates as quickly as possible. Once the people on the red side have received it, they will remove the same article of clothing and send it over to the blue side. The game will continue until the red teammates are dressed entirely in blue and vice versa. The first team to completely switch colours wins.

Team 2 won the competition.

Luxury Competition - “The Big Brother Jukebox”

Each houseguest had to choose one CD.

Michael Jackson - Monica.
Everlast - Dr. Will.
Train - Krista.
New York City’s Best DJs - Bunky.
Pat Travers - Kent.
Pink Floyd - Nicole.
Incubus - Hardy.
Jay-Z - Boogie.

The houseguests got 10 blank CDs with their names on them. They must attempt to toss them into a bowl that is floating in the pool. Whoever gets the most CDs in the pool will be rewarded with the CD that he or she chose and the use of a personal CD player.

Scores: Monica 5, Kent 4, Hardy 3, Krista 2, Boogie 2, Nicole 1, Bunky 1, Dr. Will 1.

Monica won the competition.

Luxury Competition - “Rescue 911"

The houseguests had to select a mannequin and make it look as much like them as possible, using their own clothing and accessories. They were then told to select something worth up to $100 or $100 worth of something. The competition will prepare them for a worst case scenario, a total blackout. Two teams competed, the blue team of paramedics and the grey team of CPR technicians. The teams are to rescue six unconscious houseguests, the mannequins. Houseguests from each team will enter the house blindfolded one at a time in attempt to retrieve a mannequin. The first team to retrieve three mannequins will win the competition.

Blue Team: Nicole, Krista and Monica.
Grey Team: Bunky, Kent and Dr. Will.

Luxuries that the houseguests chose to play for:

Dr Will - Flowers to be mailed to Shannon on his behalf
Krista - Flowers to be mailed to Boogie on her behalf
Nicole - $100 worth of roses to be sent to her husband
Kent - His wife’s favorite perfume
Bunky - Hydroxycut vitamins
Monica - Cigarettes

The blue team won the competition.

Luxury Competition - "Big Brother 2 News"

A series of headlines will appear on the plasma screen. Some of them are real and some of them are phone. Each team will be asked three questions. You must decided if the headline is true or false. The winners receive three minutes of time in the diary room, which has been transformed into a newsroom.

Team 1: Monica and Krista - 1 point
Team 2: Will and Bunky - 3 points
Team 3: Hardy and Nicole - 1 point

Will and Bunky won the competition and got to spend 3 minutes looking at the news articles.

Luxury Competition - "Blockbuster"

One houseguest will get the chance to chill out in their very own movie theatre. The HoH room has been transformed into a cineplex with a 60 inch screen. A ticket into the cineplex is placed in the centre of the ice block. The first houseguest to reach their ticket, run through the turnstile and deposit it will win the competition. The houseguests were given a stick to chip away at the ice with, along with a small bucket that they could use to pour water over their ice block with.

Bunky won the competition.

Bunky chose to bring Monica to watch the screening of American Pie 2 with him.

Luxury Competition - “The Great Escape" (Episode 23)

The houseguests had to blow up helium balloons and use them to have their basket float above the compound. The first two to finish the competition will get to go on a one hour helicopter ride to see some of Los Angeles’ landmarks.

Will was the first to complete the competition, followed by Bunky. Will and Bunky therefore got to go on the helicopter ride.

Luxury Competition - "Fire And Ice"

Four Survivor castaways (Sue, Jeff, Gervase and Alicia) took on the Final 4 houseguests in a luxury competition. The winning team will split the prize of $15,000.

There were towers of blocks, one spelling “Survivor” and one spelling “Big Brother”. All four team members were bound at the wrist to form a circle. After each team has successfully built its tower, Big Brother will sound the whistle and the houseguests will be able to unclip themselves and strip down to their swimsuits.

One at a time, a member of the team will then get into the pool and retrieve a key from the bottom of the pool. The key then had to be hooked on to the torch and the torch had to be extinguished. The first team to extinguish all four of their torches will win the competition.

Survivor won the competition and the $15,000.

Luxury Competition - "Crack The Code"

The houseguests were told that they all have many online fans, some of whom have created fan sites. The houseguests were shown a poster that had a page from their fan sites on it. They were then paired up with a Survivor castaway and were given a code that must be cracked in order to win the competition. The houseguest that won the competition would get to see more of their online presence.

The pairs were Sue and Hardy, Alicia and Nicole, Gervase and Monica, and Jeff and Will.

Sue and Hardy won the competition.

Food and Luxury Comp - "From The Lips To The Hips" (Episode 28)

Two tables were placed in front of the houseguests. On one table were all of the food items that the houseguests had been craving for months. On the other table were mystery luxury prizes including jewellery, a digital camera, an electronic organizer and a portable DVD player. The houseguests can take as much as they want but must be able to hold the two baskets out to their sides for 90 seconds in order to win the items that they selected. Both hands must remain below the lips and above the hips, otherwise the houseguest will lose all of their items.

If the houseguests could hold up the baskets for an additional 30 seconds they can choose one more food item and one more luxury item.

Monica successfully held her baskets up for 90 seconds.
Nicole successfully held her baskets up for 90 seconds and the additional 30 seconds.
Will successfully held her baskets up for 90 seconds and the additional 30 seconds.